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August 16, 2019

hey you guys it’s Christina and welcome to day two of the I love my body fully raw summer challenge 14 videos 14 days and tons of giveaways today we’re going to be talking about why you are doing this the benefits of eating a fully raw diet and living this lifestyle I’m going to share how it has changed my life and why it can help yours too if you haven’t already sign up for this free challenge click on the link in the description of this video it will take you to a super simple entry form here you can sign up and get your shopping list and your fully raw meal plan that I have already created for you your goal 1 fully raw meal a day or if you want to you can go all-out fully raw for the next 14 days to sign up do these three things number one subscribe to my channel here at fully raw Christina number 2 submit your email to the challenge email list at fully rad calm and to keep yourself accountable and motivated participate daily by liking and commenting on all 14 videos of the challenge that you can get the free ebook at the end we want everybody to be involved in this challenge we want for everyone to see how many people are involved we want to create a health movement so definitely leave your voice below and like the video for those of you who are in my Spanish community I have just launched my fully raw in espanol channel and I am posting these challenge videos on that channel as well so head on over there if you want to watch this challenge in Spanish or share with your family your friends your loved ones I’ll put the link in the description of this video so that you can find it there before I get into sharing with you why I eat fully raw I want to share with you what I eat in a typical day I posted on my website at fully raw calm a little bit earlier and I’ve also shared with you your meal plan easy I think so this morning when I woke up I had 32 ounces of my fully raw watermelon juice secret followed by a lunch of banana an ice cream for dinner I had fruit followed by a rainbow salad which was absolutely gorgeous and you can find those recipes on my website at fully rad com I want to share with you why I eat fully raw July 15th will celebrate my 10-year anniversary of eating fully raw that means I haven’t eaten cooked foods in nearly 10 years crazy no it’s life-changing it brought me to life it brought me life and it brought me self-love my real transformation was from self hate to self-love I learned to love my body and I want to teach you how to do that as well I believe I’m here to inspire that within you feeling self-love understanding your self-worth and living in the moment this this is true happiness I first started eating fully raw because I was diagnosed with hyperglycemia at the age of 16 by the time I was 18 I was underweight at 87 pounds and five seven inches with awful migraines nausea blood sugar issues constipation depression a lack of confidence insomnia and frequent hospitalizations thanks to an angel in a grocery store named John Rose I was exposed to veganism and a raw food lifestyle I went raw in one night and I never went back I felt immediate changes and I felt something I had never felt before and that was love I felt self-love and this allowed me to discover what true health feels like most people are not aware of how good our bodies are designed to feel to many stuff their bodies with processed junk foods this only numbs us and creates physical and mental sickness within us this isn’t living it’s a slow death look at all of the sickness disease depression and loss that there is in this world I don’t even need to name it all because it’s everywhere you see it it’s self-inflicted and we can change that we must be the change that we want to see in the world it starts with what we feed our bodies and what we feed our minds and our souls remember your health is your life regardless of the size and shape of your body it is the greatest tool that you will ever own without it you wouldn’t be alive how you take care of it or fail to take care of it can make an enormous difference in the quality of your life exercise not to be fit or skinny eat to nourish your body truly be your best and to be your best you must give your body the fuel that it needs toss the junk and fill your kitchen with fresh Whole Foods run swim bike walk sweat these are all essential for having great help and stamina so that you can achieve your goals and the body and health of your dreams so on to the main question why is eating fully raw important because raw fruits and vegetables are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet furs and vegetables are nature’s perfect foods there are a rainbow of colors and have life in them when we eat life we feel life they bring us to life and create real health within our bodies some people may say that eating only fruits and vegetables is extreme but I think that eating processed foods and junk foods all the time is extreme I would much rather develop extremely good habits wouldn’t you eating vegan is wonderful because you eliminate all the meat dairy and animal products from your diet but you can still eat a vegan diet and be very unhealthy let’s create balance between both worlds let’s take your health to the next level and let’s make it a lifestyle fully raw is the next level and I’m gonna teach you how to get there here are the reasons why I eat fully fully raw foods love me back I eat fully raw because it makes me feel invincible eating fully raw healed me of my hyperglycemia which is the onset of type 2 diabetes years ago I feel my best I rarely ever get sick I need less sleep my digestion works perfectly unless I overeat my elimination is regular and healthy and I find that it’s very hard to overeat with raw fruits and vegetables it’s possible but not common and it makes it easy to maintain your weight that note you can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want guilt-free it’s not like cook food where you feel like you want to pass out after a large meal or that you have a brick in your stomach raw fruits and vegetables are water rich foods that clear from your system quickly fully raw foods and still confidence even if you wanted to self-sabotage yourself your eating foods that cleanse and build and restore your body they emotionally cleanse you yeah they bring up many deep emotions within you but it’s a beautiful thing because if you clear out all of this junk you’re clean on the inside in more than one way who wants to walk around with heavy books on your back all the time nobody does when you clear out your physical body your emotional self will start to cleanse as well these nutrient-dense foods make you feel good because you aren’t depriving yourself undercarbed people can be grumpy make yourself happy and eat some fruit fruits and vegetables are cruelty free eating fully raw saves the planet and the animals it encourages sustainability and environmental support it promotes gardening and even commercial farming which can be great for our societies another reason is that a long time ago my hair was falling out and eating fully raw made my hair grow back thicker and stronger and shinier than ever my skin cleared in a way I never knew it could and I will tell you that just with skin and hair it’ll give you the glow I’m happier yes eating this way makes me happy and it gives me a more positive outlook on life it makes me appreciate being in nature it has brought me closer to people with the same passion and with people who are in this community who truly believe in this lifestyle and are typically more compassionate kind and caring the type of friends that you really want to have in your life it has brought me closer to God some may call it spirituality whatever you believe in it brought me closer to my heart I feel more comfortable and confident in my skin than I ever have I have learned to love myself and become my own best friend I respect myself and my temple holy raw isn’t a diet it is a lifestyle remember that as you move forward this is something that you want to incorporate into your life every day self-love just like eating is something that you must do every day all right you guys if you have liked and appreciated this video please give it a thumbs up and comment below and let me know why you like to eat raw or vegan or why you are attracted to this lifestyle you guys need more tips tricks the recipes on how to go fully raw or if you’re participating this challenge please remember to subscribe to this youtube channel at fully rock christina as we have fun getting healthy together you want to follow me daily you can also find me on Facebook Pinterest Instagram and Twitter all at fully rock christina and i’m also on snapchat now at fully raw as well all right you guys I am excited for day 3 I have some yummy delicious recipes coming up I can’t wait to see you then sending you all my hugs and my love right fully raw is the next level and I am going to teach you how to get there do that how far how long was that there

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  1. I would love to go raw vegan, but fruit has so much sugar and I gained weight last year eating too much sugar. I now only allow myself 20g a day, if that, but watermelon and pineapple alone have so much sugar :/ any advice?

  2. This approach is to life is highly first world. In third world nations issues such as unregulated pesticide and chemical use in agriculture, adding harmful dyes to fruits and vegetables, adding medicines to ripen fruits prematurely and to make them long lasting and even adding formaldehyde (chemical used to preserve cadavers) are commonplace – street vendors, posh supermarkets. Only slight refuge is cooking the produce or eating less of it. If you choose to imply that fully raw and vegan is a superior lifestyle or rather the "correct" lifestyle, what advice or alternative do you offer to people from these parts of the world?

  3. I honestly cannot comprehend how she not eat cooked food at all. How please how?

    I love warm food, I love hot food it's so homely and just so lovely to me, it makes me calmer and relaxed and it's honestly just better tbh, if I eat too much raw food I just feel hungry quickly.

  4. I too am dealing with health issues. I strongly believe eating if not fully raw at least close to it is best for me.

  5. Why would eating fruits and vegetables be more expensive? hah – how expensive do you think it is when someone eats cheap processed foods and ends up having gastrointestinal among other health issues, heart disease, diabetes, skin disorders. Personally- I would rather spend a moderate amount of $$ on healthy food than give it to a Dr. to fix a disease caused by obesity or poor nutritional choices.

  6. Don't you eat any starches , i mean bread or mashed potatoes ,, or crepe , those are cooked , am asking cuz am suffering from hyperthyroid around 14 yrs , i wish with all my heart i will be like you, please give me more info, even rice, cooked is it okay, or you're interested in fruits and veggies, my best regards kristina, ❤️😘🌹

  7. I hope you never stop your fully raw coaching. you so inspire me. I am a grandmother of 7 grandchildren. At 53 I really do feel better when I eat fully raw. Blessings from heaven to you and yours.

  8. You go Kristina!! Ignore all these negative comments from some unhappy possible unhealthy people. You encouraged me to go fully raw, which dropped my diabetic type 2 blood sugar from 400's to 100 and below. I have tons of great energy, my skin has cleared up, I'm happier and healthier now than I've ever been. Losing weight almost daily now. I started running! I can run for 10 minutes without having a heart attack. YAY! I used to love running before a sedentary stressful job/lifestyle helped me pack on tons of weight. I feel free to be healthy, happy, and loving. I cannot understand why people feel the urge to strike at you with their words. If you can't say something positive, then pass on it….what does negativity achieve anyway? Does it make you happier? NO. Happy, healthy people glow. They extend love. they are kind with their thoughts and words. Kristina has helped so many people heal their bodies . She's helped me save my life! I believe she deserves positive, loving, and kind words back. So….Thank you Kristina. Thank you for forging on ahead…thank you for loving and helping people, even when we are resistant, combative, or negative. Thank you for your glowing, happy spirit. Keep making these videos. I watch them while I run on the treadmill as they're colorful, beautiful, fun, and encouraging. The world needs more people like you out there. So, keep shining. We need the light!!!

  9. your eyes were not dark brown they were hazel and you started wearing brighter clothing which made them look green and blue

  10. It's better to spend a million of dollars eating healthy than to spend alot of money on medicine and poison

  11. I'm having headaches and dizziness after just 3 days diet being on fruits and veggies only. Is this normal? How do you eat fruits only for lunch? I'm used to eating an actual meal; like a stew with a loaf of bread, or salmon w/rice and veggies. Food that actually gives me energy and allows me to go on with my day. Fruits only or in combination with a salad doesn't do it for me 🙁 Maybe it's a good way to detox every now and then, but I wonder whether this is suitable as a lifestyle for just anyone!?

  12. So inspiring, you've inspired me to go raw. I'm totally up for this challenge, so far on day four and I do noticed a better environment within me. Thanks for the info

  13. Best video I have connected with for FullyRaw. I have been struggling with being totally Raw. I have not experienced as many benefits. I live in St Louis and winters can very difficult. I need help single parents with children who have the opposite agenda. I need help. I have Lupus tumors fibermyalga. Struggling please help

  14. I am a little late to the party and just now discovering your channel. Is there a way to access this information at no cost?

  15. I think this raw or vegan eating lifestyle can work for some people but definitely not for other. Some people need animal protein for their body and mind to function properly. But i do admire those who can eat fully raw.

  16. Your eyes were not dark brown. You have hazel eyes. Hazel is a combination of green, gold, and light brown. Just like blue eyes, hazel eyes can look different depending on lighting or what you are wearing.

  17. What color are your eyes now? They look blue! I just found your channel so I’m gonna be listening to them today while I do my daily routine. 🙂

  18. This is the very video that inspired me to become fully raw. I love you kristina from the bottom of my heart. ❤️ it’s because of you that I have a better quality of life.

  19. Lol, I was wondering why I was getting emotional lately. I know I wasnt pregnant. that would've been immaculate

  20. I have been on plant based diet for almost two months now. In August my A1c was 10.1 and in December it was down to 7.3. I will continue with this lifestyle for the rest of my life. I also lost 22 ibs.

  21. Sorry I’m just a bit confused and I haven’t done any research so forgive my ignorance, but what really is the difference if you were eating the exact same foods raw vs cooked? Like if you steamed broccoli instead of eating it raw, are you saying that’s bad? I’m just confused as to how big the different really is between you and someone who eats super healthy ( and vegan) but has cooked foods, too?

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