Unicorn Chan says Bruce Lee never told him of headaches…

September 19, 2019

Rumor has it… that… says, Bruce’s death this time from training kung fu to
the point of risking his own life has a connection… and you know well about his training… so, is there anything you can tell us? My feelings about him training kung fu is that it wouldn’t
hurt his body. Also a body that is hurt wouldn’t train kung fu too. But now he’s dead, I don’t know, I just rushed back (from Philipines). When training kung fu, he does push himself to the limit. To regular people he was different… number one: he
doesn’t do social events. A lot of people invited him, for instance, even a King
invited him, he wouldn’t go. That’s his character. He’d either read, train kung fu, and jog, and read
books, and use electricity to stimulate… I mean, he… it was like his hobby. He wouldn’t harm his body. So… your opinion is that it’s impossible that he could’ve
died from training kung fu. Bruce never told me about any headaches, or anything like

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