What drinking her juice ACTUALLY gives you… — Dr Phil #6

October 17, 2019

So, you ask people… This is 2 ½ cups And… you want people to build up to drinking a gallon of this a day?” -Right, cause the thing is people People are very malnourished. What’s going on is you’re so immuno-compromised you are not absorbing all the nutrition, that’s why you see mutation from people and so, when you ac-
[crowd laughs] -Hello, everybody I’m back again with another Dr. Phil video What children are you going to make fun of this week, Felix? Mhm Mhm, No No No I would never sink so low to do that, Okay? Today we’re going to make fun of a grown adult woman, everybody. Her name is Jilly, The creator of Jilly Juice Actually I don’t know her name is Jilly, maybe- I don’t know. She has created this juice. That you’re supposed to drink a gallon a day How much is a gallon? Gallon in liters Three point-
[Felix laughs] Jesus Christ! Just drink a gallon, just drink a gallon of this… Sewer water. I won’t explain too much, let’s just go through it. Cause this is hilarious -When you act-
[crowd laughs] When you’ve actually flood your system, you’re actually feeding your body what
it wasn’t ordinarily getting because you’re being undermined by parasites
you’re being undermined by all the different toxins that are going t- attacking you
at the cellular level’ She’s a classic example of someone that hasn’t studied anything, just read up online and then think they’re an expert on a subject. I realize I do this all the time, damn it. “It’s actually the molecular cellular
levels of the toxins in your body which solves all your problems” – Jilly Juice, two cups a day, work up to a gallon…
– Yes – Diet which is ser-
– Work up to a gallon a day… – You acknowledge that they’re gonna feel really not great when they start drinking this
– You’re gonna have a ton of what she calls “waterfalls” AKA Explosive Diarrhea.
[Felix cracks up] – They’re gonna feel healing
– They’re gonna feel healing… – Have pictures of people that have regrown arms and stuff? – Absolutely not because I haven’t gotten that, I’ve only been doing this for a year
– So you don’t have any proof that this regrows arms? – Proof is all relative,
I’ve seen proof in smaller experiences – So she’s claiming that this juice can do a lot of things,
we’ll get into all of it, but one of them is the outrageous claim that it can regrow arms. So, if you lost your arm, drinking this juice… Got a new one, hooray! – You don’t have any proof that this regrows arms… – Proof is all relative! I’ve
seen proof – But “proof is all relative”…
Ok, could this juice make me live forever? “Proof is relative. I haven’t gotten that
far yet but, I mean, I’m not dead yet, am I, Dr. Phil? Hmmm” “Proof is all relative!”
I’ve only done this for a year, ok? How is that strengthening your claim?
This woman, my God… – Proof is not relative, you have it or you don’t
– It is! – Do you have any training? (x2) – I have enough training by looking at the internet and actually taking information – Yes, “I have enough training by reading mumbo-jumbo online. That’s all I need, Dr. Phil, I don’t need a PhD to show that I’m
a genius” – No medical education or degree
– No – You have no medical license
– No – You have no scientific studies
– Nope – You have no clinical studies
– Nope – Even human studies, animal studies…
– No! – “Do you have a brain? “No”
Ok, great. – Do you want to see what they left behind? Do you see your friends and family dying of cancer disease and chronic illness? Is that what you want?
– Your claims are that you can regrow – Oh, here it is. [CLAP] Here it is. Oh my God…
[Felix laughs] You can regrow organs, by the way.
The drink doesn’t even have anything that contains what you need to regrow any of this but it just does it, okay? It is miracle juice. It’s not just a miracle juice, it’s Jilly Juice. – Regrow organs and limbs…
– Right! If you can heal a cut on your on your arm, that’s your integumentary system, right? These are cells that are that are regrowing so how can that not be a leap to regrow your organs?
– So if I lose… – So, when I cut myself, it heals so therefore my juice can regrow organs! My God… – …my arm in an accident I can…
– You can potentially, yes – So do I pour this on or I drink it?
– You drink it, you heal from the inside out – So I drink this and that arm is just going to regrow. – Well, you see… [CROWD LAUGHS]
– Is that it? – …I get it, it happens over time.
– I’m asking because I want to know what it is just to know. What you’re saying is that it’ll regrow.
– Because, look, you heal your cut on your arm, right? You see, yes, you can regrow it potentially
– You say we can live to 400 years old – YES!
– “You can live 400 years. I’ve done this for a year, okay? I’m don- I read it on the Internet. I’ve done the science, Dr. Phil! Who do you think you are!? Some kind of doctor!?” – …and cancer, you just reverse it, any kind of cancer.
– Of course! Cancer is a fungus! – “Cancer is a fungus”… Isthatwhatshesaid? This stuff really pisses me off because you get to the point… I’ve
heard stories about similar things where people will jump off their cancer treatment to do some sort of juice cleansing heal-all. All you have to do is eat right, you don’t need all this medication and then people actually die from these sort of things because they get fed up with the doctors’ result not giving them what they want so they take a blind leap of faith by someone that literally is just preying on people in pain, people that are suffering… – If you drink this… Down syndrome, all the cells just completely reformat… – Absolutely! Like growing pains…
– Essential features, it rechecks, your features change… – Absolutely, ’cause you’re morphing, like when you are growing, your bones shift. It’s painful!
– And you say that this will reverse homosexuality… – Yes, because…
[DOUBLE FACEPALM and LAUGH] – It’s not even funny anymore… [laughs]
I mean, it is funny… Just the way she says it as well… “So you’re saying this will reverse homosexuality?” “Yeah, you betcha! No more gayness!” How do you end up like this? – If you have nothing of those and
you happen to be homosexual, then you might as well just do this and see what it does to you. – That is just outrageous…
– It is! – It is outrageous…
– Of course it is!!! [CROWD CLAPS for DR. PHIL] – Does she think they’re clapping for her or what’s happening? That smile too… She’s really bothering me. I feel like she’s the kind of person that can tak- she can take any beating ever. You can tell her anything and she’ll just go “So are you gonna buy the juice or what?” [LAUGHS] – Whoa (x8). Hey, hey. Hey, what are you doing? Get outta here. No (x4), you’re not gonna try it. OUT. – He wants to try the Jilly Juice!!!
[LAUGHS] What the heck was that!? “I wanted to try the Jilly Juice…” What the hell is happening!? Was that planted by her? I feel like that was planted by her… – I don’t want to bury what I’m saying. I think you saying this about “reversing homosexuality” is outrageous and offensive
– It can be, yes. – No, it is… so apparently she has some critics, or what she likes to call them “haters”, we all get haters, okay, so… Really, what she’s doing is normal, everyone has haters if you’re online. Apparently a guy on YouTube
has been calling her out on it and… – He’s just somebody that wants to make money and found a place to do it. Jeff Holiday is an out-of-work youtuber who knows that he can get hits and clicks and that this would be the perfect thing for him to make money off of. – Is he me? [LAUGHS]
Someone got to her first, damnit! [LAUGHS] Oh, man. So just because someone is doing it that means their whole argument is wrong, apparently. It’s just because someone is doing it to make fun of you, argument incomplete. – Jillian says a group of “online trolls”,
who have never tried her Jilly Juice, are accusing her of trying to scam people. – I know it’s crazy that people criticize something they’ve never tried, right? Especially something that you prescribe will give immense pain. [MUMBLES]
– It’s like “this juice can heal your arm if it’s get cut off”. “No, it doesn’t.” “Well, have you cut off
your arm and drank the juice?” “How can you know if you don’t try it?
How can you criticize it if you never drank the juice?” – Now Jeff holiday, a debunker of
pseudoscience on YouTube – Could’ve been me! That could’ve been me in the studio. – if you follow Jillian’s protocol and you drink about a gallon of this crap a day, you’re gonna end up drinking 4 times the recommended healthy amount of salt. Not only does this not do what she thinks it’s supposed to do but it is actually harmful thinks it’s supposed to do but it is
actually harmful because it’s convincing people to give themselves sodium
poisoning. That can lead to confusion, dizziness, seizures, coma, strokes and even death. So this juice has so much salt in it, it’s like drinking out of the ocean and it actually had serious causes on other people, negative effects. – He raises a very good point. You have all of these claims but you have no data, you have no basis for this. You have some people…
– Myself! I looked into her data, by the way, and [LAUGHS]
I love that this is from her website: “Here’s the change I’ve experienced on the protocol”, Jillian. This is me before: This is me after:
What does it mean!? Oh, ok. That’s before and that’s after…
Sorry, I didn’t see it properly. You lost a little bit of weight like what [LAUGHS]
What’s the difference!? So she’s the only testimony to this Jilly Juice you go to You go to her… her PDF. Wha- what is the normal… what is normal, the science behind the protocol, so she wrote this scientific thing and it starts off with just a bunch of
quotes, which is always a great way, if you have a cult to convince people, to bring in quotes from people that had nothing really to do with your study, like Arthur Schopenhauer, to somehow legitimize your claims. – You’ve not regrown any limbs, you haven’t
– But I’m not missing! – “You haven’t regrown any limbs”
“I’m not missing any limbs. Am I, Dr. Phil? Huh? How do you think that happened, huh?
Why do you think I’m not missing any limbs, huh?” So Jeff asked her “do you feel responsible for the people you’ve hurt with this treatment – Here is the thing, here is the thing, I’m actually teaching people how to learn about their own body themselves to make their own decision. – Do you feel responsible for the people who follow your protocol and they get hurt? Do you feel responsible?
– No, I don’t feel responsible, know why? Because they had the opportunity to read my information, to understand, I have it all free. – “So they had the opportunity to read my information and it’s their fault for reading my information that I’m telling it’s supposed to help them, it’s their fault” – Damnit… So, ok, we heard about the juice. Yeah (x3), the juice is so bad, but
let’s hear about the people that drank the juice, that got to experience the holy healing power of the juice. – I had chronic illnesses and I was in and out of the hospitals and constantly being submitted in the ER. Since the Jilly Juice I have not had to take any of the medication, that changed my life.
– I am very happy with the protocol, it’s my life. When I discovered that I have psoriasis, I decided to go to many different dermatologists, I spent about $800/month on-
– She’s not even drinking juice, she’s- it’s street water [LAUGHS] Guess what? Drinking water clears your skin out, everybody. I don’t want to be that guy but you can clearly see she has a breakout still in her skin, she’s just using foundatio nto cover it up like…
What’s the difference? You put on more make-up?
– Not only am I benefiting from Jilly Juice but the rest of my family is also.
My son has autism and my daughter has ADHD. Since being on Jilly Juice, my son has been tested and he is in moderate autism, prior to that his symptoms were showing severe autism. – Don’t give this to your kids, my God…
– My daughter, her grades have gone up. – Her grades went up! The Jilly Juice will not just cure your son’s autism, it will also help improve their grades, everybody.
I don’t know how you cannot be sold on the daily juice yet.
– Jilly Juice has done an amazing thing for me: I feel happier, I feel younger, I fee-
– Yeah, you went through a midlife crisis and you got over it, congratulations.
– I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been thanks to th- – Doubt. Where’s the doubt? Me, I seriously doubt that. I doubt it. She’s just been paid, she’s been paid off, they’re being paid off. So how long, Rasheed, have you been doing this?
– I started the protocol on June 30th of 2017. – And did your body have a big reaction to it
when you started? – Oh, definitely. – Did you have these “waterfalls”?
– Oh, definitely. – So this brings us to… [LAUGHS] the pain part of the treatment, which is what they call “the waterfall”. – Do you have these “waterfalls”?
– Oh, definitely. – It gives you diarrhea.
(JILLY) It’s not diarrhea! (JEFF) Violent diarrhea. – It’s called “waterfalls” because it’s different context, different intention and different outcomes. – It’s not diarrhea, it’s “waterfalls”.
“WATERFALLS”! – It’s called “waterfalls” because it’s different context, different intention and different outcomes. – Ok, explosive diarrhea…
[CROWD & FELIX LAUGH AGREEING] – But it’s not diarrhea.
[CROWD CHEERS] – YAAAS! – How exactly is violently peeing out your butt supposed to help your immune system? – Because your immune system is working because of that. – I have a question, have you tried it?
– Haha, NOOO. [CROWD AGREES LAUGHING] NOOO. – That’s the answer, you’re no-
– Yeah, you can look like this: “Huh, you haven’t tried it. Why are you hating on it? Look at me. Look at me, alright, perfectly healthy.
You haven’t tried it, how dare you criticize me? – Let me ask you something, do you believe that if you if you had an arm cut off you could drink this and it would just grow back?
– I do but we haven’t seen that
happen. – “I do but we haven’t seen it happen”. So you haven’t proved it! – We’re different, we’re different.
(PHIL) – No, we’re not different. – We are!
– No, we’re not different. [INCOMPREHENSIBLE]
– We’re not different: I’m right and you’re wrong. [CROWD & FELIX REACT LIKE THE TURNDOWNFORWHAT MEME] As you can see here from reviews, people love Jilly Juice, it’s the best, everyone trusts Jilly Juice.
The only positive review is from Anne, who says “she feels alive”.
– The juice caused her to suffer 2 strokes but when she complain-
– So here’s the bit that’s just really annoying because you see these people, these poor people, who tried the jelly juice and suffered actual health issues, severe health issues, because of it, because it’s so much salt, which can cause strokes.
– Experience with Jilly Juice was horrible, it tasted like swamp water.
– I’ve always called it “sewer water”. The more I took of it, the longer I would be in the bathroom. – I had nothing but trouble: my kidneys
hurt, my pancreas hurt, I had a headache that I could not get rid of.
– Pain cramps… I felt like there was a spike in my head. – My blood pressure was so high my face was drooping, I was slurring my words, I wasn’t going to have a stroke for Jillian.
– My hand was numb, it was tingling, the fingers, I couldn’t pry them apart, they were stuck together. I talked to the doctor and he says “I think we need an MRI”. They were able to definitively see the fact that there were 2 strokes. – Jesus Christ…
– Her reaction was “well you don’t have to worry about that but I’ve got plenty of lawyers” and she says “you were supposed to keep drinking the juice, that was just a symptom, you didn’t die”. I said “no, I didn’t die, am I supposed to die to prove your theory?” – I mean… yeah, obviously.
She doesn’t have to prove anything. Alright let’s hear from a doctor,
what a real doctor has to say about Jilly Juice. – Doctor, indeed thank you for being here. This is the stuff, would you like to take a drink? [JILLIAN LAUGHS] – Thank you, I’ll pass.
– No thanks? Ok. – Wha- What do you think about these claims?
– That amount of sodium in 1 cup, as you mentioned earlier, is 2 to 3 times what the daily allotment is for a normal individual. If an individual has risk factors like hypertension or kidney disease, then it’s even 4 to 5 times the recommended amount.
The 2nd point is that these “waterfalls” or diarrhea, the point that you don’t lose electrolytes in diarrhea is completely false. – It’snotdiarrhea.
[FELIX LOSES IT SILENTLY] – “It’s not diarrhea, get it right, it’s not diarrhea. It’s not what diarrhea, it’s “waterfalls””. – It’snotdiarrhea.
– “It’s not diarrhea, you idiot. – It’snotdiarrhea.
– “Get it right”. The way she says that, she’s so pissed. “It’s not diarrhea! I’ve been telling you guys so long!
It’s not diarrhea but you don’t unders-” – I think t’s clear that, unfortunately, our our level and body of information has limitations We don’t have all the answers
– No no, SHE doesn’t have all the answers. Jilly from Jilly Juice has all the answers, everybody. I think what we need to do here is dismember Jilly Juice. I’m not saying we should, ok, by any means, but it would be interesting to see, would everything grow back? Now, I’m not a medical expert, okay, but it seems to me that everyone just wants a free pass to everything. Everyone wants the next miracle thing. This is what’s gonna get you to lose weight or this one is gonna get you to lose weight. Oh, no no, you got it all wrong, this is the magic stuff that is gonna do it for you. Exercise and eat healthier has never failed anyone. Stop taking shortcuts and stop listening to insane people, including me Thank you everyone for watching this video. Leave a like if you enjoyed, would really very much appreciate it. Thank you, subscribe if you are not
subscribed yet, I upload videos every day, son. And I’ll see you tomorrow.

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