Yüksek Tansiyonun Mental Tedavisi (The Menthal  treatment  of the high blood pressure)
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Yüksek Tansiyonun Mental Tedavisi (The Menthal treatment of the high blood pressure)

October 9, 2019

High blood pressure means that a person’s blood pressure is high. as medical they have many reasons we need to improve our life We must live an active dinamik life. we need to pay attention to our nutrition in addition a person creates high pressure on his own can a human himself create high pressure? here the view of point is very important the person with high blood pressure is very sensitive they live the events as if they are always recent/new they tend to dramatize the events they want everyone being in the filed of view to be happy. they take a lot of responsibility for it they rush to make them happy, as well as produce extreme logic they ara emotionally overloaded and this overloading causes high pressure. the listeners wonder if they remain indifferent to people? of course they can care about the people the person with high blood pressure wants everyone around him/ her to be happy.But how does he/she wont it? he wonts it self-perceived sample her or his kids marry someone she or he thinks,they will work as they think if he has a grandson he will study at this school,etc only in this way they realize a sense of responsibility. if the children ara married according to their wishes, they think they will not be happy, as if their lives are finished the person has disappointment, anger to people, his love towards them diminished what the is Menthal healing of high blood pressure? they need to change their sense of responsibility taking responsibility doesn’t mean to manage people’s lives of course we’ll help we all have a certain limit we will help as our limits we will include the request of those around us should not interfere with their decisions if we accept responibility in this way, we feel the natural flow of life high blood pressure patient get of rid of the pressure they create unnecessarily blood pressure goes down normal

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