Use Cinnamon in Your Diabetes Diet
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Use Cinnamon in Your Diabetes Diet

September 11, 2019

use cinnamon in your diabetes diet so
many people all over the world do suffer from the condition of diabetes this is
the main reason why a lot of research has been poured into the disorder one of
the significant results of all the research done is that there is actually
a positive relationship between cinnamon and diabetes yes you read it right
cinnamon the one you probably have in your pantry right now has positive
effects on the condition of diabetes so who should take advantage of this
amazing discovery these are the people who are afflicted with type 2 diabetes
all you have to do is take and have a teaspoon of cinnamon every single day
that is all you have to do pretty easy right just make sure to include cinnamon
in your daily diet and you will soon notice significant effects in your
condition the great thing about this is the fact that cinnamon is not at all
yucky to take in in fact when you bake or cook goodies with cinnamon they
become more tasty and delicious each time you take in cinnamon goodies you
are actually lowering your glucose levels it is really that easy there’s
absolutely no need to prepare much to get significant results the only
preparation entailed in the process is when you are choosing which particular
cinnamon items to incorporate in your diet yes that would be just about the
only hassle that you would have to deal with here is a list of food items that
you just might be interested in apple coffee cake cinnamon bun breakfast
focaccia raisin cinnamon rolls and cinnamon iced tea of course these are
not the only items that you can include in your diet the fun is actually in
experimenting what particular cinnamon food items you can include go ahead and
experiment and you just might be able to come up with your very own recipes but
why is cinnamon in particular with type 2 diabetes the body has actually become
quite resistant to insulin this then results to the storage of more blood
sugar in the body this is very dangerous because the presence of high glucose
levels in the blood can lead to severe complications however the natural
compounds that cinnamon contains can actually
mimic the properties of insulin this means that the compounds are able to
assist in the absorption of glucose by your cells glucose can then be converted
into energy but just to be on the safe side you can consult your physician
regarding these properties of cinnamon this way
your physician can also recommend an appropriate diet plan for you

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  1. Why would this video recommend someone with type 2 diabetes eat cinnamon rolls or apple cake that has cinnamon in it knowing those items are terrible for a person with type 2 diabetes to eat?

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