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  1. I'm skinny af and my mum tells me
    "even though u eat alot, u have a condition where u don't gain weight like others at all"
    Someone tell me plz

  2. Chubby Person with an eating disorder: *People celebrate their weight loss and don't care*
    Skinny person with an eating disorder: *Calls an ambulance and worries for them*

  3. I have the same thing going on with me, like being skinny and not putting on weight. My parents don’t force me to eat, but my mom is built like me, we are skinny. But when I see someone else who is normally skinny, I’m fine with that, but when I see myself.. I think I’m too skinny. I love food, and try not to force myself. But I’m glad to know your better!

  4. Basically you have a fast metabolism… that’s what this whole video was about. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the back story, but all this was to me is a LOOONG STORY of you having a fast metabolism. I don’t get why people just can’t accept someone being naturally slim. Everybody BODIES is different.

  5. My friend is like a model and not becouse of like diets and shit but she has fast metabolism and I feel like I'm the only one who sees this , my friends tell ME that oh sis anorexic and she should eat more and I always just want to kill them and say that she's healthy and eating, even my mom thinks she's my "anorexic" friend but she's not I'm still trying to protect her

  6. I've been told that I've been fat a lot growing up. So when I'm with my mom, I pretend that I'm fine. But when I'm with my dad, I don't really hide what's wrong with me. I believe that I'm getting an eating disorder. I don't really know if you can GET an eating disorder. I'm a 15 year old girl. I'm starting Sophomore year and my high school is filled with skinny people. From people being on these weird diets to SUPER athletic people. There are a few big people. But they are a very rare thing. Being overweight in a skinny school has had a huge impact on me. So I know what it's like to not want to eat. I'm afraid to eat in front of people I don't know. Sorry for this long comment.

  7. It’s not that people don’t believe it it’s that they don’t want to 😭 sorry to hear about your struggles xxx

  8. if you actually were concerned then you'd be kind not tell her to eat or that she or anyone really has an eating disorder she hasn't lost weight she looks slim but not unhealthy so i don't think knowing her weight or anything to do with what she looks like is necessary at all

  9. Omg my grandma loves stuffing me with food but I never gain anything, I feel like puking when I force myself to eat more than usual, and my friends tell me that I have lenky arms but I'm still alive and well, kinda nice to know that this isn't rare, its not :/

  10. So when you were little or now I didnt really understand anyways so basically you didn't like eating and I understand that bc I don't like eating too I hate it but I kinda eat I mean it's like when I see food I want to throw up yeah and uh I guess I'm thin? But maybe is bc I'm 6 feet tall 😅

  11. I guess I’m skinny?? It’s just my stomach that bothers me a litttle.
    It’s not humongous but it’s just. There-

  12. I glad you are more confident in yourself now also
    Mom: why you eat so much
    Me: stops eating
    Next day
    Mom: why you so skinny eat more
    My mind: bruh😤

  13. To anyone out there: Having a large chest- ESPECIALLY at a young and shouldn't be pressured. You can almost never find bras that for when you're young, people are at and insult you, they can cause pain, underboob sweat, they bounce way to much when you exercise… The list is ridiculously long. You DON'T need them to be happy, and I wish I were flat.

  14. Ok so I am fat when I was small and then became thin suddenly I started a diet and became fat again like wth

  15. Ms. みかん My おかあさん Is naturally thin as well and so is my brother and Sister My brother eats a lot and he doesn't gain weight but my sister eats very little and She is also not maturing as fast as I am which is ok Watching this video helped me think about encouraging my Little sister into eating more but I have come to realize that No matter how much U eat the power of being Thin will take over ;-; My mom said it was because of Thin Bones and She has it I wanna be Like u and u are actually my inspiration 😀 I am a teenager now and I don't appreciate my body right now but maybe I will learn to one day :3 I will keep trying! Thank u! ^^

  16. I’m skinny, but I always wanna eat all sorts of stuff ,I always want to eat a lot but my mom is just so ughhh every time she sees me eating once she notices im eating a lot she says “ok stop, ur going to get fat” it gets sooo annoying LET ME BE! IF I WANT TO EAT LET ME EAT! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING FAT!!!!!

  17. This is like when my friend is crying about getting 95 on her math test and I was like "SIS! I got 0!" Joking! Love your vids! <3

  18. This video is great I have a sister of 7 years old and she doesn’t like eating either unless when she’s hungry. And that’s barely not to mention she also just eats whatever she wants. My mother thought she had a problem 😭😭

    it still happens and it scares me a lot
    but as i got older it got worse and now it's Undiagnosed on what i have 🙂 but it's okay

  20. People who are naturally slim just has fast metabolism

    My dad is also naturally slim, even if he eats a bunch of foods he doesnt put on any weight, theres no type of diet that can really change your weight , it's all about your metabolism

  21. I don’t gain weight… I’m still a twig and eveyone at school says “YOUR TOO SKINNY YOU SHOULD EAT MORE”

  22. My baby sis is also really skinny 😭 when me and my sis and bro were born we were really chubby but for some reason it not the same for my baby sis

  23. Yes, it is a thin to be naturally skinny, for me I'm naturally chubby even as a kid I used to love eating and my
    Aren't loved it now as a almost teen my parents r trying to get me to lose weight, I have tried to diet but then I relize that dieting isn't helping, but my stomach wont go down!!! And when u said that u want big extensions (sry it's weird to say) I've had them SINCE 3rd GRADE!!! Like comon!!! an I have been made fun of about it. U know being over weight and not looking like it, I'm big and can do everything but ts just difficult to find cloths, I don't want to be skinny I just want to lose my stomach so my figure will be alot better.

  24. People:don't eat so much, you'll gain alot of weight
    Me:dose not eat enough and works out but still gains alot of weight
    People:I told not to eat so much
    Me:f*** you b****es

  25. I have no idea why ur not happy with being skunny, I mean I really love tge way u look like, ur beautiful, ur body is perfect HONESTLY, u look like a doll hehe I mean Barbie so u gotta be the happiest girl ever🙂

  26. I hate people told me to eat. My parents told me to eat this eat that, it's so annoying. And also weight is just a number omg our body look healthy despite the low number on scale


  28. i am pretty small and grow slower when im younger, skinny and short. and everytime i met a neighbor they would be like "did your mom let you eat?" WELL, IF I DIDN'T I WOULDN'T BE STANDING RN LOL. i went to nursery too and the teachers would always force me to eat when i literally feel like throwing up. i eat pretty slow too and they always stuff my mouth full and ask me to eat fast. one of the bad memories in my childhood.

  29. Im from midle east I feel you girl aunts always talk shit in the middle EAST and tell your mom how to raise you but they treat there children like spoiled brats I feel you girl

  30. People used to try and make me eat more, because I'm very skinny. And the only time I gain weight is when I get taller because I'm very tall

  31. That’s the exact opposite to me. I’m a bit overweight and started getting boobs and a big bum at the age of freaking nine! All of the girls are like pretty and short with boyfriends and stuff, but that’s not with me. I’m so chubby and overweight.. And don’t even tell me about my body oh my goodness… I LOOK LIKE THANOS WITH MY BODY!!! I have broad shoulders, big hips, big body… SMALL HEAD I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF!!! I hate how people say “Oh my goodness you’re nearly as tall as your mum!” I fucking know that, don’t need to embarrass me…

  32. my niece of 6 y.o has also always been skinny since she was a baaaby, and just like u described she rarely eats like other kids, she is very picky about food so anyway now she is kinda eating a little bit like she needs to but still she doesnt get hungry that often or she only eats a tiny bit, her parents pressure her to eat as well and they get mad when she throws up her food after being forced … my heatt hurts when i hear other kids or even grownups (sadly) tell her : oh my god ur legs are gonna break and she feels sad and less beautiful because of it which shouldnt be the case people need to mind their own business 😔

  33. As a chubby person, I really wanted to be skinny because my friends would always say that choosing clothes and stuff are easier when you're skinny. But after watching your video I felt bad that you have to be forced to gain weight at some point to be accepted (which is like me atm cause in my community chubby is not good and would often be said that you are unhealthy…) I am flattered that you think chubby is adorable uwu❤️ I guess it really all depends on the people to accept you for who you are.

  34. I'm skinny too but its not because i have health issues its because the diet in japan is different atleast in the region i used to live in but now i live in France and I'm still super skinny but its just because of my diet and the fact that I'm half Japanese half Russian

  35. I was thin as a kid! Because i didn't really like eating big foods… but i did eat a lot of junk foods, i was at the Philippines back then but 4 years ago…i moved here in japan…4 years ago…i was pretty thin but i started eating here… the schools here in japan… provides a lot of good and healthy foods, i eat a lot everyday! So i started gaining weight… 2 years later, puberty hit.
    I started being insecure about how i look or…how much i weight…because everyone was skinny…and pretty tall and long legs but me… oh and i am pretty hairy😒
    So i started shaving my legs when i was like 10? I was so insecure about it too… beacause… i kinda look like a monkey… my mom told me that after she gave birth to mr… my father looked at me and said '何これ? 猿みたい' translation' what is this? Looks like a monkey' and to that day i have never seen my father before… no, no… he isn't dead ( wish he was tho) he left is before i could even remember him, but i guess im pretty thankful for him i guess…he did sign the papers so me and my mom can come to japan… but whateve.
    I wish i was naturally skinny… puberty is still ruining my life right now… i do, exercise and stuff… im pretty good at sports… but still would like to be more taller and skinny … im 4'11 so yeah… pretty short… tho i could carry a 167cm person…

  36. Omg why would people ask that, I'm naturally skinny too I get the same questions. I just hope ur all right

  37. I’m a natural hourglass. I’ve had breasts, a butt, and a tiny waist since I was 8 years old not kidding. Everybody always asks me what I’m doing to get like this, or if I got surgery early, and I say how offensive it is to get asked. I know your struggle; it may not be the same, but I recognise the pain of it. I will say it’s good for your Lolita aesthetic being skinny BUT fat helps keep people young, especially Caucasians who tend to age much faster. Especially in the face….you’ll end up getting this sunken in look.

  38. I relate to this so much. Eating was a chore for me too, because I struggled to get over 90lbs until 8th grade. It was like how little kids hate naps, I saw naps and food as wasted time that I could have been doing fun kid stuff.
    As I got older there was a big pressure on food – both my parents had different views on food: buying it, healthy food vs not, what foods were mine and what foods were theirs (I had my own food, couldnt eat theirs)
    And i developed a huge complex with food and began overeating. It was a burden, not a chore anymore. It became like punishmemt because I was constantly thinking of food control.
    I'm much better now, but I feel you. I was the same way for a long time.
    Dont get yourself to overeat for curves. It doesnt go there. It goes to your face and your love handles, not your boobs. =(

  39. Actually, I am like you too. I was being told to eat more blablabla. It kinda hurt me as a person. I was like: "Why this person always tell me to eat more?". It was like nearly everyday. It annoys me but I didn't say it aloud. I just stay quiet and not respond to it. I was so skinny and I also like to gain weight. I want to be curvy too. But please guys can you just stop? There was times I will cry when no one is watching and then when someone noticed me, she will say "Hey? Why are you crying" then she will laugh at me. Its kinda annoying that's why sometimes I hate people.
    P.s sorry I'm not good at english. Hehe

  40. 10.35 I think for some reason people people will always look at others and judge or compare to themselves. And for some reason people that are chubby will most likely think that skinny people and opposite. It is like the same obsession people with straight hair has for curly hair and people with curly hair has for people with straight hair. This only is for some people but that is how society mostly works ( I have studied about body images for a few years now and people tend to find the opposite of their own body attractive cause of all the comparing and judgement out in society ) but thank you for sharing your thoughts on the matter! Love your videos ❤️❤️

  41. I was a vegetarian but I hate eggs or any protein based foods so most of my life I didn’t eat them so I was just skin and bone then I moved to US and I turned into a vegan but being a vegan in the US was more impossible as it sounds as I could not find many vegetables then I developed a serious eating disorder after many family members noticing how much weight I lost making me extremely insecure so I moved back to England where I could freely eat. Now I’m at a more stable weight. P.S I was not trying to offend anybody living in the US it’s just that I found it difficult to find veggies and fruit in the state I lived in

  42. I actually resonate with this a lot. I was never in a situation like yours where I was constantly weighed and/or force fed, but I'm the same where I'm naturally skinny. I do forget to eat sometimes and therefore I was fed as a child but not over feeding. When people fed me I ate a lot more then I would do myself simply because I found eating a chore. I don't want to sit there chewing away, and I didn't have much control over myself so I'd binge a lot at sometimes. But I have gotten used to not feeding myself to the MAX because it would make my stomach hurt.
    I'm the same where I don't gain or lose weight no matter what I do, and sometimes I even randomly lose weight from doing nothing. But people still said, "Are you eating?" (I've fainted from cramps before and they went) "You probably fainted from not eating enough haha". And my mom would think if she were home feeding me 24/7 I would have gained weight.
    I'm not the healthiest person, but I eat enough and never sleep on an empty stomach. I'm the one who decides whether to eat a lot or not and I don't appreciate it when people see me eat a lot and go "WooooWWW see you have it in you!!". Hearing people tell me I ate a lot only made me feel worse since I thought I was fat for not having a flat stomach which I probably have. About a year ago I went to the doctors figuring out I finally reached the average weight, and this year I fell under again (I can't control my weight, trust me I've tried) and everyone thought I wasn't eating!!
    It's not a game, and I know many people who lost their 'skinny gene' when they got older. So why can't they wait till I do? Or even better, just let me be this way. I actually enjoy being skinny because that's what was given to me. I've accepted I'm never going to be busty or even have a bust and I wish others could accept it to.
    And I never wished to be this way and losing weight only made me wonder if I should lose it all since I'll never gain, but that isn't healthy, neither is weight obsession, and neither is the names I get called for it all the time. I now find the names funny and don't get bothered by it as much. But just like how exercising can't make all people perfectly skinny and nice muscles and everything, eating more or healthy doesn't make others gain weight.
    Also people adoring my skinniness isn't healthy either, because I'm naturally like this and I don't like people thinking they're doing something wrong for not being a 'twig' like me.

    Sorry for the rant, but I'm really happy to finally hear another say it's 'natural'. And I never got how I got more 'backlash' than other girls who were just as skinny as me.

  43. I eat the same size meals as my dad and all I do is eat junk food im super skinny so fast metabolism is a bonus for me because i can eat loads

  44. I’m very petite and actually not too thin yet people still think I’m anorexic when I have hypoglycemia and a fast metabolism- I eat more than the average person. I’d rather someone be concerned than to just leave it alone though because I was actually anorexic in middle school and absolutely no one but my mom even noticed. I had lost 15 pounds.

  45. I feel a bit sad watching this. My husband pretty much had the same experience. My father's side of the family is quite big, so my dad is always telling him how unmanly he is. He even worried that I'd regret dating him instead of his friends 😣

  46. I had exactly the same problem as yours, I was forced to eat i would throw food when they don't notice they even force me to drink tomato juice YUCK.. my family were so worried that they thought I won't go through puberty, I did everything to gain weight but never did I thought something was wrong with me!! well till I got pregnant with my second child I'm still thin but I guess normal thin I have boobs and a nice butt lol. But honestly love your self the way you are you are blessed with bein skinny I promise you <3

  47. I have a very muscly body and it's annoying cause if I wear like pants and long sleeves people tell me I'm skinny then they ask me how much I way and it's a lot more then I look cause it's muscle and after I tell people how much I weigh they call me fat and stuff

  48. I am sorry you struggled this much as a child 😔 I have a fast metabolism too and I related a lot with your experience, even though I am lucky because I have a family of skinny people who understand me

  49. Makes me wonder though, what exactly prevents your body from gaining weight? Do you have a really high metabolism?
    Considering the doctors said there's nothing abnormal going on, I assume it's just your metabolism but with high metabolism you would be hungry more often so idk. Very peculiar

  50. I'm also naturally skinny, when I was little I looked like a stick like I was seriously very thin and on top of that I wasn't really a big eater either, I just ate whatever my body asked for and my body wouldn't ask for much lol. Thankfully my mum when she was younger she also was naturally very thin and I guess she understood my struggles and never forced me to eat too much. Of course there was the occasional "you have to eat your veggies they're good for you" like every other parent, but she never really strictly monitored me and told me you need to gain weight or whatever, so I never had a bad relationship with food and never really had body image issues until recently, I guess, when I realised how unfit I am hahaha. Seriously though I need to gain some muscle and I would love to last more than 5 minutes running, cause it really comes in handy when you panic everyday about having to run away from someone, recently the news haven't been great in my city *sigh*.

  51. When my mum was young, she was naturally super skinny. After she had her first child, she gained about 30 pounds. So I'm pretty sure when you're older and if you have children, that you'll gain weight.

  52. i feel like in this society you'll be made fun of for whatever. i've spent a portion of my life trying to gain weight and not fall off the growth chart. people either tell me that i'm too short, i'm too skinny, and negative things like that, or they say they want my height and to be thin like me. i try not to care but i wish people would just mind their own business. my mom used to always say that if i would've eaten more when i was younger that i would be over half a foot taller, which caused me to panic and try to stuff myself for months, i didn't focus on eating healthily or exercising, i just ate junk food. it was really unhealthy, but now i try to focus on being the weight i'm meant to be

  53. I had the same problem with my weight my whole, and I still do. I still get comments from family, family friends and even people that I don't know but now I just ignore them.

  54. I was similar when I was younger. Wasn’t allowed to leave the table til I ate everything on my plate even though my parents knew I wasn’t hungry and didn’t like the food they cooked (peas, scalloped potatoes, pork chops – yuck!) Grew up in an Italian family and they are very similar to your family – always wanting you to eat and eat. You wouldn’t tell some overweight person to stop eating, why is it ok to tell more skinny people to eat more.

  55. Your body shape is my dream body 😭💕 having boobs and butt has nothing with being a feminine and sexy and that stuff , I always want a skinny body and I will get it some day💪🏻 don't worry girl you r so beautiful 💕 all the love from Iraq ❤️

  56. Im a thicc girl, but i dont eat much- like…i really dont? I try to eat 3 meals a day but i usually end up eating like one or two, And in small portions. But people are always telling me to eat less because im "fat" and its really hurtful. And i undertsand this goes both ways, a naturally skinny person who eats normally, or more than 3 meals gets told to eat more. Both situations are rlly hurtful. I try to go on diets but its rlky hard for me to lose weight, idk why.

  57. Girl u look beautiful the way you are. Because your personality is more important. And you are an awesome person. 🙂

  58. "You're perfect" she says
    "Then why am i not?"
    "You're everything I want to be" she says
    "I would wanna be me"
    "Because how can i trust myself if you tell me not to eat?"
    I say to the mirror
    Hello, so this is what happens with me sorry if I hurt anyone, but I am as skinny as Rosé from blackpink but I lost that weight from bullys, and now I am struggling to gain any weight becuase i''ve lived for so long without fat,
    i'm the definition of a twig
    I love you guys so much a d I love you Mikan

  59. Look as long as you're healthy and don't starve yourself that's what matters I eat everything and I'm not picky at all and it's hard for me to gain weight and it's really annoying it's just how my body is built its a genetic thing too cause everyone is my family is slim

  60. You're so cute and beautiful!💜💜
    Don't worry you don't look sick💕💕
    You're so healthy and that's the most important thing! Don't listen to people 😘😘
    Love u stay happy and healthy 😍

  61. I had the same experience of over stuffing me with food and I became overweight as kid I wasn’t skinny at all I was like pretty healthy and now having this much weight ppl started to complain about how I have to lose it man wth!

  62. It happed to me when I was a child too, but I was sick and my family never oblidege me to eat to gain weight, after adolece my body changed I gain a little more of weight and I got curves, but you are naturaly slim is normal I have a friend who was like that until he started going to the gym, but even on that time it was hard for him to gain weight for muscles.

  63. we just got fast metabolism, nothing wrong with people who can't gain/lose weight, everybody is different, im glad shes confident now and loves herself 💕

  64. Dad: You're so thin. You should eat.
    Me who loves to eat:
    Yah, I've been spending your money eating like every second in my life but still so skinny

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