Types Of Diarrhea, Causes & Common Symptoms To Watch Out For
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Types Of Diarrhea, Causes & Common Symptoms To Watch Out For

August 30, 2019

Diarrhea Types, Causes And Common Symptoms. What is diarrhea?. Diarrhea is a condition marked by frequent
and watery bowel movements. This condition may come with common digestion
symptoms like bloating and cramps, or not. Diarrhea can come in various forms such as. Acute diarrhea or enteritis, which is due
to an inflammation of the intestine (usually the small intestine). Chronic diarrhea, where the passage of watery
stools continues for a period of time extending for more than fourteen days. Dysentery, which is a severe case of diarrhea
that involves blood or pus in the passed stools. Gastroenteritis. This form of diarrhea is marked by nausea
and vomiting. Like most other gastrointestinal disorders,
diarrhea can affect anyone, regardless of age. While the condition can be treated at home
by using over-the-counter medications, there are also effective natural treatment methods
which can be done at home. Causes of diarrhea. Commonly, diarrhea is a symptom of some other
condition such as food poisoning or a gastrointestinal disorder. Other probable causes of diarrhea include
microbial infections, food intolerance, alcohol or laxative abuse, and reaction to drugs. Symptoms of diarrhea. The major symptom of diarrhea is loose and
watery stools. Other common symptoms of diarrhea are dehydration,
bloating, abdominal cramps, and fever. Don’t forget to click the subscribe button
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