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October 31, 2019

for your pastor with them. You
pray for your grandpa, for your grandma, for different
ministries with them. And you tell them that this is an
honor that we get to pray for these people. And when we pray
for them, we are helping them in the minister, and we’re
respecting authority. RICK>>That’s wonderful. JOEL>>Philip, I was also
thinking about this and one thing I think, as parents, we
need to do is not lower the standard. We don’t need to
call their teachers by their first name in front of the
children. We don’t need to call their grandparents by
their first name in front of the children. We need to keep
a standard as high as possible because society will lower it
for them. And we need to, we need to keep the standard
high. We need to call the president by his first name.
We need to call our, we need to call our president like
he should be called, Mr. President. We need to call
the pastor like he should be called, Pastor So and so.
And that’s what I think. RICK>>Well everything we
do is a teaching moment. Everything is a teaching
moment when you’re working with children. You know,
Denise and I, I mean we were all the time encouraging each
other, Let’s use this moment to teach. You know, when
you’re a parent, that’s just your responsibility. You have
children. You have children. You only have one chance with
your children. You have to seize every moment to teach.
So, do that. But hey, we’re talking about what to teach
your children. And we’re offering you the series
called, What to Teach Your Children. It’s five parts. It
comes in multiple formats. Order yours. You’ll love this.
It’s all of us together. We’re also offering you my book
which is called, The Point of No Return: Tackling Your Next
New Assignment with Courage & Common Sense. But guys, let’s
pray for our friends today. Lord, in the name of Jesus, we
pray that You help our friend to have wisdom to teach their
children and grandchildren, or the children in their
life to respect and to honor authority, in
Jesus’ name. Amen. ALL RESPONDING>>Amen. RICK>>Remember Ecclesiastes,
8:4; Where the Word of a King is, there’s power. We’ll see
you in the next program. ANNOUNCER>>(Music) Rick
Renner Ministries is proclaiming the Gospel of
Jesus Christ through every available media to the
outermost parts of the earth. Discover the many ways
you could help us make a difference in lives around the
world with the Word of God. We invite you to partner with us
in teaching, strengthening, and rescuing lives for the
glory of God. Together we can make a difference that will
last throughout eternity. (Music) (Music) (uplifting music) (upbeat music) – God wants you to
have a better life. ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh ♪ – I believe, as we choose, we can have a better life. ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪ – The better life that
God wants you to have is paved with miracles ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh oh oh oh ♪ This is The Place For Miracles. – Yes it is.
(audience applauds) Morning everyone,
I’m Richard Roberts, and welcome to our
very special program. This is The Place For Miracles. We can call it that, because miracles are
happening every day. For the past month or so, I’ve
been offering a prayer cloth. Now, the apostle Paul
tells the story in Acts 19 how he took prayer
cloths from his body, handkerchiefs that he brings
that King James calls it, he just called them
cloths, prayed over them, they were sent to the sick,
and the sick were healed, and the spirits were
driven out of them, and many, many miracles
began to happen. Well, some years ago, we
began sending out payer cloths just like the Apostle Paul
did, I guess back in the 1970s, and I guess since then,
we’ve probably sent out more than 2 million prayer
cloths around the world, and for the past month or so, I’ve been sending out
this prayer cloth again, because I prayed over
it, laid my hands on it, anointed it with my faith, and have prepared
to send it to you, but I can’t send it
unless I know you want it. If you’d like to have one
of these prayer cloths, call that toll-free
number, 877-747-4600. I got this testimony from
Genavina, who is in Texas. “I injured my left shoulder,
and it kept giving me “so many problems,
inflammation, pain. “I got your prayer cloth,
and I put it inside my robe, “and thanks be to God
for your ministry. “I stretched out my
faith, and believed. “I laid down to sleep, right
on my troubled shoulder. “The next morning,
I was surprised “by the feeling in
my shoulder blade. “There was no inflammation. “Not only did I feel better, “but I have so much more
energy to finish my work, “and I am praising God.” Now, Genavina, this is not a
cloth that does the healing, we understand that,
God is the healer, but this becomes a
powerful point of contact to help you to
release your faith, and to believe
God for a miracle, and if you’d like to have one, call that number, 877-747-4600. Lots and lots of healing
testimonies today. (audience applauds) I’m gonna take the time to
have a healing service today, and to pray, and to
believe God for you. If you have a special
prayer request, let me know what that is, and
let me set my faith of you, as I begin to share
these healing testimonies from all over the county. I pray and believe they’ll
be a blessing to you. Now be sure and stay tuned. Jordan is coming to
sing, get your faith up, get ready for a time
of healing prayer. Here is Jordan as she sings. (audience applauds) (soft music) ♪ You call me out
upon the waters ♪ ♪ The great unknown ♪ ♪ Where feet may fail ♪ ♪ And there I find
you in the mystery ♪ ♪ In ocean’s deep,
my faith will stand ♪ ♪ And I will call
upon your name ♪ ♪ And keep my eyes
above the waves ♪ ♪ When oceans rise ♪ ♪ My soul will rest
in your embrace ♪ ♪ For I am yours,
and you are mine ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Your grace abounds
in deepest waters ♪ ♪ Your sovereign hand ♪ ♪ Will be my guide ♪ ♪ Where feet may fail,
and fear surrounds me ♪ ♪ You never fail, and
you won’t start now ♪ ♪ And I will call
upon your name ♪ ♪ And keep my eyes
above the waves ♪ ♪ When oceans rise ♪ ♪ My soul will rest
in your embrace ♪ ♪ For I am yours,
and you are mine ♪ ♪ You are mine ♪ ♪ Spirit lead me where my
trust is without borders ♪ ♪ Let me walk upon the waters ♪ ♪ Wherever you would call me ♪ ♪ Take me deeper than my
feet could ever wander ♪ ♪ And my faith will
be made stronger ♪ ♪ In the presence of my savior ♪ ♪ Spirit lead me where my
trust is without borders ♪ ♪ Let me walk upon the waters ♪ ♪ Wherever you would call me ♪ ♪ Take me deeper than my
feet could ever wander ♪ ♪ And my faith would
be made stronger ♪ ♪ In the presence of my savior ♪ ♪ I will call upon your name ♪ ♪ And keep my eyes
above the waves ♪ ♪ When oceans rise, my soul
will rest in your embrace ♪ ♪ For I am yours,
and you are mine ♪ ♪ You are mine ♪ (audience applauds) – Reasons why we make
this television program, and put it on the air
all over each week is because of the healing
power through prayer. I believe in healing,
I believe in prayer. God still heals today, and
I have evidence to prove it. You know you got to a
courthouse, and you make a case, you have to have evidence. Well, I have evidence. And here’s the
first of them today. Theresa is in Indianapolis. “Hallelujah, praise to the Lord. “I sent you my prayer
request about my grandson “who had broken his arm. “Well, we went to the doctor, “and we expect them
to put on a big cast. “Instead, they just
put on a brace, “and he’s only gonna take
three weeks to recover “instead of from a
break at eight weeks.” (laughs) And that’s a
miracle, praise God for that! Hester is in
Lafayette, Louisiana, and called for prayer
for her brother. He had cancer, and was
scheduled for cancer surgery. Well, we worked a
prayer for her brother, believing in God for a miracle. Now after prayer, Hester’s
calling back to say when they opened her brother
up at the time of surgery, there was no cancer found. (audience applauds) Now, you may have been
diagnosed with cancer, or maybe a family member,
or someone that you know, and you’ve been praying
and believing God. Well, the Bible says that
one can put 1000 to flight, but two can put
10,000 to flight, so let me add my
faith to your faith, and let’s expect a miracle. Cancer, you fowl,
tormenting thing, in the authority of
Jesus’ name, I arrest you. I tale hold of you, by
faith, and pull you out, and I believe God,
beginning right now, for a healing from cancer. You know, hardly a day goes by
without receiving testimonies of people like this, healed
of cancer, because we prayed. Now, one woman, I
don’t know where, it’s in this big stack,
but one woman called, and said, “Richard,
I heard you talking, “I was watching you on YouTube.” By the way, did you know
we have a YouTube channel? (laughs) We do, go to our
website,, get all the information. She said, “I was watching
you and Jordan on YouTube, “and you explained how
when you pray for the sick, “you reach in and take
hold of the sickness, “and pull it out, and
you hand it to an angel “who stands behind you.” Well, now, someone may
say, well now, Richard, that sounds crazy,
but I’m gonna tell you what really happens,
’cause the Lord showed me that whenever I
pray for the sick, there’s always an angel who
shows up standing behind me, and when I pray for the sick, the Lord said pull the
sickness out, by faith, and hand it to that angel. And I said, “Why, Lord?” and the Lord said to me, “‘Cause he knows
what to do with it.” (laughs) So whenever you
see me reach in like that, by faith, and pull
something out, I always go like that, and
that’s the reason why I do that. I’m being obedient to the Lord. Now the woman, I have to
search to find her testimony, but she said, “Richard,
when you did that, “I was instantaneously healed.” Now, it’s not me, it’s
God doing the healing, but I’m being
obedient to the Lord, and than God, Hester, for that
testimony about your brother. This is, Abalhad
is Pennsylvania. She goes by Addy. “I called the Abundant
Life Prayer Group, “because I had a painful
lump in my breast, “and thank you praying. “I was diagnosed with cancer. “Well, after you prayed,
we went back to the doctor, “and now the lump and the pain “has completely disappeared.” (audience applauds) (laughs) Maybe you
have been diagnosed with some type of lump. In the authority of
the name of Jesus, I command that lump
to disintegrate just like this one
that she had did. I command it to disintegrate,
and be gone, and disappear, in the name of Jesus. Prase God, Addy, and Praise
God for your testimony. Eileen is, well Eileen
didn’t tell me where she is. She said, “I called the
Abundant Life Prayer Group, “because I needed a job.” You know, there are a
lot of people calling believing God for jobs, and
we get so many testimonies along that line of people
have called the prayer for jobs, that have
gotten the job. Well, Eileen is
added to that list. She said, “Thank you
for your prayers. “I got the job, thank the Lord.” If you need a job, and
you’d like us to pray, let us know, call the
Abundant Life Prayer Group, 9118-495-7777, or go
online By the way, did you know that
I’m doing video prayers now? If you’d like one,
personally from me, contact me, all the
information is online, or you can go to, and you can get the
information, I will send you, I have to have your email
address though, okay? Be sure to give me
your email address. Aloris is up in Iowa. “I’ve been praying
for good health, “and especially concerning
my blood pressure, “and diabetes to be healed. “After you and
Lindsey prayed for me, “and after the Abundant
Life Prayer Group “partners prayer, I have
been back to the doctor, “and I received a good report, “I am healed, and I
praise God for that.” (audience applauds) Anyone watching with
a diabetic problem, or a blood pressure problem, blood pressure that’s
too high, or too low, or blood sugar that’s
too high, or too low, or hypertension, in the
authority of Jesus’ name, I speak to your blood pressure, I speak to the diabetes, in
the name of Jesus, come out. I arrest that, and I pray
for your blood sugar level to be normal, and for
your blood pressure level to be normal, in
the name of Jesus. My, there’s a powerful
anointing here. Thank God of the anointing
of the Holy Spirit. It’s the anointing
that breaks the yolk, and here we are, we’re
at our new studio, and this place is just filled
with the presence of God, and how I thank God. That’s not for me,
that’s for you. I praise the Lord for that. Here’s a woman in the Kentucky. “Thank you so much for
praying for our grandson. “he is now off drugs,
and back to himself “for about six months now. “Praise God, thank
you for your prayers.” Oh, hallelujah, to have a
grandchild off of drugs. If you have a son, or a
daughter, or a grandchild that’s been hooked on
drugs, and you need prayer like this woman did, I set
my faith with you right now for that son, that
daughter, that grandchild to come off the drugs,
and to be healed, and to become themself
again, that’s what she said. Thank the Lord for this. And if you’d like me
to pray over them, especially, I won’t reveal
the name of the child, I won’t do that, send me
the name, and let me know, and I will pray. You can call the prayer
group at 918-495-7777, or go online Rebecca is in Oklahoma, said, “My Mom was very sick, but
I called you for prayer, “you prayed, thank you
for your prayer group “that prayed also. ‘My Mom is doing
so much better.” Maybe you have a Mom, or Dad that’s getting up in years, and you’re very concerned
about their health. Why don’t you let me
know who they are, so I can pray for them as well, and I thank God
for this testimony. I remember when my Mother
and Father were living, and time to time they
had physical situations, and they would
call us for prayer, and we would get on the phone, even though they were
some 1000 miles away. There’s no distance in prayer, and when you call the
Abundant Life Prayer Group, there’s no distance in prayer. (laughs) That’s 918-495-7777. Rebecca, thanks
for this testimony. If you’d like me to pray
for your Mom and Dad specifically, then send
me the information, send me their name, and
how I can reach them. I praise God. Aretha is down in Florida,
and called for prayer. “Had pain in my head all
night with no relief. “Thank you for Abundant
Life Prayer Group. “I called them for prayer,
they prayed immediately, “they brought the
prayer request to you, “and you prayed, and now
I no longer have the pain, “I am healed.” Anyone with a migraine,
or anything like that that has attacked your
head, in the ame of Jesus, I rebuke this pain, come
out, and I take hold of it by my faith, and pul
it out of your head, and I believe God
for your healing. Right now there’s a migraine
headache leaving somebody in the name of Jesus,
shoulder pain is leaving, someone has a swollen ankle, and you’re being
healed right now. Right now, right
now in Jesus’ name. If that’s you, contact me,
let me know who you are. Nancy is in Tennessee. Oh here’s the one, this is the
one I was telling you about. “Richard, you said there’s
an angel behind you “when you pray.” (laughs) I found it! “You said you take the
problem, pull it out, “and you toss it over your
shoulder to the angel.” That’s exactly what I said. “So yesterday, I had
such pain in my shoulder, “it was debilitating,
and you prayed, “I didn’t realize
it until I laid down “for the upteenth time,
now the pain is gone, “and it’s still gone. “Praise the Lord, thank
you for showing me.” (audience applauds) (laughs) That’s the one
I was talking about. I knew it was in
this stack somewhere. Noreen is up in New York,
and she called for prayer because she had been
diagnosed with cancer. Lots of calls concerning cancer. If you, or someone you know
have been diagnosed with cancer, let me know, so I can pray. And she said, “Thank you
so much for your prayers. “After the recent
ultrasound, and your prayer, “now, the doctors can’t
find any cancer in my body.” (audience applauds) Thank God, thank God. God, He is up in New York City. (audience applauds) Praise God, Praise God. Cancer, you got to go! Cancer in the breast,
cancer in the bone, cancer in the brain,
cancer in the vital organs, cancer in the blood,
come out, in Jesus’ name, hallelujah. See this is why, this is
why we have this program. It’s a healing program designed
to get people’s needs met through faith in Jesus’ name. Margaret is down in Tampa. “I called for my son-in-law, “who had a stress test,
and they discovered “a blockage in his heart.” The arteries in his heart. We went to pray for Daniel,
believing God for a miracle, now Margaret’s
calling back to say they performed another test,
and now they can’t find any blockage at all, it’s gone. Anybody with a heart condition, been diagnosed with
a valve problem, or an artery problem, or
something with the heart muscle itself, or anything like
that, skipping a beat, arrhythmia, in
the name of Jesus, let’s use both hands for it. In the name of Jesus, I just
take hold of that heart, and those vessels
around the heart, be healed, every
heart, beat normally, in the name of Jesus. Praise God, praise
God, praise God. If you have a testimony,
or a prayer request, let me know. Here’s, I got time for one more. Susan is in New Jersey. She called for prayer
concerning a bad result from a mammogram. Tests were abnormal. Well, that’s when
we get the call. We get the call when
the test is abnormal, and we went to prayer for Susan, believing God for a miracle. Some time went
by, she went back, she did another mammogram, and now the results
came back negative, they can’t find any abnormality. (audience applauds)
(soft music) Oh Father, I praise
you, I give you honor, I give you glory. I thank you for this is the
day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice
and be glad in it. Thank you, Father,
that you sent your son not only to take on
our sin and shame, that we might have salvation, but it took the
stripes on his back that we might be
healed, and delivered in every area of our lives, and friend, I pray a healing
prayer over you today. I believe God for you. I’m not coming out of
this prayer agreement, I set my faith with you on it, in the authority of
Jesus’ mighty name, and I am expecting a miracle. Now let your faith go. Richard, what do you
mean let your faith go? I mean just that. In the name of Jesus, I
release my faith to God, and I believe for my healing. Now, if you have
a prayer request, call the Abundant
Life Prayer Group. They not only will pray,
but they will immediately get your prayer request to me. I get the prayer
requests every day, I lay my hands on them,
I’ve been faithful to that for many, many,
many, many years, and I’ll continue
to be faithful. By the way, someone has lost
hearing in their right ear, you’re being healed right now, and someone who can not
swallow without pain, you’re being healed right now, and someone who, yeah okay, someone’s being healed
of diverticulitis, and also there is a colon
problem being healed, and also there is a
lung condition, COPD, coming out right now. Thank you, Father, I
praise you, I praise you. Someone who has dislocated your, back here behind your
thumb, this part, the fleshy part of your hand, where it’s dislocated here, you know this fleshy part
right here by the thumb, that part right there,
where it’s been dislocated, that’s being healed right now, and you’re gonna have
the freedom of movement of your thumbs again. You know you say, well
that’s a small healing, well not if it’s
your thumb. (laughs) I set my faith with you. If you need special
prayer, 918-495-7777, or even a quicker way is to
go online All the prayer requests
are brought to me each day, so that I can lay my
hands on them and pray. Now, Lindsey’s gonna
join me in just a minute, gonna have a continued
time of prayer, but I wanna share a
testimony with you about this prayer cloth
that I’ve been offering. I’ve been offering it now
for about the past month, and I pray it’s a blessing,
so just watch this. (audience applauds) – In 2018, my husband
went to the hospital, what he thought was pneumonia, and was diagnosed with
metastatic melanoma in his lower lymph
nodes and spleen, and given three to
six months to live. I called in to the
Oral Roberts Ministry, and they prayed with me, because I needed somebody
to stand in faith. We just stood the
whole time believing. They told us there was
nothing they could do, there was no
operation or anything, and God lead us to a doctor that had had the same
diagnosis 11 years ago and treated himself. They had given him
four months to live. After 11 months,
they did surgery, and the surgery that they did, they said it was
the worst surgery you could possibly
have, the most painful, and he went home in four
days with two Advil, and he had to go back and
have his gallbladder removed, because there was
a tiny spot there, and they told us that would be a two and a half hour surgery,
and it was 15 minutes, so God is a good God, and
if you stand on His word and believe, I sent
in for prayer cloth, I sent in for the anointing oil, and every time he
would feel bad, I would anoint him,
and pray over him, believing that
God’s word is true, that it does not
return to him void, He is not a respect or a person, and He is the same
yesterday, day, and forever, and he has a clean report of
cancer now for six months. There is no cancer there. (uplifting music) (audience applauds) – Lindsey and I
have received lots of other testimonies like that, people who have
used a prayer cloth. Like, for example,
Lindsey, this is Pamela. She’s in the United Kingdom. “My operation to remove thyroids “was completely successful. “I was able to wear the
prayer cloth you sent me “throughout the operation. “When I got back home,
if I couldn’t sleep, “due to a what you call pins
and needles feeling in my back, “I knew if I had my prayer
cloth on, I could fall asleep. “I placed it in my
sock, and went to sleep “listening to Richard’s c.d,
Hear It, Pray It, Speak It, “and,
– There you have it. – “I thank God, and
praise God for healing me, “and for using
you in my behalf.” Lindsey, she got her healing through the use of
the prayer cloth. – I got a mother, daughter
that was adorable. “Hospice had given up
on my 89 year old Mom, “and prepared us for
her upcoming death. “I had kept one of
your prayer cloths “in her pajama
pocket at all times. “She is now
completely recovered.” Praise the Lord.
– Praise God. – And this one,
“During a mammogram, “a spot was found on my breast, “and I was told I needed
a compression mammogram. “I put the prayer
cloth on my breast, “and I prayed, knowing that I.” Knowing, knowing.
– Like that? – Knowing, ooh what a word. “That I was going to be healed. “I just knew it.” I love this, Audrey,
I just love this. “I received my results, and
they showed it was a normal, “it was the normal
or benign finding, “no evidence of cancer. “Thank you, Richard and Lindsey, and thank you Jesus.”
– Praise God. – Praise the Lord. Audrey, I loved knowing,
that was a good one. – Now, this prayer
cloth is not magic, there’s nothing
special about it, it’s just an ordinary cloth. I’ve written my name
on it, Richard Roberts, that’s my signature there. Acts 19:11 and 12, where
this is found in the Bible. Your point of contact,
but more than that, I laid my hands on
it, and I prayed, and I believed
God for a miracle, and I’d like to send it to you to use as a point of contact,
like these people have done, and like the testimony
you just saw. In order to receive it,
just called that number, 877-747-4600. Now we’ve bee getting
lots of requests. By the way, Brian,
would you bring those other prayer cloths. I wanna pray over them,
’cause I’m laying my hands over every one of them, Lindsey, and believing God for miracles. – You know, I have been
the logistics person, who gets to sit there, and lug
some of those boxes around, and I’m–
– Get me to lay my hands on them.
– He lays his hands on the boxes, we cut
the boxes open, he puts his hands in there,
he wiggles it all around, and then I take ’em
back up, and so. – So we can send them
back to our office, so they can be sent
out all over the world. We’ve sent out almost two, I guess more than $2
million of these, Lindsey. – Yeah, and I tell you, it has
nothing to do with the cloth. In fact, watch this,
he’s got it on his pants, and we dust it
off, you know what, if it was magic, something
would have happened, no no, I don’t believe
in the magic side, I believe in the miracles side, and I pray that as you use
this as a point of contact, it’s great it
contains our prayers, thank you, Jesus,
but you know what? It’s also like what Audrey said, I knew, I was
knowing, I knew it. Begin to know, as
Oral used to say, know that you know
that you know. That’s your belief system
going in to agreement with the word of God. I pray for you to go in to
agreement with what God said. It’s not about what we see,
it’s about what He said, and I pray for you to be
healed in Jesus’ name. – Now, in a couple minutes,
I’m gonna be laying my hands on all these, and
praying over them, but I wanna say to
you, first of all, if you’d like to
receive one of these, call that Number, 877-747-4600. Now the prayer cloth is free, and I pray and believe
it’s a blessing. Before I pray, just
let me thank you again for your partnership. We’ve been, we’re
in our new studio, and Jordan was singing
here in our new music setup over here, and we have Lindsey’s
Make Your Day Count set that we’re building, and
we have a preaching set. We have enough room in
here to do all that, and I wanna thank people
who have been sponsoring us, and helping us to do that. We still have more to do. So thank you for
every seed gift. I think I said it
last week, the Lord, we were just getting
in the program, but the Lord said,
“Richard, challenge people “to sow $100 seed
in to the ministry, “and believe for God to
use it for His glory, “and multiply it back.” So I challenge you. Thank you for your
support, and your prayers for this ministry,
it means a great deal to Lindsey and me. – You know, technology can
get away with you sometimes, technology just keeps on going. – You’ve gotta be moving. – And we are
moving, and growing, and expanding.
– Moving up. – Moving up, and I thank
God for those of you who have helped us. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and you know, I pray that God
multiplies it back to you. Why, because it’s the Bible. Good measure, press
down, shake it together, running over. When these programs go to
the nations of the Earth, when these programs go in
to any different places, thank you for sending
us, and I appreciate it, but more than just
appreciate it, I expect a miracle with you, believe that God will
multiply it back. – Last time, you said
I was showing my age. I said you put on in
your lunch pail. (laughs) Lunch box.
– Evelyn Roberts is in Heaven giggling right now. – Well children still take
lunch boxes to school. There are a lot of men
who take lunch boxes to their factory,
and their work. They used to call them
lunch pails. (laughs) – I have no comment, no, no.
– I guess I’m showing my age. And you could also
put it in your wallet, put it in your
purse, or you put it, the woman put it in her sock. Lindsey, you generally has one
pinned inside her clothing. – I usually put it
inside my phone cover between my phone,
and my phone cover, there’s usually one right there. – On the floor mat.
– Except I gave that one away.
– You put it on the floor mats
of my car once. – I put them under
the floor mats of everybody’s car that
I can get ’em under, I asked you to.
– Sew ’em in to a child’s pillow, you know? – I have. I’m also, yeah.
– Use it for the glory of God, and read Acts 19:11 and
12, so you understand the principle behind it. It’s not magic. No this is a Bible way
of praying for the sick, and seeing miracles. And thank you for your prayers, and thank you for
your loving support. Every time you plant a seed,
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see you next time right here from The
Place For Miracles. (audience applauds) GEORGE: You can be wealthy and
walk in love. You can be wealthy and rich in good works. You
can be wealthy and not be arrogant, not be
prideful, but be humble. (Singing) I know my
God has made the way for me. I know my God
has made the way for me. ANNOUNCER: Are you managing
wealth in a way that pleases God? Join Gloria Copeland and
pastor George Pearsons today on the Believers Voice of Victory
and learn how extravagant generosity is pleasing in
the eyes of the Lord. GLORIA: Hello everybody.
Welcome to the believers voice of
victory broadcast. We’re talking about today how to
handle wealth, how to handle wealth. Wealth in the
wrong hands does no, it doesn’t do good and it doesn’t do the
person that has it good. But if you know how to handle wealth in
the Bible, like the Bible says, you’ll just keep increasing and
increasing and being blessed. Pastor George’s here to tell us,
tell us all about it. GEORGE: Yup. How to handle wealth in it,
not handle you. I think that’s a good, that’s a good phrase. Uh,
Gloria, this is, this is day number 363 of our prosperity
series. We’ve got two more days and then we reached the one year
mark. GLORIA: And then we retire? GEORGE: No, we refire
that’s what we do. No, what we do is we continue to preach the
word of God. GLORIA: 363. GEORGE: 363 days. Yeah, and with
all of the outlines, which by the way, all of the outlines
that we are have done are on just click to the
picture of Gloria and Me. You can go and you can download
those. We’ve had 1.5 million downloads since we started all
of this. So, obviously some people are interested and
Gloria, we have some great testimonies too. I want to read
a couple of testimonies to you before we get into our lesson.
This one, uh, “In 2017 we paid off our house,” praise God. “We
paid off the second mortgage. We paid off all debt except one
student loan that’s being paid off this summer. We paid cash
for my daughter’s last year of college. We had our house
painted and had a new deck built and was able to give my mother
money who then was able to buy a car debt free.” Praise God.
“There was a time…” GLORIA: That’s a great testimony.
GEORGE: “They said there was a time when we came to the
Southwest Believers Convention with no money and so far deep in
debt it didn’t seem possible to get there. We were so grateful
for KCM and the teachings that we’ve learned.” Isn’t that a
great testimony? GLORIA: That’ll be a blessing to Ken, we’ll have
to make him a copy of that. GEORGE: And then here’s the
other one. This one I got really tickled at reading and you’ll
find out why. Um, okay. “On May 17th, 2018 I watched Mrs.
Copeland and one other pastor that I forgot to write his name
down,” GEORGE: Is that you? GEORGE: George George, pastor
George. Anyway, “I watched Mrs. Copeland and one other pastor, I
forgot to write his name down, preached on faith. I was
believing God for a family car. The pastor specifically
mentioned how he had believed God for his car and prayed for
it. He mentioned how he would visualize the car parked in the
space he reserved for it. He said that’s how he got his car
sooner than he expected. He quoted a verse from the Bible,
Romans 4:17, Mark 9:23, Romans 16:20, I used these verses to
pray and believe God for our car. On May 23rd, 2018 we got
our family cars sooner than expected.” TOGETHER: Praise God!
GLORIA: Isn’t that a good report? GEORGE: Isn’t that
wonderful? GLORIA: That blesses me. GEORGE: And let me see, I’ve
got one more here. This is a good one. Um, “Pastor George and
Gloria Copeland’s teachings have so impacted me that I’m going to
ask my husband to start giving a 10th of what comes into our
home. The Lord is opening the windows of heaven for a blessing
that has not been in our marriage at all. The Lord is
opening my husband’s eyes, spirit and heart. He’s been
taking us to church and this has been a blessing in a lot of
ways. Thanks be to God for Gloria Copeland and Pastor
George Pearsons.” GEORGE: Doesn’t that bless you? GEORGE:
Isn’t that a great testimony? GEORGE: Somebody’s listening!
GEORGE: So, I wanted, I wanted you to hear those, especially as
we come up to the one year mark. But we are, Gloria were talking
about how to handle wealth and and how to handle it properly.
And the foundational scripture is at the top of your page there
on the notes it says, and this is the apostle Paul instructing
Timothy to instruct the wealthy people in this church. The
wealthy people in his church were causing problems and Paul
hit it head on. But what Paul did not tell Timothy to do was
to kick the wealthy people out of the church. Some people
believe it’s a sin to be wealthy and a sin to have finances. I
believe that it is a blessing. It is a blessing. GLORIA: That’s
kind of a no brainer, isn’t it? GEORGE: It really is actually.
It is a blessing to be able to pay your bills. It is a blessing
to not have to lay awake at night wondering if the money’s
going to be in the bank to be able to make them the mortgage.
You know, the lack of finance in a person’s life. There’s a
tremendous amount of pressure that comes with that. And, and
Paul was talking to Timothy about those who were in his
church who are wealthy and the wealthy… And what I do,
Gloria, is when I read these scriptures, I read, I read into
them as to know what’s going on here? What questions are we
answering? What is he dealing with here? And we know exactly
what Timothy was dealing with, The wealthy people. He said,
“Charge them that are rich in this world that they be not high
minded.” So evidently the people in this church were arrogant,
GLORIA: Arrogant. That’s right. GEORGE: They were prideful. “Nor
trust in uncertain riches.” Well, evidently the people that
were in Timothy’s church were trusting in their riches in the
money. But he said, “They need to be trusting in the living God
who gives us richly all things to enjoy. GEORGE: Praise God.
Isn’t that great? GEORGE: “Tell them to do good and to be rich
in good works, ready to distribute, willing to
communicate, laying up in store for themselves a good foundation
against the time to come that they may hold on eternal life.”
So, one of the things that he talked to them about was being
rich in good works. And I want to talk, I want us to talk about
that today. And in the first part of your notes there in
point A, let’s talk about for a moment the, the mentality of the
rich and if you will, the mentality of the wicked rich.
Um, Paul understood that the rich in that church subscribed
to a Master versus Slave mentality. The rich in the
church, we’re telling the people what to do and they were
starting to tell Timothy what to do and they were starting–
GLORIA: Take over. GEORGE: Take over control. And that’s what,
that’s what rich people have a tendency towards is control.
I’ve got the money, I make the rules. And there’ve been many,
many a pastor that has gone through a situation in his life
or her life with people in their church who have money and who
threatened that pastor, if you don’t do this and you don’t
preach this or you don’t talk to them, I’m going to pull my
support. So it’s a threat. And money should never ever be used
as a threat. That’s, that’s money being used as a weapon in
the wrong. GLORIA: You should say, “Do you promise?” GEORGE:
“Do you promise? Do you promise to leave us? You promise to go?”
And really a should realize that it would probably be a good
thing for that person to leave if they’ve got that much
control. If they’ve got the control of that church and not
the Holy spirit, then something’s gonna happen.
Something’s gonna take place. Well, these, the rich on 0.2
there, they were accustomed to being the dictator while those
around them were required to fulfill their every command
GLORIA: I have written, maybe you gave me this word, “Charge
them that are rich in this world, that they’d be high.” And
then I’ve written above that, that they’d be not arrogant.
GLORIA: Arrogant. GEORGE: Is that? GEORGE: I looked up the
word high minded and it gave some words and one of the words
was arrogant. They’re arrogant and that’s not walking in love.
That’s not walking in the fruit of the spirit. Really, those who
are rich, I mean all of us should do this, but those who
are rich and have money, they should be walking in the highest
degree of the fruit of the spirit. I look at you and
Kenneth and I look at how God has prospered you through the
years and it’s amazing to me. It’s amazing. You and I have
talked about how Kenneth will take your breath away when it
comes to giving. Oh yeah. He’s just, he’s just always, always
been a giver. Always sowing, always giving into people’s
lives and how much, how much that has meant to others. Well,
you can be wealthy and walk in love. You can be wealthy and
rich in good works. You can be wealthy and not be arrogant, not
be prideful, but be humble. Humility, the, the, the way of
humility is so important. So Paul had to adjust the conduct
of the rich and it says in Ephesians 6:9, “You masters act
on the same principle toward them, towards those who are
working for you, and give up threatening and using violent
and abusive words. Knowing that he who is both their master and
yours is in heaven and that there is no respecter of persons
or partiality with him. GLORIA: Don’t talk down to people.
GEORGE: Don’t talk down to people and that’s what the rich
were doing in Timothy’s church. They were talking down to
people. They were disregarding people’s lives. They were
probably pushing their way to the front. GLORIA: Treating them
as inferior. GEORGE: Inferior. And that’s, that’s wrong. That’s
not the way we act. That’s not the way we are. So it says in
Colossians 4:1 in the message, “Masters, treat your servants
considerately. Be fair with them. Don’t forget for a moment
that you to serve a master, God in heaven.” So they had to be
taught that. And if we go to the second page here in first
Timothy 6:18, it says that they be rich in good works rich in
good works. The, uh, 20th century new Testament says,
“Urge them to show kindness, to exhibit a wealth of good
actions.” GLORIA: Yes, Amen. GEORGE: And the message
translation says, “Be rich in helping others. You’re– I read
this one time that I’m not sure where I got this, but this
statement, “Your good works should become as abundant as
your riches.” GLORIA: That’s good, isn’t it? GEORGE: “Your
good work should become as abundant as your riches.” So he
was having to straighten them out on how they treat people and
what they do with their money. You’ve been talking about the
tithe and how important the tithe is and the a tithe. The
tithe is the protector and it keeps us in that… GEORGE:
There’s a lot of protection in tithing. GEORGE: It keeps us in
that safe place. It keeps us in a, in a place where we are
continually giving to good works, that we are sowing into
the kingdom of God. In Matthew5:16 go ahead and read
that one, Gloria. GLORIA: “Let your light so shine before men
that they may see your moral excellence and your praise
worthy, noble and good deeds and recognize and honor and praise
and glorify your father who is in heaven.” GEORGE: So we’re
supposed to do that. We’re supposed to let our light shine
before others that that they see our noble deeds, our good deeds,
the things that we act out on, the things that we do for them.
And you know, as I’ve told you, the Lord has just really been
talking to me about blessing people and my, my tips have been
higher than ever and it’s amazing. It’s amazing to me the
response that people have when you bless them with money. When
you give them money, GLORIA: Well you know, if you listen to
the Lord, he’ll tell you what to do. But you don’t ever know
what, what that girl waiting that table is going through. You
don’t know how desperate she is for help or the man that’s
taking care of you. But you know, we should be that way on
the street all the time. GEORGE: We should be. GLORIA: We should
be ready to distribute. That’s what the scripture says. GEORGE:
Ready to distribute. I’ll give you two examples, Gloria. I just
came back recently from a meeting with Kenneth. We’re at
the hotel, I ordered room service and when I was paying
for it, um, I really shocked this guy because he was, he was
amazed. The tip was more than the meal. It was more than the
meal. And so I gave him the tip. And oftentimes when you give a
tip, they just put it in their hand. They won’t look at it. So
he left the room and all of a sudden there’s a knock at the
door. And he showed me the bill where I had written this. He
said, “I just looked down,” he said, “I just wanted to make
sure you understood that this was, this was the amount of the
food right here. You didn’t have to write that.” I said, “That’s
your tip.” I said, “That’s your tip. That belongs to you.” And
he was shocked. He was stunned. I said, I just wanted to bless
you. The Lord loves you so much. He wants to bless you. And he
just, you know, Gloria, his whole countenance changed.
GLORIA: I’m wondering who was blessed more the guy or you.
GEORGE: I think it was me. I think it was me when, when we
did that and I just took notice that when he came in he was, you
know, just, GLORIA: You never know what people are going
through. GEORGE: Just doing business as usual. And when he
came back, Gloria, his face was lit up. Well, he took that
downstairs and a little while I got a phone call from the
kitchen. GLORIA: You start things up. GEORGE: Yeah, I got a
phone call from the kitchen and they said, they said, “Mr.
Pearson’s we received the, um, the check that you, that you
wrote over the ticket that you wrote on. Uh, and we just wanted
to make sure, are you sure you wanted to give that amount?” I
said, I said, “I just wanted to bless that man.” And the woman
was speechless. She says, “Sir, you’re a generous man.” GLORIA:
They were blessed just to hear about it, weren’t they. GEORGE:
It really, it created a stir. It created a stir amongst those
people. And there was another thing that happened. We were
walking into the hotel from the meeting one night and I just, I
take notice of people. I notice people. As a pastor, that’s what
I do. I’m just, I’m just looking at people, I’m studying them.
And there was a man, there was a man that was in the, the lobby
area and he was changing out a trashcan, you know, pulling it
out, and then putting another, uh, a bag in there. And you
know, the look on his face was just, he’s just doing what he’s
doing. And I walked by him and the Lord stopped me. He said,
“Give him a tip.” So I turned around and I pulled some money
out of my wallet, good amount of money. And I said, “Excuse me?”
And he looked up, he’s got a broom, he’s got it, you know,
you don’t know what’s going on in his life. And so I said, “I
have something I want to give to you. And I said, I just want to
let you know how much I appreciate what you do. I said,
“You do a good job. And many people don’t notice it, but I
said, I want you to notice. I want you to know that I notice
what you’re doing. I want to give this to you.” Well, he took
in his hand and he looked at it, he looked up at me, and he
looked at it again. I think he was just in a state of shock
because I suspect that no one… Who does that? Who does that to
somebody that’s cleaning out trash? He didn’t want to do. And
I said, I said, “Do you have Jesus in your heart?” He says,
“Yes, I do. I said, I just want you to be blessed.” And he
looked up at me and he just touched me. He said, “You’re a
good man.” GLORIA: Bless his heart. GEORGE: He said, “You’re
a good man.” GLORIA: You really blessed him. Touched his heart.
He touched your heart. GEORGE: He touched my heart and it just
really got to me and it, it blessed me because I, I heard
from the Lord, he stopped me. And I turned around. I just to
immediately turn around. I had, Aubrey was with me, a couple of
guys from the meeting and I just turned around. They all wondered
what happened to pastor George and, and Aubrey, my daughter
Aubrey, she said, “Well, there he goes again.” GLORIA: You have
a reputation at home. GEORGE: There he goes again. GLORIA:
Praise God. GEORGE: And that man was so touched, his countenance
changed, he looked, he looked different. And I, I’ve just
found myself doing that. It is better to give than to receive.
And something happens, you know, on the broadcast recently
Kenneth had Dr. Avery Jackson who is a neurologist, a brain
surgeon from Michigan, he goes, the Bishop Butler’s church. And
I came in for the taping one day to listen and he said several
things that just really, really stirred me up. And he talked
about these, the pleasure centers of the brain, the
release, the chemicals, the things that, you know,
chocolate, it releases chemicals in the, the pleasure centers of
the brain. And he said that studies have been done where the
brain lights up when someone gives to someone else. When he
said that, I was sitting right over here with the audience when
he said that I wrote that down on my paper. The pleasure
centers of the brain light up when we give. And I can tell
Gloria that when I’ve been giving to others, and this has
been happening more and more when I’ve been giving to others,
I can, it’s like my brain is lighting up. I’m going, wow, I
can, I can feel the endorphins on the inside. Well, that’s,
that’s what giving does. That’s what sowing does. And the, that
is what I guess… GLORIA: Well, it’s good you’re seeing it’s
more blessed to give than to receive. GEORGE: It’s more
blessed to give them received. And I just, all these
scriptures, which we don’t have time for them, but I just felt
like I had to tell that. But there are so many people that,
like for instance, the good Samaritan, it says in Luke
10:35. The next day he took out two denarii and gave it to the
innkeeper. Look after him. He said, “When I return, I’ll
reimburse you. For any extra expense that you might have.”
GLORIA: The good Samaritan. GEORGE: The good Samaritan, and
what he did– the rich Man of Arimathea, I wrote that down
here. The rich man, the man that came, took care of Jesus’ body.
The rich man, the rich man, he was wealthy, he was a wealthy
man. He actually went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus.
You’ve got to have some kind of clout to go to pilot and ask him
for the body of Jesus. And he took the body and it said the
rich man, the wealthy man, Joseph, took the body and rolled
it up in a clean linen cloth. GEORGE: This rich man lifted up
Jesus’ body and prepared it for burial himself. He could have
had somebody else do it. He could have had one of us to go
take care of that. Go take care… He did it himself. And
then in verse 60, “And he laid in his own fresh, undefiled
tomb, which he had hewn in the rock.” He did that. He did that
himself. GLORIA: He gave that man his tomb. GEORGE: He gave
Jesus his tomb and it said he rolled a big Boulder over the
door of the tomb and went away. He did all of this himself. I
guess the point being of what we’re talking about here for the
rich that we are to let our light so shine before men that
they may see our good, good works and glorify our Father,
which is in heaven. Father, we pray over this time today and
thank you. Thank you for what you’ve said to us and that Lord,
no matter where we are financially in our lives, that
you are inspiring us to give, to be rich in good works to other
people. And father, I thank you that as we do that when we don’t
have a lot it, it qualifies us to be able to have the wealth
that you’ve set before us. In Jesus’ name. Amen. GLORIA:
Amen. Praise God. That was good. George and I
will be right back. ANNOUNCER: You have
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more information. GEORGE: The Lord Jesus
Christ is so good to us. Gloria, I think about what
happens in your life. You and Kenneth, Terri and myself, when
I accepted the Lord Jesus, everything turned around.
Everything changed. I know that when you and Kenneth you did
that you, your lives completely changed and as you began to
renew your minds to the word of God, the Lord set you on a path
and you’ve been on that path ever since. GLORIA: The good
path. GEORGE: It’s been a good path. It’s been a good path. And
you can have that too if you’ve never made Jesus the Lord of
your life. Today is your day. Today is your day to accept him
to receive and it’s very easy. It’s a very easy thing to do. It
took just a simple prayer with me. All I said was Jesus, come
into my heart. And boy oh, boy, I felt, I felt the wind of the
spirit go through me. I felt I felt a change, a literal change
on the inside. And for those of you who have never made him,
Lord, today is your day. We’re going to begin this and I want
you wherever you are. I want you to say this out loud and Gloria,
if you would repeat this after me. Let’s go before the Lord and
say this. Heavenly Father, GLORIA: Heavenly father, GEORGE:
I thank you for your love. GLORIA: I thank you for your
love. GEORGE: I received Jesus. GLORIA: I receive Jesus, GEORGE:
Right now, GLORIA: Right now, GEORGE: As my Lord and my
savior, GLORIA: As my Lord and my savior. GEORGE: Take my life,
GLORIA: Take my life, GEORGE: and do something with it.
GLORIA: And do something with it. GEORGE: I receive
everything, GLORIA: I receive everything, GEORGE: that you
have to offer me, GLORIA: That you have to offer me. GEORGE:
Thank you for turning my life around. GLORIA: Thank you for
turning my life around. GEORGE: In Jesus’ name, GLORIA: In Jesus
name. GEORGE: Amen. GLORIA: Amen. Hallelujah. GEORGE: They
have accepted Jesus as their Lord, and if you’ve done that,
we want, we want to know, please let us know if you received
Jesus as your Lord. And also you can contact us. We have a book
here that Kenneth and Gloria wrote, “He Did it All for You.”
We have brochures, information that we want to provide you
with, and you can begin this new life because now it’s time to
renew your minds to the word of the living God. GLORIA: That’s
free. GEORGE: Absolutely free. Absolutely free.
GLORIA: Thank you, Lord. This is Gloria
Copeland and George Pearsons reminding you
that Jesus is Lord! ANNOUNCER: If you received
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your love today. ♪ ♪ We are changed. ♪♪ Taffi: We’ve got to learn
how to–what God wants to do in these last days, and that the
most important thing that we can do is understand how to be free
from condemnation ’cause a lot of times when we’re
feeling condemned, we’re the ones who going
to condemn other people. It comes from somewhere. Because if you’re free, then
you won’t be so harsh and so critical of other people. And so, it says a lot about us
until we can get to a point where we can really–like
Jesus said here in verse 10, “‘Woman, where
are your accusers? And has no man
condemned thee?’ She said, ‘No man, Lord.’ And Jesus said unto her,
‘Neither do I condemn thee. Go and sin no more.'” He says, “Go on your way and
from now on sin no more.” So we have to understand
that we are not cursed and we are not condemned. Number six, forgive
yourself of your past. Forgive yourself of your past. The past is the past and we have
to bury the past so that we can move on and move
forward to our future. How many of you know if we’re
constantly thinking about the past, we’re
constantly looking behind us, we can’t see what God wants to
do ahead of us and accomplish the plan that he
wants to do in our life? Look with me over in Luke’s
Gospel chapter 7, verse 37. Marks–excuse me,
Luke 7, verse 37. Say this with me: “I set my will
to forgive anyone of everything in Jesus’s name.” You got to set your
will every day to forgive. He says here that Jesus forgives
the sinful woman in verse 37. “Behold, a woman in the
city, which was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat
at meat in the Pharisee’s house brought an
alabaster box of ointment.” So this woman was a
sinner woman–a sinful woman. The Amplified says, “A woman of
the town who was an especially wicked sinner.” So, how many of you know
she had a reputation that it got around town? Wasn’t very positive reputation
’cause people knew that she was not just a sinner,
but she was especially, especially, especially wicked. “And when she learned that he
was reclining at the table in the Pharisee’s house brought
an alabaster flask of ointment, of perfume.” And then the
Scripture says in verse 38, “Standing behind
him,” referring to Jesus, “at his feet weeping, she began
to wet his feet with her tears, and she wiped them with the hair
of her head and kissed his feet affectionately and anointed them
with the ointment of perfume.” “Now,” in verse 39, “when the
Pharisees who had invited him saw it–” How many of you know folks
going to have a problem? They are going to
have a problem. “I don’t care if you
got the good reputation.” You know, she had
a bad reputation. Folks are going to have a
problem with whatever you do. “When they–had–who’d
invited him saw it, he said to himself, ‘If
this man were a prophet, he would surely know who and
what sort of woman this is who is touching him.'” But how many of you know
sometimes I take from this as God was giving her the ability
to be brave, you know? He allowed her not to be
limited to the situation and the circumstance that she was in by
not being able to minister to him, but he
allowed her to minister. And then the Scripture says
in verse–“If they knew–if he surely would know what sort of
woman this is who is touching him, for she is a
notorious sinner, a social outcast,
devoted to sin.” Jesus in verse 40
replied to him–said to him, “Simon, I have
something to say to you.” And he says, “Teacher, say it.” And so, he goes on and he
describes here how the woman who could be forgiven of the
most can receive the most. In fact, I’ll go ahead
and receive–read it here. Verse 41, “There was
a certain creditor, had two debtors which owed
500 pence and the other 50. And when they had
nothing to pay, he frankly forgave them that
gave–and tell them therefore, which of them who
will love him the most.” Skip down to verse 44. “He turned to the
woman and said unto Simon, ‘See this woman?'” He said, “‘Do you
see this woman? When I came to your house, you
gave me no water for my feet, but she has wet my feet
with her tears and wiped them with her hair. You gave me no kiss, but she
from the moment I came in has not ceased intermittently
to kiss my feet tenderly and caressingly. You did not anoint my head
with cheap ordinary oil, but she has anointed my
feet with costly rare perfume. Therefore, I tell you, her sins
are many as they are forgiven her because she has loved much. But he who is forgiven little
loves little.’ And he said unto her,
‘Your sins are forgiven.’ And then those who were
at the table with him began to say amongst
themselves, ‘Who is this who even forgives sin?’ And Jesus said to the woman,
‘Your faith has saved you. Go in peace in freedom, go in
peace in freedom from all the distresses that are experienced
at the result of sin.'” Go in peace, and there’s
something about when we begin to forgive ourselves of
our past that we can have peace. Peace in ourselves
and peace with others. How many of you–your
peace is so expensive. You can’t afford to allow
someone to rob you of your peace. Some of you have folks who have
just moved in and rented space in your mind. You need your whole
mind, right? Taking your peace,
taking your joy, robbing from you,
thinking of the past, reminding you of the past
every day of your life. You’re rehearsing, you’re
nursing instead of dispersing and letting stuff go. And so, Jesus gave her an
opportunity where she could be free and he elevated her status
and caused her to receive the value that came by
her ministering to him, and as a result she was able
to be forgiven of her past. Number seven, give yourself
permission to make mistakes. Give yourself
permission to make mistakes. You know, sometimes
when you’re brave, you’re going to be wrong. Y’all getting quiet. Sometimes you’re
going to miss it. I told my daughters,
two of them, I said, “I saw you married to
a person in another state.” We got a church in New York. So I told her where I saw her. The Lord gave me this vision,
I thought it was the Lord, of her living in another
state and in a relationship. Very happy. And then I saw a vision
of my other daughter and, you know, I submit it to God
because right now it ain’t looking like that. But I spoke it. And sometimes you just have to
prophesy and you just have to declare and stay with whatever
and just flow with God and see what he wants to do. “Lord, did I miss it? I repent if I missed it. Or do I need to continue to
birth this thing and pray over and declare it and
begin to speak it out?” And so, sometimes when you’re
flowing with God and doing the things of God,
you’re going to miss it. Give yourself permission. It’s all right.
It’s not the end of the world. It is going to be okay. Sometimes we’re so serious
about every little thing, but it’s like, “You know what? Whatever. I’m going to enjoy life. If I miss it, I’m
going to own it; but I’m going to keep on
moving, moving forward.” Give yourself permission. Laugh at yourself
if you have to. “My bad. I was wrong.
I missed it.” Is that who the Lord said
you’re supposed to be with? That’s the question. You have to ask and
really seek God and say, “Is that the Lord or is it
just–” you just going by how situations look, how
somebody make you feel. Amen.
I’m going to leave that alone. Number eight, people will not
understand you being brave. “Why she’s got to
be all, you know, thinking she just
supposed to be all that? You know, I–it don’t
take all that being brave. You know, just come
to church and go home. Just, you know, long as you
saved and going to heaven, that’s all it takes. Folks always got a narrative to
say something about what you do. If you’re doing too much, then
they got a problem what you’re doing too much. “You’re just doing too much. Just sit down.
Getting on my nerve. Just all over the place and
just thinking you all that, and it don’t even take
all that and–” Really? Then you’re not
doing enough, “Well, you’re just–you know, you just
ought to be ashamed of yourself. The Lord been too good for
you just to sit down and not do anything,” right? But it was just like
that in Jesus’s day. People not going to understand. You get a hold of what
Pastor Deborah’s talking about, and brave girls and
being great–brave. Man, I’m telling you, the world
ain’t ready for us to be brave. I hope y’all know that. The church has been very
comfortable for a long time with us as women being very
contained and very civilized, very proper, very poised. So, just know in all that you do
and all that is said and all the aspirations and endeavors,
that folks going to have a problem with it. But you know what? We’re not running a
popularity contest. People have a problem with
me going to the club and, you know, it’s just like,
“Why is she in the club? She turning it up, she’s
dropping it like it’s hot.” No, I’m just doing
what the Lord said to do. It may look a little
funny, looks weird, you know, just being in there
and trying to help these women and–but it’s the plan of God. So that’s why you can’t judge
somebody about what they’re doing ’cause you don’t know
what God told them to do. You weren’t there.
You don’t know when. You don’t know where. So, we should just respect what
God has placed in the earth and his plan and his purpose where
women are concerned because we hadn’t figured out
the whole thing. We’re just going with God day
by day and trusting him and his will and his
purpose for our life. And how many of you
know he has the final say? So it’ll all come
together in the end, but we’re not running
around trying to get the approval of people. You know, they’re
just–they just don’t get it. They’re may be family
members who just don’t want you to be brave. It might be folks when you
go back home and you like, “Yeah, I’m brave.” You better take
that somewhere else. I’m serious.
It’s the truth. It is the God honest truth. Some people want you to
stay bound ’cause they bound. Misery loves company. And as long as you’re with
them and aligned with them, then they’re good with that. But you’ve got to know what
Christ came to do for you and what he wants to do
on the inside of you. That immeasurable, the limitless
riches of his grace that are yet to be unfold, the rhythms of
his grace where you can get over into the grace of God and to
go out with God and to begin to walk where God wants you to walk
and see and do what God wants you to see and go places where
people have not gone and do things that haven’t been done. It’s not going to
make sense to people, but it’s okay because
God’s got your back, amen? We give God praise for that.
We give him praise for that. We give you
praise for that, Lord. Hallelujah.
We give you praise for that. Thank you, Lord, that you’re
taking us higher and taking us to new depths, new
dimensions, places that women have never gone before. We’re going hard after you. We’re brave women and
we’re going to do your will. We’re going to do what
you’ve called us do. Hallelujah. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Jesus. Number nine, as has mentioned,
look at John 16, verse 33. If there’s a Easy
Read Version back there, I’d love to read it
from that translation. If not, we’ll just read
it from the Amplified. But this is a popular Scripture
and Easy-to-Read Version. John 16, verse 33. Thank you, Lord. It says, “I’ve told you these
things so that in me you might have peace, perfect
peace and confidence. In the world you will have
tribulation and trials and distress and frustration,
but be of good cheer, take courage, be
confident, be certain, undaunted for I have
overcome the world. I have deprived it of the power
to harm you and I have conquered it for you.” The Easy Read
Version says to be brave, to be brave because Jesus
has conquered the world. And if you get home and if
you could just kind of Google this–I think it’s
worth looking at. It’s worth reading. So number nine is, decide
in opposition to be brave. Decide in opposition because
Jesus says that there’s going to be opposition, amen? He says you’re going
to have some haters, some gossipers,
backbiters, some enemies, people who are jealous. He says in the world you’re
going to have frustration, but he says be brave and
overcome the world and do what it is that God is
leading you to do. Number ten, there’s a time
and a season for everything. And that doesn’t mean that we
should hold back on walking out the plan of God for our life,
but understand what it is that God wants to do in the
seasons in which we are living. In Psalms 27, look at verse 14. I encourage you to read this
also from the Easy Read Version. The Easy Read Version
says, “Be strong and be brave. Wait for his help.” Be strong. Not only being strong, but
be brave and wait for him. Wait for his time. Not jumping out there
just, “Ahh.” It’s like, “What is it,
the time of the Lord? Is it his season to do
what he wants to do? Or am I just excited and
I’m just out on a whim?” So he says timing is everything. Be strong.
Be brave. Wait for him. Wait on the Lord and he’ll tell
you when to do what needs to be done and how to do
what needs to be done. Thank you, Lord, that
you’re speaking right now. We have crystal clear hearing
on what it is that we need to be brave about. Like I said last night, some of
you need to get your fight back. Somebody stole your fight. Somebody took what
God wants you to have. You have to ask yourself, “Why
is there no fight in my life?

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