What is Borderline Personality Disorder? | Kati Morton
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What is Borderline Personality Disorder? | Kati Morton

August 26, 2019

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  1. Pretty sure my ex had BPD. She self-harms, has an unstable view of herself and unstable relationships with others, and she’s got a fear of abandonment because of past friends leaving her. She manipulates people by making them sympathize her mental instability. I remember how one of her teachers actually boosted her grade up while she was failing the class solely because he felt sorry for her intense mood swings. On top of that, she’s also got munchaesen syndrome and pretends to be bipolar for attention. So long story short, our relationship didn’t last long.

  2. Oh, MY GOD IT WAS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS. Oh. My. God.❤️ thank you sooooooo much, u are incredibile.

  3. How do you have a healthy and functional relationship with someone who has BPD, as a friend, or even more as a partner?

  4. I'm trying to get referred to a personality disorder team there will be hopefully people going through the same thing I am.

  5. I'm a mess at moment I commited a crime and the police messed up so I'm annoyed cause the case got dismissed I didn't have my day in front off the magistrates I'm pissed off

  6. I just told a friend last night I had BPD and he was like but your calm. Yeah lots of years of working in myself. You don’t seem unstable like other BPD people like my mom. Yeah cause it took years of therapy, DBT, and yoga. Not everyday is a struggle. It’s such a great feeling when I tell people I’m borderline and they just go oh great another unstable person and we chill and they go your actually really cool and not what I expected. The only downfall now is my anxiety

  7. It's been a loooong time since I've watched any of your videos and even just the intro is so calming <3

  8. I think I have bpd and I definitely don’t want to self diagnosed but I make the love of my life feel like shit and hurt him emotionally idk why I do that, I hate him today but I’ll love him tomorrow and I’m really manipulative idek I probably don’t but someone called me bipolar the other day. Idk I’m scared to mention it to my therapist

  9. Very mixed about this and this video, but I do appreciate someone finally saying that it's not a death sentence

  10. I have been wanting to get diagnosed with BPD for a long time but I’m afraid of how people will treat me, people telling me I’m “weak” and that I just want attention. I have every single single symptom of bpd and I’ve know for a while but I don’t know how to talk about it and I almost don’t trust my doctors I feel like they will tell me that I am just “stressed” and I’m just “ young” . Which is what I’ve been told before. I just keep coming back to the same conclusion I HAVE BPD

  11. You’re awesome, thanks for the video! I finally found a good therapist who challenges me without being aggressive. We’ve been working together for over 3 years and I’m so grateful. It’s a long, arduous road, but I at least have HOPE now! ❤️

  12. I can now recognize my emotions more quickly (sometimes not as quickly as others can, but it’s a process) and rein them in. Sometimes I have to remove myself from a situation for 5 minutes and politely excuse myself before I say something I regret. But I haven’t lashed out at anyone in so long! It’s such a relief.

  13. I'm diagnosed Borderline and recently also Ultradian Bipolar cycling every other day. So the "if it lasts longer you might be Bipolar"? I think I know what you were trying to say. Im fortunate to have an awesome DBT therapist.

  14. A lot of these just sound like being a teenage girl. I also think a lot of people with PMDD get misdiagnosed with BPD

  15. I think I might have bpd. But I dont know how to tell my doctor. I feel like they wont believe me. I also dont self harm, but I am suicidal from time to time and do threaten from time to time.

  16. Therapy didnt really work for me. But over the last 6 years I've been holding myself accountable. When I feel impulsive I talk about it with my Partner and I wait. If I want something I wait to make sure I want it. I left him a lot when we first started dating. And i just made myself stop. Because i realized how dramatic of a shift it was. Making big choices when I didnt feel like myself. I also quit cutting. I woke up one day and just decided I need to stop. I was using it as a control mechanism, and I realized that. So I made myself stop. When I get really angry really fast I just sit alone for 5 to 10 minutes, and then talk through it. Sometimes I still cant control it but I try very hard.

  17. How can we distinguish between a post traumatic stress disorder and bipolar/dysthymia/cyclethymia??

  18. I was diagnosed with "emotional instability disorder" but have learned since its BPD just said in a different way. Is this correct?

  19. I attempted suicide yesterday for the second time , i didn’t know i have bpd , and i after i took the pills and slit my wrist i called the ambulance right after for some reason and i cant remember what happened very well and when i went to the hospital And drank charcholine i went to sleep for 2 hours and when i woke up i talked to a physiatrist and he diagnosed me with bpd , i also tried opening up with my dad , which was very hard . I left the hospital after nine hours and went to stay with my mom , i still have suicidal thoughts but im trying to not act on them . I might start therapy but im not sure they will give me medication which scares me because i feel like therapy alone won’t help … im going to try to ask if i could get a service dog because i feel like that would help

  20. I have all the symptoms but im scared to ask for help because I also have a lot of symptoms for other disorders and mental illness

  21. I’ve been doing a lot of research on bpd because I sound a lot like the traits but I also fit anti social personality disorder too

  22. I feel like I have this, but never got the diagnosis. I do have Avoidant Personality Disorder traits, but I am Autistic since birth.

  23. Iv noticed 6 of the symptoms with the way i act but i dont make new relationships because i know they are going to leave last new friend i made was about 11 or 12 years ago plus i was diagnosed with ptsd

  24. I need you as my therapist. You are just, how do I put this, a beautiful soul and have a bubbly personality/s

  25. I just saw a therapist who is also a psychiatrist and he told me that borderline is not going to be diagnosed anymore. (maybe just here in austria) Is this an international thing? He said he anyway doesn't like the term "personality disorder" because he believes these work like seals. He said he is focused on finding out the reason for the behaviour and not think in these kind of patterns. What do you think?

  26. I’m trying to find out where this falls in I have a bad habit of mimicking or even making the video for others like my dog or my kids before they could talk or story’s in another’s voices

  27. I love you for what you do and how down to earth you are, really helpfull! <3 You must have one awesomely lucky loved one!

  28. Not bad. After 30 plus years of nothing but hospitalizations and pill-mills, I have resigned to add doctors/medical professionals to my list of people to avoid. To hear someone actually explain it is a breath of fresh air. Living on the streets, roaming from one WiFi connection to another, eating from trash cans and dumpsters is not a good life. I hope others can take the advice given here and prosper

  29. My mother always says that mental illnesses are not real. Makes it hard to address my issues when she accuses me of pill hunting or letting my husband convince me to take drugs.

  30. I'm diagnosed with BPD, and will say, when I feel best is when I'm in a nurturing circle of people, when I start going down the drain is when I need to be alone for long periods due to environment changes for example, and that has been the point where the emptiness reaches a climax and suicide seems really appealing just to avoid your own thoughts and being your worst enemy all the time, not wanting to put up the work of at least being chill and be stable/functional. Knowing you have this big issue of extreme emotions, drags you down to a very depressing. Also, having my baby pets help me a lot on an emotional level. Really, reaching the point of thinking ways to suicide is heartbreaking, I wish you all to have someone or a glimpse of hope when getting in that dark spot :/ . Thanks for sharing this Kati, it's amazingly important to know the differences and some of us try desperately to understand what we can do.

  31. Bpd patient: is scared of abandonment because of bpd

    Therapist: because you have bpd I'm going to refer you out.

    Patient: …… what the frickity frack

  32. For many years i was misdiagnosed as bipolar 2, only recently in the past 2 years have i been rediagnosed with BPD. Im a recovering alcoholic. Eleven years of heavy drinking and self harm has been a normal part of my life, my last self harm was two months ago and it was what almost killed me. After that i knew i had to get help with my alcoholism, because i always self harmed while intoxicated. And i did, i starting going to AA meetings and got a sponsor. But just last night i had an emotional breakdown, i relapsed on opiates the week before and i felt like a failure. That i was never going to get better and that i was a huge burden on everyone and i would be doing them a favor by disappearing from this world. I was talked out of downing a bottle of pills and a bottle of whiskey. It made me realize that i really need to address my BPD. Because my alcoholism has been a result of my mental illness. All ive been doing is focusing on my sobriety, which is great, but i need treat and understand my BPD if im ever going to stay sober and live a remotely normal life. Because my life has been an emotional shitstorm, and yesterday i just felt like i couldn't take it anymore, i was done, tired of always fighting just to live and never being happy. Its exhausting when just living is a regular struggle, it really wears you dowm. I really enjoyed this video. It helped me understand BPD more because ive been diagnosed with it many times from being in a lot of psychiatric wards from failed suicide attempts, but i never really looked into it. So thanks for explaining it so well so i can better understand myself

  33. I'm curious, is bipolar depression the same as BPD or is it different. I know someone with BPD and it would be great to learn.

  34. knowing that part about how therapist avoid borderline almost made me cry. I'm very lucky to have the therapist I do today because now knowing that she knew this information but decided to make a whole DBT center in my city makes me feel loved.

  35. My last therapist diagnosed me with gender identity disorder. I'm currently detransitioning to correct that mistake, and I don't really know if I can trust another therapist to treat borderline.

  36. There is no one who has bpD really realates because she is reading from a tx book she's fake !!!! She's not hadit first

  37. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. This relates to me so well and at first i couldnt quite accept it.

  38. With all due respect…this is bullshit. Who wouldn't have all these "disorders" after trauma or conditioning. I'm sick of diagnosis. People being put into boxes is spiritual enslavement. I was told I had this but no longer do. Why? Cuz I did my own healing and connected with my higher power and did my internal work.

  39. the women distuban the spiritual and mental peace of the man until a degree of driving one insane those are all the problems in this world the ideology of the woman! Now do you have a diagnostic for me! Cause I have one for you! Lol

  40. I love your videos I’m a psychology student and the way you explain things really helps tie everything I learned in class together. You rock!

  41. As someone with all 9 symptoms, being diagnosed with BPD at 18, I can tell you it's like living in your own personal hell. It's a horrible, horrible disorder and I don't think anyone with BPD would wish it on their worst enemy.

  42. Ok, I'm confused. My doctor and my therapist tell me that I have these traits, but the diagnosis doesn't feel quite right, do you know what I mean? I do show some traits, but I don't find myself having those extreme mood swings or intense fear of ambandonment and I don't know, I don't really connect to the descriptions of bpd by suffers. It just doesn't feel like the shoe that fits, you know.

  43. So you all I’m twenty one years old.. and i’m wondering if i have bpd or bipolar? I do already have anxiety.. but ive been terrible in relationships.. fear of abandonment and i lash out and accuse others of cheating, start acting angry and degrading them. Out of nowhere. I’m also very clingy and then get sad if I’m not shown enough attention I think I deserve. I can take small questions or words the wrong day and then lash out again and then I act like I’m a philosopher lmao. It’s really been getting to me because I do this to many people. And I cut people off.

  44. I don’t feel suicidal to get attention. I do it because I don’t want to carry on living this crazy. I do it because I want to stop inflicting my behaviour on everyone. It’s not manipulation, to want to end the suffering of others, that you’ve caused with your anger and craziness

  45. I don’t want to diagnose myself in fear that I’m wrong and I just mess myself up but I have 6 of the 8 symptoms. What should I do?

  46. My mom has NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder) and BPD. Let's just say that we don't talk anymore. She is purely toxic.

  47. Could you please make a video describing examples of mania or hypomania. What does it look like when someone is in a manic episode?

  48. I use suicide and suicidal ideation to soothe the pain that abandonement causes my mind to feel. The emotion is so intense that death is better. I never use it to stop the abandonement itself.

  49. I found two great therapists off the bat. There are several resources that I have found, DBT is so expensive, so beware, first research your resource, and do the DBT book, they are usually very cheap 2nd hand. Borderline personality disorder is more recognized then ever, and several milestones in the therapy have been achieved and continue to climb upwards for more symptom relief. Most important, NEVER BLAME YOURSELF.

  50. I had finally had a doctor i liked who i felt really understands me but then she left out of nowhere and that actually is a reason why i dont like theraphy always having to start over with someone new so i kinda just. Give up on it all….os there such a thing as individual dbt thraphy rather than in a group settting?

  51. Hello there I was diagnosed with bpd yesterday I'm scarred and don't know what to do if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated

  52. I'm struggling right now to reparent myself and I thought I would watch some of your videos. After I was diagnosed with bpd I didn't realize how bad it was. I would say I have bpd but I didn't really truly believe I had it. But i feel like you're talking about me personally.

  53. Is it possible to have all of the other symptoms and not have the extreme anger? Would that be something else?

  54. Does not really being concerned about eating, and only eating because your body needs it count as an eating Disorder? I really think if I didn't have to eat ever again, I'd be cool with that.


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