Why do we feel dizzy after standing up? (In Hindi) खड़े होकर चक्कर क्यों आता है ?
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Why do we feel dizzy after standing up? (In Hindi) खड़े होकर चक्कर क्यों आता है ?

September 1, 2019

Everything was going well You were tying your laces You stood up the moment you were done Wait a second You were feeling dizzy and felt a blackout But felt normal in a few seconds? What really happened? I’ll tell you what happened Your blood pressure got low Blood pressure indicates the speed at which the blood flows in the arteries And when you go to get your blood pressure measured the reading tells you just that how fast is the blood flowing in your arteries During the day, our blood pressure keeps fluctuating Low when we are sleeping but high when we are running Blood pressure being too high or too low both are harmful for us But everyone’s blood pressure can be different as well Like blood pressure that is normal for me could be high for you and the same pressure could be low for someone else like it has been seen that people who smoke have high blood pressure High blood pressure is called Hypertension which causes harm to our heart and arteries On the other hand low blood pressure is called Hypotension which can cause dizziness or vertigo There are several reasons for low blood pressure like during preganancy deficiency of blood, water etc. But here, the low blood pressure we are talking about happens when we stand up all of a sudden and it is called Orthostatic or Postural Hypotension when you are sitting the blood is flowing well through out your body but the moment you suddenly stand up the pull of gravity keeps the blood near the feet in this situation, our heart beat increases our veins contract, so that blood reaches the upper body too specially to our brain but all of this takes a couple of seconds and for those seconds, our heads spin Feeling of dizziness is our brain telling us that Dude! I need oxygen. If you are standing up too quickly, then you might faint as well but most people feel light headed for just a few seconds and there is nothing to worry about but if you want to avoid all of this then you have to stand up without hurrying That is all! So today’s question was one of yours Md Mobashir had asked us this question in the comments section and I hope Mobashir, you got your question answered you can post your questions in the comments section as well and a lot of people haven’t subscribed yet who are these people Please! If you want to keep seeing similar videos then subscribe to the channel and like the videos and post a lot comments!

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  1. kai baar hame lagta hai koi cheez hamare saath pahle bhi kabhi hooi hai but hame yaad nahi ata kab. je q hota hai?

  2. Mera ek thoda ajib question he…
    Jab hame bhukh lagti he aur ham apne khane ke time pe khana kha nahi pate to hamari bhukh mit kyu jati he….? 😁😁😁😁

  3. Thanks for sharing the knowledge with us,, by this channel we came to know many things we did not know yet…keep it up n I wish u will definitely become one of the toppest youtubers,,, I like you, ur voice and ur way of explanation…

  4. Like always.. being precise and simple will definitely help many people in understanding the basic reason behind this regularly occurring phenomenon..!! Also shedding light on the concept of Postural Hypotension and how the gravity pull actually causes this blackout was simply amazing..!! Keep the videos coming… Cheers.!
    PS- Fulfilling the question requests of the fellow viewers will make you either an established health expert or a relationship expert 😀

  5. @Aaj Ka Prashn  suno Ek Qus. Hai..!!

    Kaale Badal Aate Hai
    Ghirte Hai
    Or baarish Karte Hai..

    Pr Ye Boondo Me Kyu Karte Hai
    Means Direct Paani Bhi To Gir Sakta Hai..
    Fir Ye Boond Ban Kar hi Kyu Girta Hai..??

    By The way Real Name: Prince Jinoy ❤

  6. Sir mere ko har time dizzy feel hota hai jaise neck ko movemnt krta hu dizzy kea jatky feel hoty hai mere ct scan normal hai or cbc b normal doctor mere ko antidipression medicine dea dia lekin koi frk ni koi help kro mere koi bato kisko dakho kya hai yeh bohat presan huu

  7. Maine pahili bar blood donation Kiya tha..
    Tab muze chakkar ane lage…
    Sans Lene me taklif ho rahi thi….
    Tabse mai jab jyada bheed me jata hu muze aisa hota hai….
    Pair ,shir ,hat me mungi anr jaisa Lagta hai….
    Doctor ne Kaha hai k ye calcium k kami se ho raha hai….
    Esase bachane ke liye mai kya Karu
    Plz do reply

  8. Weight loss exercise ke vajesebhi chakkar aasakta he? Muje achanak se subah uthatehi chakkar aaya tha or same rat ko bhi or pure din me fresh the. (please answer mem)

  9. Very informative channel I love it
    I wanna know why our body tremble ,we feel jolts at night when we are sleeping

  10. Thank you Ma'am.!
    If I Stand up even for a second i feel dizzy. My heart becomes so fast and I feel as if I am going to collapse but everything gets okay in just 30 seconds.

  11. Mam I have a question about jelly fish because it is 95 percent of water then.how it can survive and what about the blood which flows??????

  12. Me 17 years ka hu aur mujhe abhi se verginity lose krne ka mann krta h ….pr me ye nhi krna chata….iska koi solution btao plzz

  13. Ma'am ek bat btaiye jb hum sote h tab asa kyu lgta h ki hu ledders pe chadd re h or suddenly slip ho gae asa boht logo m common h plz btaiye

  14. Tanku dii
    kuch dino se mujhe v subah subah khare hone par chakar aa rha tha
    mai to tension me aa gya tha.thanks aapka video bahot acha tha.jaisa mai video khoj rha tha bilkul waisa hi tha

  15. I want ask one question that ……jab bhi me 10-15 minutes tak bhi khadi hoti hu to muje chakkar ane lagte hai ..vo 5 min me thik ho jata hai lekin …. Aesa aksar school me hota😔😖…so how it be controlled.. please tell me🙏🙏

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