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What Is Pro Ana? | Eating Disorders

August 18, 2019

So Pro-Ana is a term that is used to describe
a community in general mediated online through websites, maybe through certain types of chat
rooms or social media sites that basically serve as sort of a support community for kind
of perpetuating Anorexia and anorexic tendencies. So these are actually sites that glorify Anorexia
nervosa. They may involve posting pictures of very thin, cachectic, emaciated looking
models or other people from the media. Or even unknown people that have a very thin,
emaciated, actually starved look to them. And then with comments and people posting
about how wonderful these body types look. You will also on Pro-Ana websites see things
like tips on how to maintain severe dieting behavior, frankly how to maintain Anorexic
behavior. Sometimes there are things like tips on how to most easily purge one’s food.
And, you know, the list of potentially sort of destructive things that can be on these
websites, I’ve really heard or seen some very disturbing things. Eating disorder professionals cringe when
they hear about Pro-Ana websites. And, you know, probably many of would like to see them
stricken from the internet. And yet we know that those won’t go away completely. So they
will exist and I guess figuring out how we can sort of dialogue with patients that are
sort of interfacing with those websites is sort of the best hope in terms of figuring
out, you know, what is it that is keeping an interest in that type of website so alive
and, you know, what can we do to help a person pull away from those types of influences. So just know that these websites do exist.
They will probably always exist. And, you know, if you’re a parent watching this, you
know, you may want to be thinking about what your child or adolescent is looking at, you
know, on a computer at home, you know, whether there are ways to sort of limit interactions
with these types of websites. But, you know, if you’re a person struggling with eating
problems or are thinking that, you know, these ideas are ones that you want to strive for,
just know that these sites do send a really bad message and that I’d much rather you be
looking at sort of websites that advocate a different type of healthy living, you know
that puts an emphases on stable eating through the day and becoming beautiful emotionally
and physically without resorting to such extreme measures.

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  1. She was actually literally scrutching up her nose to anorexia support networks. I guess it is not important for individuals to have people to relate to them and now what they are going through.

  2. The proana websites I've seen push wannorexics away and tell them to stay as they are, but support each other and help each other stay happy. They're nothing like this lady said they were.

  3. To all you idiots saying this girl is in the wrong, I'm a recovered anorexic. PROANA IS WRONG. There is literally no other way to put. They don't push people away, they want others to join them. They aren't support networks, they're networks to helot others indulge themselves in this disorder. To help each other hide it better when they most need someone to notice and to help them basically become more depressed. Yeah they help people lose weight, but they also help them to harm their bodies. You guys are seriously fucked up. 

  4. This is literally only tumblr, most other pro ana websites are mostly about helping each other and opening up about eating disorders. It's more likely pro ana websites help people as much as they can harm.

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