Welcome to Hypertension 2017
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Welcome to Hypertension 2017

September 10, 2019

(electronic music) – Hello, this is Dr. John Warner, the President of the
American Heart Association, and I’m joining you from San
Francisco, California, today. We’re here for the 2017
Hypertension Scientific Sessions. I’m here with Dr. Joey Granger, who is the chair of the
Hypertension Council. So tell us a little bit about your meeting and what going to be
accomplished this week. – This is a very exciting year for the Council on Hypertension meeting. This year, we’re jointly meeting with the American Society of Hypertension along with the Council on Kidney
and Cardiovascular Disease. This 3 1/2 day meeting will
focus on basic clinical and population research on hypertension. Because we’re meeting with ASH, we have a new clinical and
clinical practice track which focuses on the evaluation, detection and treatment of hypertension. – We’re all very excited about
they hypertension guidelines being released at this
year’s Scientific Sessions in Anaheim in November. I understand you’ll have a
keynote speaker this session. Tell us a little bit about your speaker and what he’ll be speaking about. – Yes, we’re very fortunate
to have Dr. Bob Carey as our keynote speaker. He’ll be speaking on the
topic of adult hypertension, some of the latest knowledge
on both the evaluation, detection and treatment of hypertension. John, as you know, this meeting, the Council on Hypertension meeting, is the premier hypertension
meeting in the world, so the information that
we present at this meeting is very critical in reaching the goals of the American Heart Association. – I couldn’t agree more, Joey. The battle against hypertension
is front-and-center for the American Heart
Association and our mission of reducing death from
cardiovascular diseases and stroke and improving the health of all Americans. So we look forward to
what we’ll learn this week from this important meeting, all the science that we’ll hear about, and also the improvements in clinical care that we know will come
from the great speakers at this terrific meeting. (electronic music)

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