What is recovery IF I’m at a normal weight? Mental Health Videos with Kati Morton | Kati Morton
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What is recovery IF I’m at a normal weight? Mental Health Videos with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

August 23, 2019

Today’s topic is something many of you have requested, and that is: what do I do if I’m in recovery or starting in recovery but I’m at a normal or a healthy weight? So like I said, today’s topic is what do we do if we want to get better, we want to get into recovery but we’re already at our normal or healthy weight? Now, first I want to talk about the fact that a doctor or a dietitian has to tell you when you’re at a normal or healthy weight, because they know based on your body type and your bone mass and all of the things that make you the wonderful and amazing you. We need to make sure that they believe you’re at a healthy and normal weight. I’m not talking about you actually just thinking it, cause as we know, our brain can play tricks on us, right? So we know our doctor said, “You’re at a good healthy weight, way to go, yay!” And we’re like, “I feel bad and I want to get better”. So then what do I do? Now, you still have to treat your eating disorder just like anybody else would. And I know many of you have asked, like, “What if you’re overweight, what if you’re severely underweight, what if you’re at a normal weight?” It doesn’t really matter. Because like I said before, our eating disorder is more about our coping skills and what we think about ourselves. It has nothing really to do with the weight, it’s not really about the food. How many times have I said that? So many times, right? It’s not really about the food. It’s about how we cope with life and life’s stressors. And our eating disorder has been that coping skill, and it’s gotten us through those really hard times. So, we’re still going to have to put in the hard work. And I know many of you are thinking, “Okay, so I’m seeing a therapist and I’m really working on things and I’m trying new coping skills, but what do I do? Do I see a dietitian?” Yes! Because we actually do need to get your metabolism and your body getting the nutrients it needs. We need to get it all revved up and it needs to be at a normal level as well. Does that make sense? Because we can’t just snap our fingers and “Oh, okay this is fixed and everything is good” We have to work through the things that we use the eating disorder for in the first place, Like whether it was abuse or stress or life changes or any number of things, right? Whatever we’re using for the coping skill, we have to work through it and we need to heal our metabolism and heal our body and get it the nutrients it needs, so I would encourage all of you to still work with your doctors, still work with your dietitians. If you have questions about what it’s like to see a dietitian, check out my video with Kate. I did a series of videos with her about what it’s like, questions that she’ll ask, what to expect, all that stuff so that you have to be stressed out or worried. And like always, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I put out videos all the time, and sometimes you don’t even know when they’re coming out. And I catch you. Ha! So you want to be subscribed so that you get that little notification and you know. And I’m also on Instagram, I’m on Twitter, I’m on Google+, and you have to add me on Google+ now so that when you leave your comments below on things that have worked for you and what dietitian meetings were like for you, I can comment back and be like, “Yay! Thanks!” And people can thumbs up them and all sorts of fun things. So make sure you add me to your circles and I will see you next time! Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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  1. This video came up in such a good time! I'm going to see a dietitian for the first time on tuesday and I'm kind of nervous about it. I know it will be fine but I can't help to stress about it and the thoughts in my mind are spinning round and round.
    Great video as always Kati! 🙂

  2. Kati, how do I deal with the feeling that I CANNOT get professional help unless the situation gets serious enough to be acknowledged? I've struggled with disordered eating for years, went through all kinds of stuff but never had major weight changes, nothing so big to alarm anyone, especially not my parents (we live together but hardly ever have meals together). I often think I've gone too far but I'm afraid of asking for help, I feel like it should be something so absolutely necessary that everyone insists I go.
    I feel stuck in this weird limbo where I'm not bad enough to be noticed, but bad enough to be damaging my health… too weak to get better, too afraid to get worse. Help?! :/

  3. I have never really been underweight, i mean whenever i go to the doctor im at a healthy point.  I dont weigh myself now, so i dont know the number, but its is what i think it is, then its ok. the issue i have is that i barely have money for my therapist ,no way i could afford more help.plus i tend to feel very punished by being told what to do with food or guided really. I dont know why i just dont respond well to it.

  4. something that i struggle with now that im at a healthy weight , friends and family automatically assume that i am recovered. i find myself having to explain frequently that just because my weight is restored, doesnt mean my brain is, or that my behaviors are.

  5. Great video. This may sound strange and totally off topic, but would you ever consider doing a beauty video? LOL your eyebrows are to die for. <3

  6. Kati ,
    Is there a way for you to make a video about flash backs and PTSD ? I've seen your videos about PTSD , but I need a little more info Of how to come back to reality if the 5 Senses don't work .
    Also can you do a video about EMDR?

  7. #KatiFAQ How do they restore your metabolism? My metabolism has been pretty much destroyed because of illness over the last 5 years. My doctor said I just have to 'wait' for it to kick in again, but is there something I can do? Would it be better for me to see a dietician? I struggle to eat on a regular schedule, and my exercise fluctuates depending on my health. I've been trying for so long and it feels like I'm getting nowhere 🙁

  8. This was really helpful. I'm in recovery and I'm at a healthy weight right now, and have felt like I've sort of hit a wall in my recovery. Physically I'm better and healthy, so I've been unsure how to keep progressing from here but this video helped a lot. Thanks Kati!

  9. Kati Morton
    Nice job on this video.
    When do you find the time to make all of your videos, study for your MFT exam, post comments, write workbooks, and keep your marriage going? Please tell me.
    One last thing, when do you eat and sleep?
    With all the things you do, do you sleep and eat.

  10. YOU DID THIS!!!! 😀 Made my day(and I'm sick so its very s***y) but  this helped! oh my gosh I'm so happy you touched on this topic! Quick question: my "healthy weight" was a certain number from my doctor and then a different number from my nutritionist and there isnt a BIG gap between it but somewhat so I'm confused who I listen to?! (Only saw the nutritionist once tho….)

  11. Great video Kati!!!

    But..I have a question that's totally unrelated…

    What's the difference between social anxiety and feeling anxiety in social situations like eating in front of people, talking in class, eye contact…?

  12. I am in the healthy range and my head is just as messed up as before. This is hard work. I feel I'm wasting my dieticians time now that I am at this weight.

  13. I'm just hoping you answer this cause im desperate and sad and ive been searching your videos but there's a ton and i cant seem to find anything to relate.
    HOW DO YOU COPE WITH YOU THERAPY COMING TO AN END? i have my last session this week and im devastated. please help me or someone 

  14. #katiFAQ
    Hi Kati I had a question
    What are some ideas somebody can do to get out of a flash back if the 5 senses aren't working ?

  15. Just wondering what your opinion is on what Lady Gaga did in her recent show?? Thank you for everything you do♥!

  16. It is just so very hard to shake the feeling of "I'm not a certain weight/shape/size, therefore I can't get help". Which actually is often times the case (sadly) in the UK with the NHS. I was struggling mentally and my doctor refused to give me any help because my BMI was healthy – despite a recent history if anorexia.  Two months later I went back because of a bad foot and was whisked straight into the eating disorder service, despite the fact that I was doing really well mentally with my new (private) therapist.  It's a shame that the medical system focusing on weight gets in the way of us getting treatment.  
    Having said that I don't want to put anyone off getting help.  I have shared my experience but it is only mine with one doctor.  Always get help, no matter what. You're worth it – break through the stigma.
    Thanks for an excellent and encouraging video Kati xx

  17. I have been watching you for so long and you help me thro alooot but right now I think im at my worst . A really close friend to me has an ed and you know how that hurts especially to see you friend or almost sister struggle and don't eat much and a few of days ago I found out that my other best friend has an ed too which really devastated me because now I feel like I have no power and such a terrible friend for not being able to help both of them and to top this all I myself have an eating disorder and I was diagnosed with anorexia nervousa and im hidding it from them and it's just too much pressure I feel this constant need to fix them both when I myself is broken and it is so triggering to my ed to have to deal with this. I sometimes feel like such a lair and a total bitch for trying make them recover when I myself is in deep shit. 
    please please kati i need help

  18. Hi Kati, could you please do a video about a overweight person with an ED? some people dont get that you can have an ED even if youre overweight. love your videos 🙂

  19. Kati FAQ : hello kati my question is how do u tell a counsellor you selfharm because my parents know and it would like to bring it up to her and I've been to her 3 times since I've thought about telling her and I can't do it I just can't tell her it's so hard I find it hard talking anyway that's why I have to see her but telling her this how can I tell her because I'm finding it hard and I think it would be best if she knew

  20. I am interested in becoming a psychologist and i am interested in what you say you do. What exactly is the name of the type of psychology you do? I am just wondering because I would like to go into psychology and I don't know what to go into.

  21. Can you make a video about these few questions?

    If your doctors see cuts, or burns, or scars on your body, and you tell them to not tell your parents or anyone else, and they say they have to. If you tell them you would kill your self if they told anyone, what would happen?

    How can you reduce depression?

    How do you reduce anxiety, or overthinking?

    and lastly, How can you stop suicidal thoughts? 

  22. I apologise for my previous comment, I should never have posted it, I realise it could be triggering. I am soo sorry if it upset you.

  23. I'm currently at a (doctor agreed) " healthy weight" and looked into seeing a dietitian when I started slipping in my recovery, but found out my insurance won't cover a dietitian until I develop obesity or diabetes 🙁

  24. Okay so this is something I used to struggle with on a daily basis, in fact by the second shall I say. Due to the fact of not being taken seriously by members of family, friends etc i've actually lost a considerable amount of weight and now classed as underweight again. I felt as if no one believed me when I was healthy and found it so so hard to want to recover because I felt as if I was already recovered as I was weight restored. It's unfortunate that it's lead me back to this but can you see where I'm coming from?

  25. i live in a 16hr residential program and my roommate knows im in treatment for anorexia and she always is saying i need more calories or how i need to eat and i feel very frustrated by it because it becomes triggering when she talks about food that way. ive been under more stress and my meal plan has become a struggle ive finally found a way to get breakfast in but i still struggle with my  dinner… is it really her place to say things like that to me? how do i handle it?

  26. Hi @Kati Morton  What should we do if we've been struggling with EDNOS and have opened up to our doctor about it but not much has been done to help us (because we're at a heathy/normal weight etc.) In my experience, I had started trying to recover on my own for quite a while before I was able to get in to see my doctor and as a result I had been able to normalize my weight and most of my blood work, but since physically I appeared pretty healthy the only advice I was given was to keep trying to increase my intake. Now I feel kind of uncomfortable discussing it with my doctor because I feel like she doesn't believe that I have an ED. Thank you so much for all of your help! I love all of your videos, tweets, etc.! xxx

  27. Watching your videos have given me the courage to go see someone about my eating disorder. I've only seen my therapist once, but I feel that I have chosen the right path. I guess recovery will be worth it.

  28. I know this is an old video but I just want to say you're videos are really helping me understand my issues. I'm due to see an eating disorder dietitian tomorrow and I'm scared they are going to say I'm wasting their time because when I was referred to them I was underweight but last week the nurse said my bmi just hit "normal". it's like my body is recovering but my thoughts around food are still entrenched in my eating disorder

  29. I know this an old video but I have a question I hope someone can help with. First I live in the UK. I have a history of anorexia and am at the start of my second relapse. I've been to my GP to try get eating disorder help and the response I got was that unless I get to a bmi of 15 or lower the NHS eating disorder team can not work with me. This seems crazy! I've been at that low weight twice before…. I know what is happening and where it is going to lead but nobody will help until I actually get ill. I'm losing weight but because my bmi is still normal the eating disorder team won't even see me. I'm falling apart. Can anyone at all who understands the way things work in the UK give me any advice on how I can across help? Thanks

  30. I was normal weight throughout my eating disorder and even in recovery but I still ate A LOT of food. I came from bulimia so my body was just deprived. And I just responded to my body, nothing bad happened! And now I am free! 🙂 thanks, Kati, love your videos about recovery!

  31. For CAMHS I literally saw the diatiecan once and they only care about my target weight no bone mass or anything like that they only care what weight you are for you bmi I went down by a few pounds and everyone went Ballistic! Like o felt like I was happier slightly under my target than over my target I was happy being a few pounds under all I’m going to do is hit That weight and maintain for a bit then they let me go and didn’t give me a therapist for my anorexia ! And didn’t give a crap about my depressions and how it caused my ED ! And said it was some normal teenage low mood ! And that it was just hormones that has caused all of this that’s why I did a reckless thing ! My mum loves them as they basically just force feeding me I’m never getting referred to CAMHS again they made me feel so invalidated !! And just care about my weight even though they don’t say that and just make excuses ! I only want to put on weight so I can get out of their !!! For me recovery is not just putting on just over a stone like I had to it’s having a healthy weight AND relationship with food and trying v hard everyday to fight I’m not sure about America but that’s how it is in the uk

  32. Its awful how treatment centers dont take someone who is not underweight serious. I have 2 wait 9 months before i can go ip even tho i purge blood daily and my heart is struggling. I am borderline underweight so its not a big problem 2 them… a friend of mine has 2 go ip in the same center 4 anorexia and only weights 4 kg less than me. And i have 2 weight 7 months longer than she? This is not fair!

  33. I put myself inpatient at a psych ward for my ED and depression, and I'm at what you would call a "normal weight."
    I used to be overweight, and I dropped a lot in matter of a few months.
    I am still in patient (but home for the weekend), I am still working with it.
    I decided to get help because before it could really take a big toll on my physical health, it took a huge mega toll on my mental health.
    You don't have to be severely underweight to get help, I promise you. You don't have to hit rock bottom to get help. I miss feeling better, I miss feeling good, I want that back. I don't have it yet, but I want it back.

  34. One thing I'm dealing with is… how do I recover from a restrictive OSFED when I'm OVERWEIGHT??? kind of so hard, I've had doctors think I'm lying about not eating, or nurses praise me for starving myself because I'm overweight…

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