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What is an Eating Disorder Treatment TEAM – Kati Morton | Kati Morton

August 23, 2019

Hi it’s Kati again, thank you for checking back now the topic but i’d like to talk a
little bit about today isn’t a tip like some of my other videos this is
just pure information so that you may have to rewind you might want to take notes things like that so the topic is people in the field of eating disorders and
who you may need to enlist for help during this time so the first person that you want to see and you probably already have seen is your
primary care doctor so that’s your doctor that you see for
everything I have a fever or I may have strep throat any kind of thing like that is your primary care doctor now I would urge you as with all the people on I am going to talk
about you need to tell them the truth a lot of times primary care doctors will measure and weigh you and you will see
everything you need to let them know that you’re working to better yourself and that you don’t need to see those
things they will gladly turn you around while they
do them so that you’re not aware I know this may be hard but it’s really
important So your primary care physician is obviously probably the first-line that
you would see now another person we want to enlist in our helping army is your dentist now I know that sounds kind of weird why does my dentist need to
know anything about this but a lot of times if we’ve been purging
for many years it can do a lot of damage to the enamel
on our teeth and we need to let that dentists know what’s
happening and what to look for because there are treatments they can
give you to strengthen your teeth and we want to make sure that we take the best care of hour teeth as we do the rest of our body because as
we know it’s pivotal to our health that we also have good oral hygiene
that’s why they say floss everyday and things like that it’s not just so you
don’t get cavities it also helps you not get sick his often so make sure that you see your dentist and
your honest with them as well now the next line of treatment would be someone that you would see for medication if you ever felt the need for medication
and that would be a psychiatrist now a psychiatrist is someone that would usually they may
see you for therapy for a full hour or they may see you just for maybe
fifteen or twenty minutes just to go over medications so let’s say you’ve been down in the dumps for a long
time and a psychiatrist places you on an anti-depressant you would go in each month to talk to
them to make sure the dosing is right that the side effects aren’t too much for
you or uncomfortable and you want to be clear with that
psychiatrist what’s happening because medications as we all know can affect us differently based on what we’re eating what we’re doing how much
water we’re drinking things like that are important so again you need to be honest with the health
care professionals because they’re there to help you and we need to give them all the
information so they can make the best educated guess as to what’s best for you
based on their knowledge so the next line would be someone like me an MFT or and LCSW now a lot of LCSW’s and MFT’s we do the
same thing we’re what most people call therapists now that will be the person you go to for an
hour you talk about how you feel and what’s going
on they usually offer some guidance some helpful hints like I’ve been giving
you about you know journaling and things like that they’ll kind of be your probably be your closest person in your army to help you get better so that’s kind of your buddy in crime you need to tell that person as much
as you feel comfortable they need to have the most information to help guide cause it’s part of your treatment team that’s
what I like to call all these people they’re your treatment team they all need to work together when a patient comes into my office if I
have somebody come into my office I have them sign a release so that I can talk to
certain people because I am going to need to tell their primary
care physician that maybe something has changed and you told me
that your diet has changed and they need to know because that might affect your medication and things like that the next and the final person that you need to enlist in your
treatment team is a dietitian now i have a lot of friends that are
dietitians and they always joke that they’re your worst enemy because you will
probably dislike them and that’s normal because they’re gonna tell you things you don’t want hear and you don’t wanna do so but they are pivotal to your
treatment so to find a dietitian you have to find
someone that you not only feel comfortable with but that you’re willing to let them push
you now a therapist, someone like me were
supposed to be kind of soft and cuddly but a dietitian is gonna be a little bit
harder but they have a soft side too and you have to hear them out and what they will do is help you put
together a meal plan snack options ways to deal with the holidays what do I do when I’m going over my grandmother’s and
she’s gonna make this this this and that’s really difficult for
me they’ll give you a plan they’ll tell you what to do so that you
stay on track to a healthy mind and healthy body so you have to enlist a
dietitian even though there are going to be times when
you wish I’d never told you this So, I know that’s a lot of information those are a lot of different people you’re thinking I don’t even want to
talk to one person let alone all six But, you need to have a treatment team behind
you because we’re there. We’re like the people in the stands rooting for you to do better each person is pivotal to your treatment and if you don’t know who to go to ask your therapist ask your dietitian maybe ask your primary care physician
whoever you are already seeing ask them because a lot of times we’ll know people who’ve worked with eating disorders
before so that you can feel more comfortable it’s not a shock we’ve dealt with it before hundreds of times those are just some helpful hints on how to deal with all the people that could be
involved in your treatment team so hopefully you find that helpful and remember you can subscribe to my
videos so the each time I post a new video, you
know about it and also remember to comment I love
getting your questions this helps me get new videos out there that can help
you with new information that’s important to
you today so please feel free to leave
as many comments as you like and remember we’re on this journey
together to a healthy mind and a healthy body

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  1. Dietitians sound as fun as shots and spiders. Just sayin'.

    But will a dietitian make you fat in the process of recovery? Like obviously they want you to be at a normal weight, but if they keep making you gain and gain until you're huge? Would they let you stop at your normal weight, why do they let some girls leave treatment 20 pounds + heavier sometimes?

    Also do you have to take medications? Can anyone make you, even if you go inpatient?

  2. Also thank you for these videos. They're really helpful and you're not scary at all. And that's saying something.

  3. I just had to go to a dietitian today and now I'm freaking out. I have to eat almost twice the amount of calories I was having before and I'm supposed to keep increasing calories and fat. I don't know how I can possibly eat this much. Does anyone know how to make it easier?

  4. You keep talking about how important it is to be honest with all your doctors, and I'm just sitting here like, "Oops. Oh well, probably not gonna happen."

  5. i dont know if i have an ED… i have been struggling with my eating habits since i was 15 but im not underweight im actually overweight for my height and age. what should i do about my eating habits?

  6. Thanks for doing this. I just found out about this but am thinking its helpful already. I have been suffering from an eating disorder for 13 years.

  7. I really enjoy your information videos. In the U.K. our first port of call is a GP, who would refer you to a counsellor (for six to ten sessions) or if more serious or urgent you would be referred to a psychiatric team of psychiatrist,nurse,O.Ts, support workers. You may have meds and be hospitized or seen in the community. Then later you may see a psychologist for CBT or DBT. Which would be on the National Health Service.You seem to have a lot more treatment centers in U.S.which seem intensive

  8. This video is so good. It includes so many points that I've never considered–like telling my dentist. Thank you for making this video, Kati!

  9. What if you Are scared to Get Help more than A therapist. Because my parents will Know then I cant do that

  10. I love the way you describe therapists as cuddly, while the nutritionist is the worst nightmare. 😆 Nice Video!

  11. My dietician is great but he won't see me anymore. I asked for a meal plan and he denied because he's not Ed specialized. But he also didn't give me any information for others that are.

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