What is BULIMIA Nervosa? | Kati Morton

August 19, 2019

hi there it’s Katie again thanks for checking back as always I have some great information for you today and it’s pretty educational today’s is a little bit more clinical and the clinical side of what I do and I’d like to talk to you about the diagnosis of bulimia nervosa now I know a lot of you say I already know what that is I’ve heard it a ton of times and that’s why I just want to clarify I know that people use eating disorder terms loosely in media in everyday life and I want to make sure that you know when I use a term bulimia what I mean by it so when I diagnose someone with bulimia what am I looking for as always I refer to my DSM now the DSM is pretty much the Bible for diagnosis I know I referred to it before it gives me a list of criteria that someone needs to meet in order to be diagnosed because I don’t want to give a diagnosis to someone if they don’t really meet the criteria right now when I begin the first thing that I’m looking for for someone with bulimia is that they binge eat I know a lot of you say I’ve been this this is what I bench how much this amount of time everybody has something different that they do it’s not a competition I’ve heard videos of people saying this person said that their bench that’s not as I binge much more than they binge it doesn’t matter what I want to say to a client of mine is what feels like a binge to you all the diagnosis criteria says that it has to be more than a normal amount of food in a short period of time now the time constraint that they give is 2 hours but I wouldn’t even restrict it to that with my clients I want to know what feels like a bench to them I’ve had people who eat 25 hamburgers I had people who’ve eaten an apple and that can feel like a binge to them so you have to binge eat that’s part of the bulimia criteria the second portion of that is that during this binge the person feels completely out of control and I know that doesn’t always make sense especially if you haven’t suffered from disorder you think out of control there they’re just eating they’re choosing to eat this much that’s not the case I had a patient who told me she used to drive along this road and get the certain fast food restaurant she’d stop and get her certain binge food it was kind of a ritual that she would do and she would tell me that when she reached the last fast-food restaurant she picked up all the food that she was planning to eat for her binge she would almost have an out-of-body experience she said it was like she came out of her body would didn’t even remember eating the food until she kind of awoke from this experience to see rappers all over her car and receipts from what she’d purchased and that’s the only way she’d realized what had happened so when I say out of control I mean they feel completely out of control the next criteria that needs to be met is following that binge in that out of control sensation they do something to make up for the binge now everybody does something different that’s the same like a binge everybody’s different the most common and the one I hear the most is self induced vomiting now that’s the one that people throw around a lot oh she went to the bathroom after eating she must be bulimic that’s not quite gonna work that’s not really the criteria that’s that’s on an uneducated guess to somebody now the criteria that that I’m meeting and my DSM says that they’re they could do self induced vomiting they can use laxatives they can use enemas they can use diuretics some people don’t even purge at all they actually will purge through excessive exercise or some people even will force themselves to starve for X amount of days or time following a binge to make up for it I’ve even had a patient once that would use the term it set me back to baseline I could put me to zero because she had these equations that would you know binge equals this much – this is back to zero and that was her goal with her eating disorder so once these criteria has been met what else well obviously like any eating disorder the person’s gonna have a lot of focus on their shape and weight and that drives the behaviors that’s what bulimia is someone will binge eat they’ll feel out of control when they binge eat they’ll do something to make up for it afterwards and they’ll be horribly horribly focused on their shape and weight at all times and I hope that helps clarify a little bit about what bulimia really is especially if you have a loved one suffering from it and you want to just understand a little more that’s kind of the world that they live in now I hope that is clear and don’t forget to comment if it’s not ask questions tell me your your feedback things you’d like to hear from me and don’t forget to subscribe as well to my videos because when I post or if I respond to a question or anything like that you’ll you’ll know about it right away and continue this journey with me to a healthy mind healthy body

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