Type 2 Diabetes: You CAN Reverse It!
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Type 2 Diabetes: You CAN Reverse It!

September 8, 2019

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  1. Don't let your doctor tell you that a HbA1c above 5.6 is "ok" or "close enough". At those levels you are doing permanent damage to every small artery in your body, from the arteries in your eyes to the ones in you kidneys. You must fix your diet to fix your diabetes!

  2. i have mentall illness the government gives me very little money to live on forcing me to eat pasta every day for years i get teh pasta for one dollar a box and i put very little sauce on it i beleive i now have type 2 diabetes

  3. Does drinking milk affect sugar alot? Should i be worried about drinking it? My dad is diabetic, can he drink milk? Sry if thats alot of question

  4. Wait I was told it can't be reversed once you get it. I honestly thought diet soda would be fine but just learned it damages me, so I've stopped dr4inking it now.

  5. I dont care what anyone says, YOU CANNOT REVERSE DIABETES. All your doing is changing your eating lifestyle, but you will always be a diabetic. If on a whim you decide to indulge in a day of sweets, your blood sugar will still rise bc your pancreas does not work properly…and yes I am a diabetic myself since the age of 12.

  6. Thank God I found your video! I am a Holistic Nutritionist and I've been trying to get it across to all these people with type 2 diabetes that they have to change their diet! No sugar no carbs.I live in Vancouver BC and if you go to the Diabetes Association website and check out the diets that they recommend it's absolutely atrocious! Full of carbs!I will be sending lots of clients to listen to your videos. Thanks so much for caring and being honest!

  7. I totally 100% believe you. I think it's always better to treat medical conditions naturally whenever possible.

  8. Thank you Dr Berry, I was told that my glucose levels are now 6.5 so I have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and its not something I wanted to hear, I have been a bit depressed and withdrawn from people since I lost a well paying job and have not been able to find something that pays any livable wage so food became my friend. I didn't care what I ate, it made me feel better, but now I have eaten myself into a disease,that I'm not claiming, I'm going to do everything in my power to rid myself of this title. And with the information you just shared with me I'm on my way. One other thing, I have been experiencing some numbness on my (R) foot in a few of my toes, can you tell me what that means? I'm concerned about this.

  9. Dr. Berry… You’re saving more lives than you’ll ever know. Sadly, there are hundreds of thousands more who remain ill-informed and will continue to die. I share your videos to as many people I know who struggle with Diabetes and obesity. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you do.

  10. Hi Dr. Berry I love your videos they are very informative you are talking truth some of the doctors only give you a bandage to cover the wound and the wound is getting worse and there is cure for the wound but they just keep giving you the bondage I am a type 2 diebetic and I started to do my dietary changes thank you for your knowledge I am trying to get my A1C down to 5.3 through dietary changes.

  11. Dr Berry I am a type 2 diabetic and 80 lbs overweight. I want to start doing water fasts. I would like to start with a 3 day fast. Can you respond and do a video on this topic. Please include what supplements that I should include. My intention is autophagy and curing my diabetes. Thank you!

  12. Following Dr Berry's advice for 2 years now…Yesterday my A1C came back at 5.5 down from 6.0 two years ago…My triglycerides have dropped in half. My HDL is up substantially. Lost over 40 pounds of fat. KETO and intermittent fasting works. Thank You Dr Berry. Love your book too.

  13. 10 home remedies for diabetes that really work! Suffering from diabetes? Here are some handy tips that can help keep that sugar level down.> Diabetescure3weeks. com (Google it) ❤🙋‍♀😁

  14. Definitely Agree To This! The New Study Shows That Type 2 Diabetes Is Closely Related To Testosterone. If You Have Type 2 Diabetes And Tried A Lot Of Stuff But Did Not Work Out Just Reply To This And I Will Help You.

  15. Doc, my last A1C was 8 months ago and was 5.2% I’ve been on and off keto. Yesterday I ate a lot of bread and took my blood glucose today fasted. It was 123. This seems high. Is this something I should be concerned of?

  16. I was diagnosed with T2D on 5/19/2019 with an A1c of 9.6%, weighing 260lbs.

    My 2 month follow up: A1c of 5.9%, weighing 216lbs.

  17. I have type 2…what kind of foods do i need to eat everyday?
    I gave up soda pop and sugars…i need to know what's the best foods to eat! Thanks!

  18. Thank you Doctor Berry, MD for possibly saving my life, or at the very least saving me from future years of illness brought on by the effects of diabetes.  The information in your video provided me both the encouragement and insightfulness into reversing diabetes.  Information and encouragement that neither my doctor nor my dietitian were able to provide.  You see, 3 months ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (A1C level of 11.0).  I immediately turned to the internet to get more information on my diagnosis and treatment.  With the grace of god, I stumbled upon your video, which equipped me with the knowledge to reversing by diabetes. I'm extremely proud to say, all thanks to you, I have gone from an A1C level of 11.0 to 4.9 in 3 months.  My weight as declined from 215.6 lbs to 189.4 lbs, and I'm off my blood pressure pills.  My life style will never go back to what it was.  You mostly, and a few other youtubers, and William Davis, MD (his preface in Wheat Belly Cookbook – the facts about Wheat), were my sources of encouragement and guidance, when my wife and many others were so skeptical.  I will always be indebted to you. JG – Canada.

  19. Help please what should i do. My lantus stopped working i was stable at 110 to 130. Now 300 to 600. Went to hospital. They did nothing doctor thinks i am at 75 nope. I am mortified and all the rest go see different doctor hospital…? Please help.

  20. Listen to this man!! my A1c was 12.7 two years ago, i quit eating carbs and have lost 80 pounds and im no longer diabetic, my last A1c was 5.3

  21. hello dr Berry i have a qusetion i have type2 and is a low carb or a keto best to control high sugar levels i had a vgs in 2010 and gained about 30 pounds over this time amd it wont budge also i used to take metiformin 500 myself for a long time but was unawheare of that b12

  22. Effective natural remedies, prevention, lifestyle changes and diet for diabetes => Diabetescure3weeks. com

  23. Dr. Berry, I have been watching a lot of your videos and been eating low carb. I lost some weights for sure. Sugar readings have got better too. My question is once my type 2 diabetes is reversed and my A1C becomes in the normal range, can I eat some stuff like I used to like rice and noodles and spaghetti and some desserts. It's been hard. Don't know how others went through but it's sure difficult for me. When my diabetes is reversed, I hope it's permanent. Or do I have to keep staying low carb or keto for the rest of my life? Thanks.

  24. Is taking aspirin with statin okay in a long term? What are the side effects? How could I avoid taking blood thinner and not at risk of stroke.

  25. I've read articles stating there is correlation between women having full hysterectomy, low thyroid and type 2 diabetes. What are you thoughts on this? My mother has all 3. I have her on iodine and selenium and her A1C and blood sugar have lowered.

  26. Nearly 4 months ago a random blood test showed my A1C to be 106mmol/mol (sorry, we do things different in the UK) which is way up near the top of the chart, I had heard that people manage to reverse their Diabetes, so found yours (and others) videos on here, coming from a fitness industy background, and remembering reading Lyle McDonalds book, I decided to try Keto, and after watching your videos, I backed this up with some Intermittent fasting (which was easy on Keto, I was never hungry!) – Anyway, to cut a long story short, in just over 3 months I achieved 75lbs weight loss, My hba1c has gone from 106mmol/mol to 39!! The Doctor (who was very dismissive of lifestyle change) couldn't believe it. Also other markers she was concerned about (lipids, Liver…pretty much everything) have all gone from "urgent action required" to normal, So glad I refused to take that Statin! Thank you for your advice, sincerely.

  27. Had a lab drawn 1 week ago and my total creatine kinase was 469 ,this has me concerned as the range is 0-235 u/l. I had eaten a lot of Mexican food 3 hrs before.

  28. Awesome job. Thanks so much for sharing and caring. Does a sea salt flush help? How bout juicing celery, carrots and any other juicing

  29. At age 60 I reversed my type 2 diabetes – my story is here on YouTube. Although my diet and lifestyle was the cause – I do wish that urgency you suggest from the medical community at the first sign of elevated sugars would have been conveyed – I could have made my change before damage was done.

  30. Dr. Berry, I just had a test done from my endocrinologist and my glucose is 102 and my insulin B chain is 29.8. What does the insulin B chain level mean?

  31. Love your directness, and so true. its funny my text book i have to study says to increase whole grains which is funny because they come in the form of starches and sugars so the opposite to what we need.

  32. When diagnosed 6 years ago my Dr who has been a Atkins proponent for years handed me a pamphlet and told me to lose weight and all my health problems will be solved. HBP, Cholesterol, A1C. 6 mos moderate carbs low calorie diet and exercise I lost 55 pounds and kept it off. A1C went from 6.8 to 5.8 without meds. I went Keto last year and 5.1 no meds. Our diet is truly killing us. I have not used Keto to lose weight just glucose control. It works for that. The main benefit is hunger control. I just don't need to eat often or large portions. I don't count calories and still exercise.

  33. I realise that this video is nearly 2 years old and maybe now you have better understanding but …

    Please STOP claiming to be able to cure Type 2 Diabetes. It's quite simply false.
    Type 2 Diabetes is in essence a condition whereby the body becomes Insulin Resistant. No amount of diet or exercise will remove that Insulin Resistance.
    Diet can reduce your carb / sugar intake but it does not change the way your body uses Insulin to process glucose. Similarly exercise can help your body to process carbs and glucose stores faster but again it is NOT stopping your body from being Insulin Resistant.

    To claim that diet and exercise are a cure for Type 2 Diabetes is like saying that you've cured a rapist by locking them away from potential victims: they're not cured – sure, you've prevented the undesirable result but the underlying condition still remains.

    And not all diabetes is weight-related: mine's genetic. So again, diet is not a cure.

  34. I realise that this video is now 2 years old and maybe you now have a better understanding of Type 2 Diabetes but please …

    This is false and unethical.
    Type 2 Diabetes is a condition whereby the body becomes Insulin Resistant and so cannot process carbs / glucose normally. Type 2 Diabetes is not stroke, loss of eye-sight or fingers or toes, etc., … Type 2 Diabetes is Insulin Resistance.

    While I'm in total agreement with you that diet and exercise are healthy and key to MANAGING Type 2 Diabetes …
    Diet merely serves to reduce the carb / sugar intake while exercise increases the rate of burning carb stores for energy. Both diet and exercise help to reduce the glucose that the body needs to process – therefore avoiding the issue with Insulin Resistance and avoiding the glucose being dumped into the blood stream.

    Claiming to be able to cure Type 2 Diabetes via diet and / or exercise is like claiming to be able to cure a paedophile by locking them in a room alone. All you've done is avoid the end-result.
    Paedophile + child = rape
    Insulin Resistance + carbs / sugar = Type 2 Diabetes issues

    Removing carbs / sugar and children simply removes B from the equation. It does not address the underlying condition of A.

    Like so many conditions (bipolar, clinical depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc., …): it cannot be cured – simply managed and hopefully avoided.

    And not all Type 2 Diabetics have weight issues. Mine is genetic and, as my Dr told me, I'm not overweight so I can't fix this by losing weight.

  35. There are a large number of female doctors a more inclusive use of pronouns would be wonderful. For example “they” when describing male and female doctors.

  36. Doctor Berry, my husband is over weight and diabetic. He is having his blood work fasting next week. Any important tests we need to ask the doctor?

  37. Yes! It is reversible! I've done it! You are the best doctor! Thanks for your honesty and for getting this truthful information out there!

  38. Type 2 …1800 daily metformin
    38 waist ….A1C…10.2 …6mths ago
    What do I do?😡
    What do I eat?
    Please help

  39. Hello (Doctor?) Berry. I have T2D and I agree with everything you and an exponentially growing number of physicians are now concluding, which is that T2D IS REVERSIBLE and that insulin actually make T2D (Insulin Resistance) WORSE. Just a little 'heads-up' though: You can have much more credence (& more people take you completely seriously), if you STOP wearing your stethoscope around your neck ! No 'real' doctors do that anymore. It's like saying "Look at me, I'm a doctor. I know what I'm doing & pretty clever". We know that doctors just have ability to remember symptoms, diagnose patients & BLINDLY prescribe med(s) as per their COMPLETELY OUTDATED training. We are hopefully going to change that and STOP T2D pandemic which current treatment is failing to do.

  40. Dr Berry what are your thoughts on family history of heart disease and diabetes? I've always been told I can't get away from the family history of both of these diseases. I am a borderline diabetic and am on 2 high blood pressure meds. I started the keto lifestyle 2 weeks ago and stopped taking my metformin. I have lost 12# and my blood sugar is consistently below 100 at all times of the day. I feel fantastic!

  41. I figured out “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it) from my good friend and read it to shed weight as well as treat my diabetes. I had been following firm exercise as well as diet plan. I had been able to reduce Thirty five points from my blood sugar levels right after a day on the diet system. Right after Four days, I lost 60 points from my blood glucose levels. It`s been efficient for me personally. I`m very pleased that I managed to stabilize my blood sugar levels..

  42. I had been clinically determined to have diabetes almost a year ago. I`m presently Sixty-four years old. Getting diabetes is a distress for me personally, and also the fact that I will be suffering the effects of diabetes like my father. The good news is, I have found this excellent guide “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it). The main test outcomes show that my glucose was at 183 and my A1C was 7.3. I read the program carefully for a week and now my A1C dropped to 5.9…

  43. I'm on keto now for 3 weeks. My fasting glucose is around 150. Is this normal in the beginning? Even though I have absolutely no carbs in my diet, except for the ones from veggies. I keep my daily carbs under 20 grams. And yes, I'm type 2 diabetic.

  44. and yet another Dr seeking to scare diabetics, they already know the complications that can happen, there is know need to keep repeating the scare stories. Mr Negative.

  45. I am very glad I found your channel I was told a few weeks ago I am a type 2 I have never been before . My doctor who said she was watching was doing just that watching it go from a good level to a 7.1 level . I am doing research like crazy to find out what I need to do to get this gone for good . so any help I will take and any advice I would love I have gone from a 12 pack of soda down to one a day if that some times I am not even doing that . I have subscribed to your channel because I want to do whatever I have to to get this gone .

  46. ….Doctors reverse type 2 diabetes in three weeks "No more drugs pills or insulin injections To know more click on Link…..=> Diabetescure3weeks. com

  47. This is the first video I watched that helped/scared the shit out of me start to change my lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Berry

  48. What he failed to tell you is that you should stop drinking Alcohol, and Sodas. In order to improve your Liver and Kidneys. Don't eat Cane Sugar, use Splenda Sugar instead and stop Smoking. Those are some of the things that can make things worse for you with Type 2 Diabetes. Eat more Vegetables and to lay off of White Bread which is high in Carbohydrates and Fat. Don't drink Fruit Punches, but you can drink your own Lemonade, Tea, and Coffee with Splenda Sugar not the Powder kind but the Sugar blend. Since I have been to the Doctor for my Check ups after I was Hopitalized. My Blood Sugar was around 1,400 when I had went to the ER from drinking Fruit Juices and Eating Snickers bars, I have had a good report. The Doctor told my that everything has improved a lot. I went to the Eye Doctor because I needed some new Glasses and Cotact Lenses, the Eye Examiner told me that I did not have Diabetes. So it's really about putting good food in you body and staying away from bad foods that can make you sick. Drinking more Water will help your Liver and Kidneys.

  49. Thank you again, Doctor! It is a question of diet and determination and persistence. A simple, but hardly easy, fix.

  50. Im very worried for my dad and myself. My dad is dealing with diabetes type 2 for about 10 years and he is not getting better too much. And this is in my dads side of the family line, which may affect me. 😭 i love my dad and i dont want to lose him. Im praying for him to God and I want to belive and have no doubt in God but Im human and I just keep having doubts. Please do pray for my dad if you can please. It would be appreciated if done. Thank you

  51. I was 180 lbs 4 months ago I was prediabetic 6.0 and high cholesterol , after dieting and excercising cutting out sugar and processed foods, I lost 35 lbs and my abs flat again 144 lbs now and HBA1C 5.6 , within those 4 months Of researching this was one of the videos I been watching, I was surprised I pulled it off no nutritionists or dietitions just youtube and research and system I came up with of what worked for me, cholesterol was reduced as well, now I drink water, unsweetened tea with stevia and carbonated drinks, doctor was impressed and shocked and no medications were needed, I have no desire of drinking sugary drinks, orange juice was a killer for me

  52. Whilst reading this “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it), my blood sugar level is 300 and my A1c was 11.5%. The figures was 2 months ago. I exactingly used “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it). And that made it happen. I couldn`t contain my joy as I found that my average PP sugar level was reduced to A hundred and forty…

  53. So, I've been diabetic for 2 years but went thru depression and stopped caring. About a month ago I made an appt to see a doc but it was for another 3 weeks so I decided to buy a glucose monitor and do whatever I could. My first reading was 528. I weighed 170lbs at 5'3. Well I bought insulin I had used before and I had another doc prescribe metformin. I changed my diet and cut out carbs and sugars. I only drink water and coffee and I started using swerve instead of sugar. My numbers went down to below 200, which is still very high but considering I was doing this without docs and without proper meds i think i did well. I saw my doc finally and got on insulin and metformin and got a cgm. My numbers no longer go over 150, but I've gained weight. I'm now 182 lbs. Is this normal? I'm waiting on lab results but the doc says insulin side effect is weight gain, but wont that make my insulin resistance worse?

  54. Started this 3 weeks ago and I feel way better. My doctor's nose was out of joint but my sugar numbers are exactly the same as they were with all the drugs but I'm sure with this diet change they will get lower. It's only been 3 weeks and I have way more energy.

  55. Sir, you are so bold and brave i love it.

    1 question though, i am type2 diabetic, have been doing IF for 1 year, and keto for 1 month, i am really thin and have no belly fat at all, i have started to crave carbohydrates now, is it because my body fat has reduced too much and should i eat carbs if i crave them even after consuming fats? Please help. god bless doctors like you.

  56. Doctor I have a fasting glucose of 180. Whenever I eat a meal it rises upto 250 or more. My doctor have guven me metformin 1000 mg. But after taking for months I started feeling weak so I stopped taking it. But I don't feel any diabetic symptoms like frequent urination or nerve pain or other symptoms. I have done my kidney tests creatinine test they are normal but my triglycerides is 400 which is too much. I am not able to figure out what is the problem with me. Please help me

  57. What I get from all this this thing called Diabetes.
    We as Americans have to much sugar in our foods to much Sugar with that said!
    Why is it that when we as Parents find our kids doing something bad we correct them why is it we don't hold theses company's responsible for making all theses foods that are killing people killing them they know it's killing people by the masses yet not doing what's right.
    We complain about Guns killing people and fill the need to rid the world of them but Sugar kills more people than any Guns do?
    Our Government allowing theses corporations to kill us knowing theses things kill what better way to rid people of this world with out taking blame what a "sweet"way to do things.
    It's bullshit I have a friend who's been dying in front of me for the last five years a slow death very slow and all his friends at the clinic dying loosing feet toes arms and the will to live anymore the will to live.
    Their souls are broken from this thing yet Sugar companies are becoming the power houses of the world.
    Sugar is a additive put into almost everything we eat 1 additive killing mass amounts of our brothers mothers fathers sister yet companies look away from the people and look to the 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸 Sad.

  58. Hi my husband has just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes this video has helped me so much thank you for posting the information

  59. Hey! Thought I would come here for opinions. My dad has just had a meeting with a dietician and a health nurse, he has been doing a diabetes version of keto. His blood sugar levels have gone down from 14.9 to around 6-9 but the dietician and health nurse mentioned his “lipids” were high, they’re apparently supposed to be around 1.5 and he is sitting at around a 5. I know keto is based around fats but they said he has to lower his fats?? I know a lot of people who have or did have diabetes said this diet works! And although it is helping in some aspects it isn’t in others. Can anyone help me out with what to do ?? He is also a truck driver (home for three days on the road for 7) thanks in advance for any help !! 😊

  60. Integrity means a lot unfortunately most doctors don’t have it today. Thank you for having an honest heart. I have been trying to lower my blood pressure and the doctors keep giving me or prescribing medications that make me sick break me out cause tremendous inflammation ,but I’m taking charge of my own intake of food and I am going to follow your attitude and your directive. Thank you thank you very much

  61. my A1C is 6.0 and my doctor did not tell me anything ?What DIET is best ((keto or Palio )) thank you so much and how can I send you money You sure are an encouragement I will watch your video You are a precious gem for sure 🙏❤

  62. I just found your channel and I glad I watch it and I believed on your theory and will do do your advise because I have Type 2 Diabetes I will fight and reverse my T2D . I will recommend you to all my relatives and friends who are suffering with T2D.

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