What Are Symptoms of Anorexic Children? | Eating Disorders
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What Are Symptoms of Anorexic Children? | Eating Disorders

August 14, 2019

Symptoms of anorexia in children can sometimes
be a little bit confusing or it can be difficult to see if there are symptoms of anorexia in
a child with this type of problem. A child with anorexia can’t necessarily tell you,
“Oh, mom or dad, I feel conflicted about my body,” for example. They may not have that
type of abstract thinking about their emotional life and their relationship to their body
and their body image. What you may see in children are some indirect
signs that something is going on. You may see a child that is refusing food or tending
to sort of push food around on the plate at dinnertime instead of actually eating it.
If this goes on in a pervasive basis that means something might be going on. You might
notice that child is going to school and taking their lunch with them and then bringing it
back at the end of the day. And maybe it’s mostly not eaten. Although some children that
are very bent on restricting their food will get more clever than that and will throw away
the lunch rather than bring it back. Some nonspecific signs you can see in children
are things like low mood, depression, withdrawal, spending more time isolated in the child’s
room. Those can all be some nonspecific signs that an eating problem is going on. There may be other types of signs, like, a
child seems very preoccupied with certain types of food or is making certain types of
requests when you go with them to the grocery store. Some more concrete signs that you might see
once you get to the doctor’s office is that maybe your pediatrician will not some weight
loss and will actually say that your child has fallen off of the normal growth curve
that the child has been on. Sometimes that can be an indication that there is some serious
weight loss going on. Ultimately, if you have any concerns, you
feel like you’re seeing some symptoms of weight loss or some type of unusual eating behavior
with your child, the best thing to do is to reach out as soon as possible to your pediatrician.
If not, a professional, an eating professional, a mental health professional that can give
some advice or guidance as to is there something strange going on with eating, is there an
eating problem or is this may be a childhood phase.

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  1. I'm underweight. I've lost about 40 pounds in 2 months due to emotional problems. However, I am very self conscious about my weight, and am doing everything possible to gain weight, and it's slowly working. Does this mean I have anorexia, or not? I am 12, 5'10 and I weigh 111. My worse was 105.

  2. im 12 and i dont eat a lot if my mom packs lunch ill leave it back or give it away .. i can see my ribs and hips very clearly through my skin and my spine sticks out.. lately i have been gaining a lot of weight but i nothing has changed except the fact that my legs have gotten bigger. can anyone help me

  3. I'm 15 yrs old, 5'4, I'm guessing my weight is 104 pounds-ish.

    Every time I eat, I get full but then after 10 minutes or so I start to get hungry again.

    Whenever my mom makes food for me to take to lunch I always throw it away (been doing this for like 4 months)

    And I really hate left over food but it's all we have till my mom decides to buy more groceries.

    And I really struggle to eat left over food because I think that it's disgusting so I starve myself.

  4. im 14,185 lbs and almost 6ft tall ( my family btw is not very skinny so it might be my body type) am i fat? i try not to eat and when i do i feel shame and guilt and i would throw it up but my fingers are too short to reach the back of my througt i just wanna throw up all the fat and never eat again and curl up into a ball and cry

  5. Lately i been struggling with food and stuff. I eat but I'm still hungry. I'm always hungry and I feel like I'm losing weight and I don't know what to do. No I'm not on a diet or anything like that. But I'm just so scared of the future what will happen to me. I can barely do sports and stuff. My arms got more skinny and I don't like that. That doesn't look normal. I tried getting my mom to get me to the doctor but she just said oh it's a normal thing when you're growing and stuff. But that isn't normal. Hungry all the time doesn't seem normal at all.

  6. 😞 it seems like everyone in the comment section is so skinny but I'm not. I usally skip breakfast eat one thing for lunch and try to skip after a school snack and eat all my dinner so my parents don't worry about me even tho tbh I would only eat one meal a day if I was alone 😕 I just wanna be skinnier

  7. I'm 13, 6'1", and 130 pounds. I'm called anorexic pretty often, but I'm not. I eat lots, more than a normal person.

  8. I'm 12, 5'6 and 40.3 kg I think am anorexic 🙁 I eat soo much but I hardly gain. I always empty my plate

  9. My arms and legs are really thin…. but i dont want to be thinner, im just not hungry i dont like to eat things like bread sweats or nonhealthy things every day at morning or evening im just not a hungry person

  10. Welllllll my parents told me that if I don’t gain two pounds then my phone gets taken away….((I’m 13 and 77 pounds…)

  11. Im going to turn 13 soon and i had anorexica in 3rd grade im a huge perfectionist so i stay up to study until like 2 am so i study for 11 hours when i get frustrated i eat and then i end up throwing up i have developed bulimia its getting better ive stoped bingeing but ny anorexica has been relapsing even if im not underweight yet ny thoughts and habbits come back im not over weight in fact in on the skinny side of the bmi scale but i wanted to loes weight i was 5 ft at 105 pounds but i have been dieting excersizeing not eating resisting any kind of food thats over 300 calories im not 5ft 100 pounds i eat a maximum of 1000 calories a day im now in 7th after 4 year my Anorexica has relapsed again but im working on eating more ☺️ i was 4' 8 and 74 pounds in 3rd grade because of my anorexica it was like this for a year and i stoped but here it is 4 years later im going to try to stay healthy and not drop down

  12. im 12 and 117 (57kg) is that normal? no matter how healthy i eat or how much i exerice my scale just don’t bounce the right way..
    btw i’m 1,70 metres (idk in feet) is that too tall for a 12 year old?

  13. I’m at my first year of being a teenager and I only weigh 78.2 pounds and my friends say that I’m extremely skinny is that bad

  14. Im almost 14 yo, 161cm and 50kg. Nowadays I have starting thinking what I eat and what I don't eat and how much calories, and my weight. I'm scared of getting an eating disorder :))) I Have tried to be without food for a day But I dont want my mom to worry about me, and then usually I eat so much it makes me feel like Im going to spew up
    Edit:I've lost 2-2,5 kgs🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. I'm 5'4 and 102lbs I'm trying to get down to 85-85 thought. maybe somewhere in the 70's

  16. i think my scale is broken i look like five times the weight of a hippo but i weigh 49 pounds my mom says all my friends weigh 120 or more now

  17. If you take youre height (in cm) and subtract 100 (100 for men 110 for women) you should get youre weight (in kg).That way you can see if youre above or below avreage.

  18. I kinda feel like I have it. For. Week I’ve been getting really sleepy during the day even if I sleep like 11 hours and I haven’t been feeling like eating a lot

  19. the shorts I'm wearing were kind of tight when I first wore them but now they are super lose around the waist and feel like they want to fall off when I wear them , then I kid of started to eat a little healthier (when I do eat) , it's not like I don't want to eat to get skinny , I'm never hungry , please tell me if I'm anorexic!!!

  20. I'm 162 cm with a weight of 43, 15 years old. I was 160 cm and 47kg before but I started to do some fasting wherein, I only eat breakfast and early dinner. I only consume 600-800 calories a day sometimes 400-500 but I still feel like I'm fat and I want to lose more weight, can you help me? I want to be skinny.

  21. I have all these symptoms. I also suffer from hair-loss,dizziness and I'm physically weak. I'm 11 and weigh 31kg

  22. I’m 11 years old 4”11 and weigh 75 pounds. For the past couple of months, I’ve been obsessive over my weight. I quit dance a couple of months ago, and that’s when it all started. During the school year, I hated the school lunches and didn’t want to make my own so I barely ate lunch. At this time I was 69 pounds. I realize I’m very average, possibly on the skinny side for my age and height. It’s hard though, to realize I’m not overweight. I’m not anorexic and never feel the need to cut out meals, but I still feel like I need to weigh myself and exercise all the time. I find myself comparing to others smaller than me (as I am also very insecure about my height) Anyways, I need help. Please respond to my comment leaving your thoughts or experiences. I don’t want to go to far in my habits. Thank you.

  23. I don't like myself. I isolate myself. I'm depressed. I don't want to eat. I've always been the chubby one at school and I don't want to be anymore. Is that normal?

  24. I first had my anorexia when I was ten years old, I was throwing my lunch away so my mum didn't notice. I was way lower than the average weight, I got better though.

  25. Im a girl, im 12, im 160cm and 52kg and i feel really fat and ugly and i feel like im the fattest in my class and want to go down to about 40-45kg…is that okay?

  26. I even cry when I see myself on the mirror and other times I think: "oh I look fine"…then I start crying and saying myself I'm fat. But I do this for my health and my family…but if it is for me I would eat less, I'm trying and I will keep going.

  27. I don’t think I have an eating disorder?
    I guess it started when I was uncomfortable with my gender, and it’s still iffy right now. Then it developed into; “okay so I hate my female parts and I also hate how overweight I am.”
    For breakfast I’d eat cereal with whole milk (or white bread toasted with butter and jam), lunch I’d eat only junk food (Doritos and kinder chocolate mainly) (I’d only eat lunch if I was in school, our cafeteria has a policy with only paying with a school card, but no matter how many times I sign up for one it would end up not working. There’s lots of places in walking distance that I could buy from, but since other students go there I normally only have 5 mins to eat and get back to school, if it has to be heated or prepared I was always late.) and for dinner I’d normally have some type of meat with peas and fries (with a lot of ketchup and pepper).
    We didn’t have a scale in the house, and I knew that if I looked at my weight I’d only end up getting worse. My dad did eventually buy one and it’s in my parents room, he was concerned about gaining back the weight he had lost so I guess that’s why.

    When I weighed myself I ended up being 138.6lbs. I wasn’t sure if that was bad, I’m around 5”4 and only 13 (14 in 3 months) I was devastated anyways and decided to do some basic ab work outs. I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t seeing a difference in my weight at all after about 2 weeks. My addiction to food that taste good was hard to deny and avoid. To make it worse, my mom always buys junk food for herself, so I’d have to see it when getting cereal in the morning.

    Around 2 weeks before the summer holiday ended (late July I believe) I started eating healthy, and cut how much I was eating down a lot. This wasn’t the smartest idea, but it worked. I’m a week I think I lost 3lbs? I was eating breakfast and some extra snacks in a day, that’s mostly it. I think it’s normal?

    Then I stopped eating junk food. And meat. And dairy. And bread. And my favourite food, potatoes.

    I consider myself a vegetarian though, since I can’t drink unsweetened almond milk with my cereal, the bitter taste just doesn’t sit right with me, so I only use almond milk in coffee. So the only dairy I consume is whole milk once a day or two.

    Now (9th September 2018) I weigh 123.8lbs. I still hate how overweight i am, and feel ultimately more obese than I did before. I only wear oversized hoodies to cover up my stomach and arms.

    I hate shopping, so my closet is limited to 6 hoodies (2 being P!ATD hoodies) they’re all really oversized, atleast sleeve size. Whenever I shop my mom comes with me, and she always hates me buying the hoodies. Have to admit I did cry 2 times while in the dressing room trying on clothes. She’s commented a lot in the last (2-3 months) how I’m getting fat, so I hate it when trying on new clothes. now she comments about me losing weight, which I guarantee has not happened visually, I hate my stomach and arms and thighs even more now as I mentioned, seems as if I’m getting more fat.

    Now I’m going to be honest.

    I’ve never really been social in the past, but around 5 months ago I started going out more. But then I got really embarrassed around the same time I weighed myself. I hated the concept of makeup, it made me feel uncomfortable. I have horrible acne though, so I use it to hide things best I can. I’m like really ugly as well, which doesn’t help. My hair is also awful but that insecurity only came by recently.

    All my friends have flawless skin and are really pretty, and I’m here looking like an overweight pumpkin. Yes, an overweight pumpkin.

    I never go out anymore, it’s rare for me to leave the house because I’m embarrassed. I just sit and either cry or sleep.

    My headaches have gotten worse over the summer, now I can hardly move my head in class without an awful pain.

    I was roughly diagnosed with anemia back around 8-9 months ago, and the symptoms are coming back in a worse state.

    Now I eat this (on school days)
    2 weetabix biscuits with whole milk. (07:30)
    Banana (10:30)
    Apple/pear (13:00)

    What I eat (weekends)
    Weetabix with whole milk (08:00)
    Apple (16:00)
    Coffee(sometimes) (21:00)

    I’m sick right now, too. I’m never really hungry anymore so I’m guessing I’m fine? I’m not really losing weight fast either, so I guess I’m eating okay. Just wanted second opinions.

  28. I’m 14, and 5”1 I was 99 pounds then I was 95 and now I’m 93 I keep loosing weight. I’ve stopped eating my goal is 79 pounds like my friend who is 5”3.

  29. Is getting stomach aches a lot a symptom
    I don’t eat at lunch and am always worried I’m going to gain weight
    I’m also very tired now and I go to sleep at 10

  30. Wait.. i have a symptom? Idk its that i only stay in my room from 12PM(after eating) – 8PM (sleep) and all i do is normally avoid eating and say "later~" and i DO it and for my lunch or lunch food what i will do is that i will sometimes bring mostly chips but i do not eat all of it i let my classmates eat half and if i feel full then i say "here, you can have it" and i will try to practice MOMOLAND BAAM and drink water and i search up on YouTube "weight loss videos" and get TONS of it and i don't request any type of food exept chocolate and Pringles and Supplies

  31. i think im anorexic bc i lost alot of weigth, i got bullied in school for being the shy girl . I dot know how to eat anymore, i threw up 3 times after eating fries….and i get sick more often then i used to when i had weigth…. am i anorexic?

  32. I’m really skinny I’m 10 and I barely eat but I know I’m skinny and I just forget or don’t have a appetite I also have 9 symptoms of depression but I just can’t tell anyone and I just don’t have a connection with my parents and my mom lives abroad I barely have any friends and the friends that I have I really don’t talk much to…

  33. I may be anorexic because I'm afraid of getting fat and feel like I'm fat and I skip lunch and dinner and usually eat dinner but want to skip it bad

  34. I may be anorexic because I'm afraid of getting fat and feel like I'm fat and I skip lunch and dinner and usually eat dinner but want to skip it bad

  35. My best friend is anorexic. People used to call her fat, it made her think. When we were at lunch she never ate, i found it wierd. It hit me that she had somekind of eating disorder because she was too skinny. I just asked her are u anerxic or anything. Then she burst into tears, so i said lets go the toilets. So we went there and i said its OK.
    She told me everything and still to this day when we are both 14 nearly 15, she is still anerexic. I help her all i can.

  36. I think I maybe have anorexia

    Even if I see the food I love I don't eat it and the sight of food makes me sick. I don't eat my school lunches so my mum tells me to eat it at home but I don't. I just either got to the outside bin and throw it out. The most had eaten in a day in the last 3 years was a bowl of rice. It would take me an hour to finish a glass of water and 2 slices of bread. But in the end I couldn't force myself to eat it. Right now I weigh 49 pounds, I always hear my mum talking to doctors about me and I have an appointment next week. Last year it was not that bad but now I always get headaches and if I run literally 3 metres I get tired.i never get picked for tournaments due to how weak I am. I think i am also getting dumber and gettkng badder grades.People call me pretty but I can see all of the fat on my cheeks, legs, stomach, legs. I can see it everywhere. And the only thing I like is chocolate but my problem is, I am lactose intolerant. I always try to go to breakfast club in school so I don't eat breakfast at home and at breakfast club I say that I already ate at my house. Do you think I could have anorexia?

  37. I honestly don’t know if I have anorexia or not…I have most of the symptoms..I’ve lost weight..I’m not eating, depressed, isolate myself a lot, dizziness, headaches, my hair is dry, I have constipation, dry skin, etc..honestly I’m worried but idc. I want to lose more weight.

  38. Im 14 and weigh 180lbs and i used to be 140lbs I'm really depressed about my wight and I'm sadly starting to consider this and it scares me

  39. Can you say you have anorexia though it hasn't been diagnosed….because I really think I'm anorexic but I can't convince my parents to let me see a doctor about it, please help me..

  40. im not obese. im am overweight and trying to loose. in my sport a mom periodically tells me “your thinning up!” it makes me happy. so i continue to skip meals and workout harder. it’s tough. but im slowly getting skinner 🙂

  41. Im 13, 172cm tall and weigh 53kg i usually get headaches and dizziness and i eat 2 and a half apples a day plus exercise and it all started bc of kpop idols

  42. I used to weigh 84, 12 years old and 5 feet 4 I thought I looked good ya but now I am so fat because I got this disease that can only be cured but a medicine that has hormones in it so I am now the same height but 98 pounds

  43. Are the people in these comments okay? Jesus Christ please search for a doctor immediately if you have eating problems. Seeing yourself as too fat and going to extremes to be skinny doesn't mean that you're actually fat, your brain is just mean. Seriously please seek help and learn to love, accept and treat your body right. I promise you will get better when you get therapy. Risking your life for something that will always be unachievable just simply isn't worth it.

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