What Causes High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)?
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What Causes High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)?

September 1, 2019

What Causes High Blood Pressure By Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ND What causes high blood pressure? First, there
are two types of high blood pressure; essential hypertension or essential high blood pressure,
and then there is secondary hypertension or secondary high blood pressure.
Most high blood pressure is known as essential hypertension and it makes up for about 95
percent of all cases. It’s not clearly understood why some have high blood pressure and others
do not, but there are some factors that increase its expression, that we know. Having a diet
that’s very high in salt, if susceptible, a salt intake exceeding 5.8 grams of sodium
a day will trigger it. For some, being overweight will elevate their
blood pressure, were as for others who are overweight, their blood pressure doesn’t
rise. But again, there is a risk for people who are susceptible.
Not being aerobically fit can also lead to an increased risk of blood pressure in people
who are susceptible. With essential hypertension, even though we don’t understand why this
happens in some, there are still some lifestyle factors that seem to trigger it.
Secondary hypertension, which only makes up for about 5 percent of all cases, is caused
by an underlying condition, usually in another organ or tissue in the body. So for instance,
a tumor in the adrenal glands can lead to high blood pressure, or chronic kidney failure
can also lead to high blood pressure. The World Health Organization has show that
95 percent of people who have high blood pressure rate in the mild to moderate range, which
is considered to be dominantly essential hypertension and it is controlled best with dietary and
lifestyle intervention. Why are diet and lifestyle interventions the
things you should consider? We understand that certain antihypertensive drugs, the drugs
that lower blood pressure, all have some side effects associated with them. As a result,
doctors are told they should be use diet and lifestyle measures first in those cases, but
they also sometimes forget to explain that to the patient.
This is where I come in. I want you to understand where the human clinical studies are that
explain how to best lower your blood pressure if it is rising, if it’s just the simple
essential hypertension that most people have. I want you to download the Lowering Blood
Pressure Naturally program that’s available here and start acting on the strategies right
away if your blood pressure is high. These are the same natural blood pressure lowering
lifestyle interventions that have been proven in human clinical studies to be effective,
so you know this is a no-nonsense approach. At www.MaschinoHealth.com you’ll see my
other review papers, articles I’ve written and footage from my live seminars, other videos
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live a long, healthy, functional life. That’s what we all want; not just to have a heartbeat
as we get older, but to have a healthy, functioning body and mind for as long as possible.
All my review papers and teaching materials come complete with all the scientific references,
so you know that you’re getting only evidence-based information that is solid, scientifically
sound on any health topic that you might be searching for.
Be sure to use www.MaschinoHealth.com as an ongoing, reliable resource on health and wellness
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