What To Do About HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (Doctor Advice) + Cholesterol
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What To Do About HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (Doctor Advice) + Cholesterol

October 9, 2019

hello everybody happy Thursday so I am
here with Chantal again we’re doing our doctor live this one today is going to
be about and you guys can’t see it necessarily I messed up my ankle really
bad on Sunday so I’ve got it up on the desk so so that’s going on like you
can’t really see it this all looks kind of normal to you right here but just
imagine there is a lunge right there but anyway um so but it doesn’t matter
doesn’t matter um so what we’re gonna talk about today is high blood pressure
and high cholesterol and how how we can support that naturally okay and then I’m
actually gonna have a story from somebody that messaged me last night
with some amazing results of just naturally taking care of themselves and
what that’s done for their own body so that’s very very cool but I shantel
let’s go ahead and start just like normal usually what we do is we just
talk about what it is or like the symptoms yeah what it is and then and
then we talk about how to be able to support our bodies so what what how do
we get high blood pressure and high cholesterol it starts it starts with
arterial inflammation so basically it starts with nutrition unfortunately but
but but the myth is usually people are gonna are going to think that for high
blood pressure it’s too much salt and for high cholesterol it’s too much fat
but that’s not the case what what what people think they know and what is
actually happening it’s two different different situation because sugar is the
cause of inflammation mm-hmm and after you have arterial inflammation then you
start having the fact that stucks to the arteries and you know with the
inflammation the the artery goes like this so there’s less space for the blood
to circulate okay yeah and then you have let’s say you’re having breakfast with eggs bacon and potatoes and toasts okay
so people are gonna think people are going to think that the egg is the cause
but actually the cause of the inflammation that’s going to cause the
cholesterol to stick to the – to the the walls of the arteries is your potatoes
and your bread that it starts yeah you know and people think that it’s the same
it’s the same thing with the high blood pressure the cause of that is first
thing the inflammation in the arteries after that when you have a slightly
smaller passage for the blood to flow of course you’re gonna have a change in
your your blood pressure your your heart is gonna pump more to get the blood in
and then it’s gonna have a hard time to relax to get the blood out and we just
measure is that blood pressure is that is that the first the first the first
number that you have that usually is supposed to be between 120 and after
that 80 okay if your heart is pumping too much because of the inflammation so
it’s gonna pump more so your blood pressure is gonna have to be more to get
that to get the the blood to where it’s supposed to go and then your the the
second one is when your your your heart is at is on pause and the blood flow
goes down it’s the same thing if if the arteries to is shrunk by the
inflammation it’s gonna have a harder time to for it to flow so it’s gonna
take you know more time so more effort up and more time going down so the
hardest starting that’s that’s where the smoke
problems and heart problems start in the long run because your your heart is
always you heard is a muscle of course but I mean it’s working you know
full-time all the time 24 hours a day but if you give it too much work it’s
like a battery in the long run you know it’s gonna get a lot more fatigue yeah
that’s what that what an excellent picture you just painted I mean it’s a
scary picture but it’s an accurate picture and it’s necessary to understand
things on this I who is it I’m Stein I think that said if you can’t explain
something to a small child then you don’t really understand it well enough
you’re so lovely yeah that’s that you just painted the picture yourself that
was that was excellent I think everybody can understand that that the way that we
eat and what you know it’s basically it sounds like the step one of of hitting a
bad part of this situation step one is the way we eat and that high
cholesterol and then step two is high blood pressure would that be right well
most of the time yes but you could have either or but hey in the long run you’re
gonna have you’re gonna go with both because it’s it’s rare that if you start
having let’s say cholesterol or high blood pressure in your 50s five to ten
years after that you’re gonna go for a high cholesterol and high blood pressure
you’re gonna have to deal with both yeah you don’t change you’re happy if you
don’t if you don’t correct what’s what’s wrong but most of the time you don’t
know because you know you’ve been you’ve been eating like that and you have a
lifestyle like that all your life and all of a sudden you take some blood work
and you have cholesterol you know and you know the doctors and everybody in
the in the health industry well you know they prone they prone for low low fat
but it’s the combination of sugars and fat you know right that makes the
difference it’s not the fact that fat per se it’s you leave it alone the fat
per se it’s not it’s not gonna kill you yeah it’s me going with it you can have
and things like that you can have hotter yeah now I think you can have butter but
not the bread but you can put it in your veggies you can put it on your steak and
you know that’s okay yeah so yeah absolutely
absolutely that’s that’s awesome so the so for people that have high blood
pressure or high cholesterol I think that well we definitely in the you know
the marketing of health food world that we live in let’s just talk about it like
how I talked about it at home I just do it look at the marketing of of
health food and things like that like the low food or the low food the low fat
low calorie things like that what you’re really what you need to be paying
attention to whenever you see things like that you should actually be
probably more scared of those than of other things because you need to look at
the labels and see what’s what’s in place of those things but then also low
fat is not that was like an 80s thing that was uh that was around for a little
while and it was because they were saying that fat was making us fat and
that’s not the case you guys carbs and sugar are making us fat like that yeah
and usually when you have low fat it’s gonna be it’s gonna be substituted by
sugar or sugar substitute right because fat gives taste mm-hmm and if you take
out the fat you don’t have any taste so right in our
minds so in in the health in not in the health industry in in the food industry
they have to compensate with something else so they go for sugar or sure your
substitute yeah it’s it’s a marketing and selling thing by the way I mean you
know the best way to eat is anything that you can you can
can and do yourself so that that’s the first thing and it doesn’t have to be
complicated you know yes protein and veggies and you know you you’re you’re
on track yes and it’s fast yeah well and another thing that fad does for us and
this isn’t like a this isn’t us you know vouching for a keto type of dialectic
diet because you don’t need to be in ketosis to burn fat by the way guys so
there’s that but also fat fills you up so fast I’m going to satisfy you so you
take the fat out of something and all of a sudden you’re you’re on the hamster
wheel you’re hungry hungry hungry all the time and consuming this stuff that
is garbage and the stuff that is garbage is what then goes into starting to
create this inflammation into our bodies right like I thought it’s it’s just it’s
it’s the slow decline into unwellness that’s that we don’t notice until we’re
40 you know or 50 or whatever and all of a sudden we’re thinking man I’m starting
to like I’m starting to get older right like I’m starting to feel older like
your mind may not feel older but your body is looking older than you feel like
it should that’s and it’s starting to hurt more
and stuff like that that doesn’t need to happen to us at such a young age you
guys that that really can be you can bypass that stuff just by what you eat
and bringing in nutrients into your diet like that’s that’s really what you can
do let’s get back into high blood pressure though so how would um because
now I’m going off on top let me just say real quick though there’s an 11 day
challenge coming up or 11 day cleanse coming up if you guys are wanting to
make this change in your life message me message somebody talked to us about the
11 day cleanse because it’s totally and completely free the only thing that you
have to pay for is what you’re gonna consume okay so talk to somebody about
it because we’re going to be teaching you the real real on on everything as as
nutrition goes there’s we’ve been lied to for a very long time
and it doesn’t it stops now that’s that’s the case so anyway let’s
go back into high blood pressure and then I’m going to tell the story about
somebody that messaged me yeah so how would somebody be able to
counteract that how is so the juice that we drink how does that help counteract
the high blood pressure and high cholesterol then well the main the main
sorry my cat is here the main thing it’s like it’s like right it I could
it addresses inflammation that’s the main thing and that’s the main reason
why people have high blood pressure and high cholesterol it are they arterial
inflammation so the with the with the the blend of antioxidants and the blend
of detox you get you get the the junk out but also you all you did you bring
really down the inflammation so that’s the main thing you guys it’s it’s
dealing with the inflammation combined with a little bit of changes in your
because you’re trying to to get the inflammation down and you’re trying to
give your body a break so it’s it’s gonna start healing itself so you need
to combine with food also you know you need to cut down on the search and but
that’s the main thing the first step is bringing down the inflammation so that’s
what the juice does deals with the inflammation and it’s pretty powerful
too I mean you went when you do get on that juice I mean it’s you deal with
that pretty fast it’s insane it’s insane so like there are there are people that
I imagine that a lot of people out here watching this are thinking I would
really like to not be dealing with these health problems I guarantee every a
hundred percent of people watching it that have these health problems don’t
want to be dealing with those health problems that’s real right yeah but but
then there’s a behavioral change right so then we say well you’ve got to eat
better and yada yada well now now you start putting sort of
like these speed bumps like well I don’t know if I can do that so now we’ve got a
bunch of different scenarios of well I don’t know if that’s gonna be easy I
don’t know if I can do that I don’t know if I can do that I don’t know if I can
do that here’s my challenge to you don’t worry
about any of this yet don’t worry about diet don’t worry about any of that yet
the very first thing that you should do is start drinking this juice and now I’m
gonna tell you this story so there was there’s a woman that’s on our team and
she messaged me last night late last night cuz she was so excited late last
night she messages me and she says might hurt her cholesterol last year when she
gets it checked yearly her cholesterol last year was 220 okay and for those of
you that aren’t familiar with what that number really means 220 is really the
top of your getting into a scary place that’s that’s where you’re gonna start
talking about heart disease and things like that in my right Chantell yes it is
yeah okay what other things would that signify having 220 cholesterol well you
know you start having irregular heartbeat so you can start having some
no no it’s pretty yucky symptoms of high blood pressure it’s your your your
looking at you know it’s a lot a lot more significant ways of maybe getting a
stroke in the long run yeah it’s pretty scary
yeah it is scary you can you can have some sunless sweats day sweats night
sweats you know some spins or just thirsty all the time yeah and it’s scary
because it’s it could it could mimic a lot of symptoms that you’re used to so
you don’t know really what’s going on but you know it could
it could influence your heartburn heart burns also and your digestion it’s
really yeah no no it’s not when you’re at 220 it’s not fun you got to control
it yeah well she was at 220 last year and then today ern I’m sorry not today
yesterday yesterday she got tested again and she has she is now at 128 I know
that’s amazing isn’t that insane that is is almost a
hundred points down and that is only the only difference that she made that the
only different thing that she did she didn’t even change her diet she hasn’t
changed her diet yet because she wanted to hold off on that so exactly what I
said before that happened okay so all that all that she did was start drinking
the juice and three months later is when that is when this number came out okay
so within three months of drinking the juice I know she had her panel done last
year but she started drinking the juice three months ago that’s what I’m trying
to say and and then now 128 and that isn’t a normal range now she’s at an
optimal range and she she has never she said um I’m not sure how old she is I
don’t want to say um but she said never in her adult life has she ever been in
the optimal range she’s always been on that high end so this is changing
people’s lives and this is not where the juice is not a medication you guys it’s
not a medicine what it’s doing is it’s giving you nutrients it’s giving you
what the heck your body needs you guys we don’t it’s not synthetic stuff it’s
all from Whole Foods it’s doing for you what you don’t feel like you can do yet
diet wise and things like that it’s bringing in a massive load of nutrients
that aren’t isolated that aren’t synthetic that are not gonna hurt you
it’s all good and they will be and this is nerd term but they’re going to be bio
avail which means that your body’s actually
going to be able to use them so whenever you take like a multivitamin or
something like that nine times out of ten your that the the nutrients in those
multivitamins depending on where it comes from but the nutrients in those
multivitamins are not going to be bioavailable you’re not going to be able
to actually absorb the nutrients you’re just going to 12 to 5 inches think it’s
12 to 15% that are or are not that are oh yeah that’s insane you guys but
whenever with this juice I mean I would venture to say 100% are going to be
absorbed because they’re all bioavailable because of what comes along
with them it’s the black matter why do you guys I would say that I would say 90
to 92 percent which is which is is it’s marvelous because you don’t it you
rarely when you have a composition of nutrients you rarely see bioavailability
that high you know I’ve seen you know vitamin complex that are on in the 70s
and 80s percent range but 92 92 not not quite so I mean yes even though it’s not
a hundred percent because we first stuff of course you know like everything your
body what it needs and flushes the rest but you know it’s absolute it’s
fantastic dang awesome you see and you see no it we feel it quickly a couple of
days and you feel you feel something’s going on you know yeah the funniest the
funniest thing that I ever hear people say is they’ll say like they’ll say I
feel a lot better I just can’t really put my finger on why I feel but exactly
exactly your body is happy with you yeah you feel better
Wow hotties being fed it’s been starving it’s like we’re feeding our bodies but
we’re starving in the same right because they’re not getting the nutrients you
eat a cheeseburger at McDonald’s and yeah you’re gonna be full for a little
while but that is not nutrition friends that’s
not nutrients that is not something that’s going to support the structure of
your body that’s garbage oh man I get so just look at my goodness I know man just
get off the soapbox lady right so so the juice would be helpful is in the end
let’s just say that the juice is good helpful yeah the inflammation first
thing yeah which which then is it leads to everything else but it’s so crazy
because that lady wasn’t even she wasn’t even drinking it for the her face it was
like a happy side effect it’s not it’s the craziest thing ever so most of the
time people come you know with this juice for weight problems or things like
that but at the end of the story it’s it’s the last thing that they talk about
because they’re already stuff that’s going on in their bodies and changing in
their bodies that they don’t even think about about that they’re proud of losing
some weight but it’s not the main reason anymore and you know when you when you
take it for a month in two months you know yeah it’s it’s it’s beautiful to to
to to be able to help people that end you know see them in their progress and
seeing that they do get better and it’s not necessarily complicated no yeah I
would say it’s not complicated at all I always have people asking me like okay
so whenever they get their juice they’ll message me and they say okay now what do
I do with my juice and I’m like stick it in the fridge and then drink yeah
there’s not a not like an equation or anything it’s like just stick it in the
fridge and you’re gonna you’re gonna drink it and and then you’re gonna feel
better and and that’s that’s wobbly that what happened let it do its job let it
do its job so thank awesome well whenever you guys are ready
to start your own juice journey do make sure that you reach out to somebody on
my team and the reason why is first of all we do have that 11 day cleanse
coming up okay so you would be able to be involved in that and that’s that’s
only for people on my team so whenever you sign up make sure that you ask the
person that you’re signing up with if they’re on Martha Croce’s team and yes
that’s how you say my name that’s say are you on Martha Creech’s
team if they cannot say yes to that then you need to find somebody that is or
just message me and I’ll find somebody for you because this this is important
we have a group where we have Chantal she comes in she answers questions every
Tuesday she also just answers questions every Hawkin day I mean it’s like you’re
on call Chantal and then we also have a personal trainer that makes daily
workouts so for the eleven day cleanse we’re gonna have daily workouts they’re
gonna be HIIT workouts or high impact interval workouts which are really good
for every body type and everybody right like even if you’re just starting you
can you can make it your own or if you want to make it more advanced you can do
that doesn’t really matter you do you and then yeah it’s just it’s a community
we share recipes we we do this together so I think that that is that’s the thing
that I hear most about people enjoying this entire experience is that you’re
not alone you’re not alone you have us cheering you on it’s not like we’re all
dieting together because this isn’t even a diet no this is life we’re all doing
life together and we’re loving life together and we all share our wins and
like how exciting it is to to not have to nap every day or whatever it is right
but um all of those things happen in that group
so make sure that long story short make sure that you sign up under somebody
that is under Martha Krejci so say are you on Martha Krejci scheme they say yes
then you’re like yeah so I need some juice and then they’ll be like cool
here’s the thing so there is that what what last words do
you have Chantelle for people that have high blood pressure or high cholesterol
what would be a next step for them well of course you need to deal with the
inflammation so start with the juice cut down on the cut down on the sugars if
you if you if you start by cutting down the refined sugars the white refined
bleach sugars that are toxic for you that’s the first thing you know yeah
high fructose corn syrup and white sugar so check the labels and you know and the
rest the rest after that a little bit at a time you know you’re good you’re gonna
start feeling better in your body so you’re you’re automatically
unconsciously gonna do changes for yourself mm-hmm
but the first thing is deal with the inflammation cut down on the on the on
the sugars yeah and it’s just that it’s a winner
really really it sounds like a small step but it’s so big it’s so big in your
body well thank you yeah you know it’ll it you’ll you’ll love it you can have a
pound of you can have a pound of bacon if you want just don’t eat it with the
brown sugar on it you know oh my word hello oh my gosh yes
okay well let’s look at a daddy a pound of bacon so adios you guys have an
awesome night and we will see you next week okay right you

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