Yoga for High Blood pressure/ hypertension | उच्च रक्तचाप के लिए योग व्  घरेलु उपाय
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Yoga for High Blood pressure/ hypertension | उच्च रक्तचाप के लिए योग व् घरेलु उपाय

September 1, 2019

Namastey I am Acharya Pratishtha High Blood pressure is a common problem today Fb : @acharyapratishthaji There are several reasons of High BP including stress and anxiety and sometimes its genetic as well Twitter : @Apratishtha Watsapp : +91-9599945954 Watsapp : +91-9599945954 Two practices must be done regularly Twitter : @Apratishtha Fb : @acharyapratishthaji Learn these practices and practice regularly Watsapp : +91-9599945954 First we will do anand madira asan Sit in vajrasana and hold your ankles Watsapp : +91-9599945954 Keeping your spine straight bend the neck backward Fb : @acharyapratishthaji Concentrate at the space between the eyebrows Watsapp : +91-9599945954 Be an observer and observe your thoughts neither invite nor ignore any thought Watsapp : +91-9599945954 Stay as long as comfortable and then bring your neck back Fb : @acharyapratishthaji Twitter :@Apratishtha Watsapp : +91-9599945954 Now we will learn padadirasana Instagram : @BharatYoga This should be done just after anand madira asana Lets learn how to perform padadirasana Sit in vajrasana Watsapp : +91-9599945954 Place your arms as shown in video Bend your neck forward concentrate at the tip of your nose with normal breathing Watsapp : +91-9599945954 Fb : @acharyapratishthaji You will feel a cooling sensation at the tip of your nose. concentrate on that. Hold as long as comfortable and then relax Twitter : @Apratishtha Instagram : @bharatyoga Relax and repeat 3-5 times Watsapp : +91-9599945954 Practice both these practices regularly Spend maximum time with nature ans just remember we all are temporary in this world and everything is temporary here so dont take so much stress that it may harm your health Laugh freely atleast 3 times a day Watsapp : +91-9599945954 When you will learn regular laugh , you will stay away from stress Watsapp : +91-9599945954 Fb :@acharyapratishthaji Twitter : @Apratishtha

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  1. You are so beautiful my guru and way you teach is more more beautiful. How easily you have explained such a complex topic.

  2. Mam old people jo legs bend nahi kr sktey ya hands bagal me nahi pahuch sktey, unke liye high bp ka koi solution bataye. Thank you so much.

  3. अगर वज्रासन नही कर सकते तो सुखासन या कुर्सीमे बैठकर क्या ये दोनो आसन कर सकते हैं ?

  4. 🙏Aacraya ji thanks for great information. Mam mei aap se ek advice lena chati hu. Mai night dinner ke saat winter me bachoo ko milk deti hu to usse koi side effects to nhi huga plzzzz Answer 🙏

  5. आचार्यजी please विपश्यना meditation क्या है next video इस विषय पर बनाए…धन्यवाद

  6. Thank you ma'am for this video..
    Can you please guide to cure diastasis recti occurred after delivery…it has been three years to have this problem

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