World-first hypertension treatment a success
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World-first hypertension treatment a success

September 10, 2019

Around 1/3 of the adult population are
affected by hypertension so it is a big problem. Within that group around 10% of
those patients have what we refer to as resistant hypertension, which means that
the blood pressure cannot be controlled despite lifestyle modification and
medications. We all have a very tiny little organised sensor, if you wish, that
sits in our neck between two large arteries, it’s called the carotid body
and this is a very important organ that modulates blood pressure by activating
the sympathetic nervous system, that is regulated by the brainstem. In patients
in whom blood pressure is difficult to control we know that these this carotid
body is highly activated and all we were trying to do is actually silence the
carotid body or reduce its activity and the way we do this is by a catheter
based approach, using so-called therapeutic ultrasound to a blade or
silence the carotid body in these patients. Medication over time and
problems with the medication so we couldn’t get the blood pressure to
come down. I was feeling very tired and having to rest, breathlessness.
The procedure was fine, I wouldn’t say it was painful. Once it was done, I had no
side-effects and I felt much better. It was very good that my blood pressure
could come down without the medication. I kept trying which the medication was
making me sick so having this done was really much more beneficial to me than the medication.

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