Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors Vs Arm Cuff (Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors Pros and Cons)
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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors Vs Arm Cuff (Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors Pros and Cons)

October 10, 2019

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  1. Thank you Dr. Joe I was thinking about buying one thanks so much from your video I what to buy now God bless you

  2. If you'd like to get an affordable Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, here's one for you if you live in the US https://amzn.to/2PyBFRm and if you live in the UK, here's one for you https://amzn.to/2DFHgka I did some research and found those BP monitors for you to shorten your purchase journey.

    Full disclosure: I am not the seller of those blood pressure monitors. They are sold by different merchants but I may get a miniscule referral fee payment for sending you to their store. This does not affect the pricing of the item.

  3. Hello Dr. Joe. I just found your channel as I am in the process of purchasing a blood pressure monitor. My problem is that sometimes the arm monitors tend to be a bit small, which was not usually the case. They get really tight and painful sometimes when my blood pressure is being taken. I need one that has a cuff that is not too small

  4. I tried a couple wrist BP monitors in the past and got really dodgy readings. I was hoping that they had gotten better but it doesn't sound like they have so I'll stick to an upper arm cuff. Thanks Dr Joe!

  5. I have both monitors. Both read the same, however they do not measure the same as the one at doctors’ office.

  6. Dr.is the upper arm BP monitor available in india? your program on High BP and about strokes are very clear for the layman.Thanks

  7. I have heart rhythm problems for which upper arm digital bp monitors show errors where as standard mercury bp monitors give accurate results. How to get around this problem?

  8. Well, I do have problem with upper arm monitor because it is so hard to put it on by myself even with the stitches at the end of the cuff and bigger cuff. Maybe because I have flabby arms so I have difficulties to put the cuff on the correct position and this thing stresses me out. I actually tried my wrist monitor in front of my doctor to counter-check it and it did give pretty similar reading though. But I am aware that the wrist monitor is very sensitive to the position/level of the cuff.

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