Trump Gets Man Killed
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Trump Gets Man Killed

October 10, 2019

>>A 41-year-old man from Detroit was deported
to Iraq back in June. His name was Jimmy Aldaoud, and he died earlier
this week apparently from complications getting the medicine he needs to treat his diabetes. Now, that’s horrible without anything added. But everything else that you hear about this
only makes it worse. So an immigration attorney who works for them
a close friend of his family’s, Edward Bajoka says that the death was apparently linked
to just an inability to obtain insulin. And now he was an Iraqi national. Jimmy Aldaoud was, but he was born in Greece
and came to the US as a young child. Apparently when he was just 6 months old,
he had never lived in Iraq, obviously as most people who’ve lived in America their entire
lives have not. He didn’t speak Arabic. He was technically an Iraqi national, but
there was nothing Iraqi about him, anymore than anyone sitting at this table. And yet, they sent him back there because
they don’t care. They just don’t care. We say this a lot about people being deported
hypothetically to Mexico or somewhere else in Latin or South America, but they do it
to the Middle East too. And they send people into a context they have
no ability to deal with. Let alone any additional problems like his
health problems including potentially mental health problems. And so, he died because he was on his own
in a country he didn’t know, surrounded by people who speak a language that he can’t
speak. And his lawyer says, rest in peace Jimmy. Your blood is on the hands of ICE and this
administration.>>So when I first saw the headline, Iraqi
man dies after the Trump administration deports him. I had to confess that I had a number of assumptions
in my head, all of which proved to be wrong. So I thought, well, maybe he was a translator
for us. And if we send him back, maybe some people
that were on the opposite side wanna get revenge on him, etc, etc. I think this story is in some ways worse,
because look, I know because I immigrated to this country when I was eight years old. And he came here when he was six months old. And even coming here as an eight-year-old,
you barely remember things before eight. And so, I grew up an American. And in fact, my Turkish family makes fun of
me for that. They’re like, look at the American over here. Did you watch Seinfeld or dp you wanna eat
pizza, right?>>I’m like, yeah, because that’s the culture
I grew up in. I’m culturally American. I’m as a citizen American, etc. This guy a 100% and culturally whether he
was a citizen or not, right? And it turns out, no, not only that he was
he on the war, not in the transit. He’s not Muslim, he’s Catholic, he is Chaldean,
okay? That’s a very specific sect interact. And it turns out the Chaldeans here in America
largely supported Donald Trump in the election. And now they feel betrayed. What did you think he was gonna do? Did you think he was gonna make a distinction? You’re an Iraqi, but you’re Christian, so
it’s okay. You might think that’s a normal distinction,
and if you were a real Evangelical, maybe you make that distinction. If you were a real American, you wouldn’t
make that distinction, you wouldn’t care what his religion is. But he played up the whole, Evangelicals,
I’m with you, Christians, etc. No, he sees an Iraqi. Who cares that he’s Christian? No, send him back. And they’re like, you’re sending Christians
back to Iraq in the disaster that Iraq is? Well I mean, even if you didn’t have the insulin
problem that this guy Jimmy had, you’re gonna be in a world of trouble. To John’s point, he was homeless. He doesn’t know anyone in Iraq. He didn’t grow up in Iraq at all. He doesn’t know how to speak the language,
so he didn’t know how to get off the street. And then he dies, cuz he can’t get his medicine
and nobody will help him. And that’s what this country’s turned into. That’s what we do now.>>Right.>>So look, I give you the important caveat. He did have a criminal record. So if you’re just looking at that, I get it. You’re gonna say, hey, listen, if you committed
a crime and you’re not a citizen they send you back. I understand that. And so this is, in that sense, not as egregious
as some of the other Trump stories. It’s egregious is the sense that, first of
all, by the way, he’s schizophrenic. That’s why he has a criminal record according
to his family, right? And so they’re like, yeah, we’re trying to
help him and he we’ve been getting him counseling, etc., etc. And so, if you’re a conservative you can say,
yeah, I don’t care. He committed a crime, sad day for him, he’s
not a citizen. He should go back. I hope a normal person, and you go, well,
I get it on the crimes, but gosh, I wish that hadn’t happened. I wish they hadn’t sent him to a country he
never lived in and where he died. I hope you think that.>>It also speaks to a recklessness when it
comes to the way that a lot of these deportations are handled. And I think that’s sort of the meta problem
that we always hear about. We’re gonna vet, and this is all gonna be
handled and you remember Donald Trump early on saying everything’s gonna be handled humanely. But of course, it’s been just the opposite. Everything’s handled quite recklessly, and
this is just really one more symptom of that recklessness.>>But just one thing I gotta ask all across
the country for the Trump supporters. When he comes for you, please don’t be surprised. Like everybody is always shocked and chagrined
and surprised. I remember there was this story, I think it
was an Ohio, middle of the country somewhere they come and get this guy who’s good business
>>Been running a diner. The community loves him. And they’re like, but we all voted for Trump,
he doesn’t care. The farmers all voted for Trump, now they’re
devastated. He doesn’t care, so just please don’t be surprised
when he comes for you.>>Yeah, he talks about how much he loves
bikers for Trump. He tried to drive Harley-Davidson out of business,
there’s no line he won’t cross. With the international Christians, it’s just
a talking point that we need to protect them. It doesn’t matter if it’s them in Iraq, if
it’s the Coptic Christians, it is just a talking point. It’s like how conservatives here in US bring
up Chicago for gun violence. Just talking pointing, they don’t care about
fixing it, they just think it’s convenient to talk about it. And with this guy, so he is been here for
a very long time, longer than the vast majority of most of us. He committed crimes and I don’t care, he’s
one of us, he just is, like I guess I have a fundamentally different idea of what makes
you an American or makes you worthy to be here. But the people who fight. For instance, I had Jose Caballero on, a candidate
for congress in California. And he wants to make, if you’re here and you
serve in the military, you become a citizen. Because obviously you deserve citizenship
if you’re willing to die for your country. If you spend your entire life here, especially
a difficult one marked by mental health problems as well as other health problems. You’re one of us. But for conservatives, it’s not. It’s the same as, like, white pride. It’s just a stupid stand-in for your own deficiencies. You want to define yourself by something that
just happened when you were born. You happened to be born here. You happened to be born a citizen. You didn’t do anything for it. You’re so obsesses with sovereignty and borders. It has nothing to do with you. It’s just supposed to make you better than
people who’ve gone through hell to get here. Like they’re attacking a parent who would
bring their kid 2000 miles through horrendous conditions to get here. That parent deserves it more than the vast
majority of people, deserves it more than I do, honestly. I was born here. I became a citizen through no fault or effort
of my own. But if somebody wants to serve in the military,
if somebody gives their life, they start a business. They’re here their whole lives, they start
a family. They’re one of us.>>So technically, we are the American dream,
my family right? We came to America because we love America,
we believe in it. We believe in hope, opportunity, etc. And this country gave us that hope and opportunity. And I think we’ve done a good job of taking
advantage of that and giving back, and being good citizens, etc. And we did it the legal way. We did all the things that conservatives always
want us to do, right? Hey, you gotta wait in line, we did wait in
line, right? You gotta do it the legal way, we did do it
the legal way. And then they say they would be welcoming,
yet right wingers every day will say go back home, go back home, right? They never meant it. They never meant any of it. It’s just the matter of who’s in the us and
who’s in the them. And these Chaldean Catholics that voted for
Trump, they thought they were part of the us. Come to find out, they’re not.>>So this is a video that have been posted
by someone who knew him to Facebook.>>I was deported two and a half weeks ago.>>Speak up, please.>>I’ve been in the United States since six
months old. Just two and a half weeks ago, an immigration
agent pulled me over and said I’m going to Iraq. And I refused. I said I’ve never been there. I’ve been in this country my whole life, since
pretty much birth. I missed birth by six months. And they refused to listen to me. They wouldn’t listen to me. They would let me call my family, nothing. They just said you’re going to Iraq, and you’re
best bet is to cooperate with us. That way we’re not gonna chain you up. We’ll put you on a commercial flight. I begged them not to flee. I’ve never seen that country, I’ve never been
there. However, they forced me. I’m here now, and I don’t understand the language,
anything. I was sleeping in the street, I’m diabetic,
I take insulin shots. I’ve been throwing up, throwing up, sleeping
in the streets, trying to find something to eat. I got nothing over here, as you can see, I
was kicked in the back a couple days ago said get off the guys property. I was sleeping on the ground. He claimed it’s his property. I begged him, I said please sir I’ve never
seen this country, I don’t understand the language, nobody speaks English.>>So that was actually after he went to Iraq. And he died shortly thereafter, so. You might say that if you’re a conservative,
that it was necessary. I hope you’re not proud.

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  2. I'm sorry but I don't feel sorry for them saying they feel betrayed. He ran his campaign on lies, building a wall and deportation. Duh!!

  3. Oh, stop with all of this garbage. You put in the headline that our President killed this man. I hope the secret service pays you clowns a visit. You continue to push for illegals , got that, illegals, instead of speaking up for Americans. You clowns are beyond stupid.

  4. The young turds spreading more lies. The first thing is he was not homeless, he had a apartment in a Christian neighborhood. He survived for 2-1/2 months in iraq. He was given a months supply of medication when he was deported and the video of him in iraq was taken after only 2-1/2 weeks in the country so he should of had plenty of medication left. It is not hard to find insulin in iraq, there are diabetic clinics all throughout the country where insulin is distributed to patients. He was taken to a hospital, treated and released. If he died due to a lack of insulin his death was a suicide since insulin is readily available in iraq, if it wasn't don't you think it would be all over the news that hundreds of thousands of diabetics are dying in iraq. He had received multiple removal orders in the recent years so it should be no surprise that he was being deported. He did not eve try to make the best of the situation and try to establish a life in iraq. This is clearly a case of suicide by high blood sugar.

  5. Poor soul, to be alone in this world is horrible. Governments have to make the effort to
    Be compassionate. Also in Iraq he would be considered American.

  6. When the Charlottesville far-right shouted "Blood and Soil", this is what they meant. This guy had spent his entire life in America, didn't know how to speak Arabic, had no relationship to Iraq beyond his parentage. But they deported him on the logic that blood is connected to land.

  7. This not new to blaming only Trump, Obama did the same thing and many get deported, I hate the clown Trump but young Turk should not included left and right thing it's humanitarian thing and those law must fixed to prevent like this man death. So young Turk stop playing politics with humans life.

  8. This is a tragic story, but I don't think that this kind of situation this is unique to just the reign of the Trump administration. I think that the solution is to have more immigration courts paired with a parole like system to reduce cost of housing for those who are detained. That way we can keep tabs on non-citizens who are in the country and in most cases I think it will improve the quality of living while they are awaiting the immigration courts to do their thing.

    Lots of people seem to be framing conservatives as cold and uncaring. I don't think that is the truth. The issue is that they value vetting immigrants in an attempt to maintain sovereignty, but in order to do so requires a one size fits all solution that doesn't always work for everyone. I think that working towards a more case-by-case solution is the answer.

  9. You’ll never be taken serious with such a ridiculous title. JFC get a grip and maybe you’ll grow beyond fringey outrage. I hope so.

  10. Yes, this sucks. However, the sudden torrent of moral outrage from the likes of TYT and Shaun King is just so much shamelessly hypocritical and transparent bullshit.

    For starters: it now apparently means a lot all of the sudden that Jimmy Aldaoud was a Chaldean Christian, a branch of Catholicism whose members have often been the targets of everything from blatant bigotry and official discrimination to violent assaults and murders in some Islamic countries. When the US State Department was factoring that into the vetting process for refugees and asylum-seekers, TYT and other prominent members of the bleeding-heart progressive/SJW outrage mob pissed and moaned that giving Middle Eastern Christians any preferential is– are you ready for this?– "racist." Which is, of course, idiotic…and not just because "Christian" and "Muslim" aren't a race.

    Then there's John Iadorola piously denouncing immigration policies that cause people to be deported to places where they can't speak the language, don't know the customs, don't know anything, etc. I'm sure this kind of thing probably happens every other day, but I'll be damned if I can find one about anyone other than Jimmy Aldaoud. I also can't quite figure out how it's just swell for someone to slip inside our own borders illegally where they can't speak the language etc, etc, but bad to deport them out.

    Cenk actually surprised me this time by at least being forthcoming in mentioning Aldaouds' criminal record…but he did also play it down a bit: "Okay, I get it, he had a criminal record and if you focus on that…" Yeah, he had a history…and we're not talking about jaywalking or letting his dog crap on a sidewalk. I believe he took at least a couple of charges for assault battery, and was a participant in a home invasion robbery that earned his a 17-month stretch in The Big House. It could have been longer, but it was later found that the judge presiding over the case failed to remind Aldaoud that "a man who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client" when he had opted to serve as his own defense counsel. Thus, the case was dismissed and Aldaoud was set free.

    It amazes me how TYT will stand up for some of the biggest scumbags in the universe, but some luckless slob gets on the wrong side of our immigration laws, and its *MURDER!!!!*

  11. People should be kept in the country where they learned their criminality. Period!!! The United States of America exports criminals.

  12. Trump is only for his family ,the rich and anyone thats a big donor for him… those who support him should just take a minute ask them selves what has he really done for you..

  13. "The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) said Aldaoud had accrued 20 convictions over two decades including assault with a dangerous weapon, domestic violence and home invasion."

  14. Poor people die everyday cause they cant get their medicine. Some lose their benefits due to an error or waiting to get approved for disability. People end up homeless all the time. Thats unfortunately life and its up to us to find the means until things get sorted out.

  15. The United States has lost its heart and soul. The people have lost their passion for freedom and as a result become a passive herd allowing the wolves to pick us off one by one. We need to take lessons from other countries who are standing up to their corrupt government with mass protests no matter the cost!. The American majority stand by and watch the minority attacked by a Fascist Racist government thinking they are not in the crosshairs but as Cenk Uygur says" When they done with us they coming for you", I think he said that lol. We deporting the wrong people!.

  16. So he's here illegally, has schizophrenia and diabetes (that tax payers were no doubt on the hook for? ) and a long criminal record and was detained and let back out, but committed another larceny and was redetained and we're supposed to make an exception because why? If this guy was going to change it would have been when he was detained the second to last time he wouldn't have committed another crime. If TYT had their way nobody would get deported.

  17. It's a bit hard to have sympathy for this guy, he had over 20 convictions for things like assault with a deadly weapon and home invasion. But all the same, this isn't how we handle criminals.

  18. I understand he’s a criminal but why IRAQ? If you don’t know Arabic or the local culture you’re royally screwed….Why not negotiate with Greece and send him there? At least he’ll be safer.

  19. But Melania and her parents get everything sorted out for them to stay, the rules should apply to all not just folks who will pander to the morally bankrupt base!

  20. Can we prosecute the piece of shit for crimes against humanity yet?
    Seriously, this sounds like a nightmarish way to die… Dropped in the middle of nowhere halfway around the world without any connections or any place to go. Basically, what did they expect would happen to him? Because this is a wrongful death if not worse (basically a hate crime).

  21. He got played….Just like all of them who voted for a Racist White Supremacist…..Christianity is nothing but white lies of white supremacy …..

  22. Two Democrat Lunatics just killed and wounded over 100 people, many of them Beanos, and these two bias fools are spreading lies about Trump instead of focusing on the truth! The rich elite SCUM just murdered Epstein to shut him up and these butt sniffing idiots just spreading lies about Trump! DESPERATION! 🖕🖕🖕

  23. People voted against their on down fall. America, mostly whites, have sided for money, privilege and power. Whites created white and black…they are mentally ill.

  24. Poor Trump supporter gone and I'm suppose to care? I hope it was worth voting for a racist who else is next. I hope a lot more of Trump supporters get the same.they with the racist crap, don't care about immigrants and ppl of color and others why should we care.just like Obama care a lot of them should get off it and wait to die like Trump gonna help them.i have no sympathy nor compassion for Trump racist supporters.until the roles reversed and everything is hitting the immigrants and others hits home w Trump rhetoric oh they like bitching let them enjoy

  25. You are a Dickhead! You POS, I have been trapped in my home in Florida by an International Crime Family for years and terrorized by these Monsters for over 2 decades and you're worried about illegal aliens! Wake up Losers, Trump is working to MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!!! For years, I have had to spend every freaking day fighting like hell for my freedom and keeping myself safe! Every day I do massive research for the FED'S to catch the greedy, hypocrite Mafia Leader Lawyer & Cop Criminals and their Crime Family of Business Owners, real estate agents, government workers, politicians, druggies, criminals, liberals, etc. Sad for this person but what crazy BS did his criminal parents teach him who came here illegally. BOTTOM LINE, AMERICAN LIVES FIRST!! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, THEN GET THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA!!!

  26. This Immigrat 'Jimmy' was sent to Iraq because he had 20 convictions including : assault with dangerous weapon, domestic violence, and home invasion.

  27. Being a type 1 diabetic who struggled for years to afford my insulin, i know what it’s like to be without and it’s a pain that’s indescribable. Most people will never understand what he had to endure.

  28. Absolutely disgusting and inhumane of the ICE to deport him, he was a vulnerable member of society and they are responsible for his death.

  29. Trump likes death that he causes.Its sick that this evil potus hates america and rhe REPUBLICANS are fot russians to attack us. And trumps getts a tower in mscow wow death to AMERICA because of trump and Putin. Trump is killing all of us old people becauae we know about him and his unmoral values. And the REPUBLICANS are all for it. I dispise this evil potus. Jail this TRAITOROUS potus. Now

  30. Aldaoud found the time to commit 20 criminal offenses and also cut off his GPS ankle bracelet so he could commit an auto burglary while waiting on a citizenship hearing. His parents and three siblings spent their time and efforts fulfilling the requirements to become legal citizens of our country while at the same time, not committing multiple criminal offenses. There are consequences whether positive or negative for all our actions. 👌

  31. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭AND THE REPUBLICAN SENATE IS SPINELESS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE UN-USA POLICIES!

  32. Americans are fkn sick human beings.. All of them because even the ones who are against this type of inhumane treatment don't do anything but talk about it. U.S.A is trash. The world would be a better place without America in this world. That's a fact..

  33. This country is nothing but blood shed. Not shocked especially by commentator who pretend they are not walking n blood and bones of my ancestors. This country has waged bloodshed since it's stole it from my ancestors so please stop trying to be so uppity as if you are not living off the blood and bones of my ancestors. you are still allowing to be murdered and locked up in cages. Please explain to me the legal way you stole the Native Americans land Mexico the United States of America and Australia and South America!!! Let's not forget about South Africa as well nothing but blood shed on you your white ass is acting like you have nothing to do with Dustin

  34. This country is nothing but blood shed. Not shocked especially by commentator who pretend they are not walking n blood and bones of my ancestors. This country has waged bloodshed since it's stole it from my ancestors so please stop trying to be so uppity as if you are not living off the blood and bones of my ancestors. you are still allowing to be murdered and locked up in cages. Please explain to me the legal way you stole the Native Americans land Mexico the United States of America and Australia and South America!!! Let's not forget about South Africa as well nothing but blood shed on you your white ass is acting like you have nothing to do with

  35. This country is nothing but blood shed. Not shocked especially by commentator who pretend they are not walking n blood and bones of my ancestors. This country has waged bloodshed since it's stole it from my ancestors so please stop trying to be so uppity as if you are not living off the blood and bones of my ancestors. you are still allowing to be murdered and locked up in cages. Please explain to me the legal way you stole the Native Americans land Mexico the United States of America and Australia and South America!!! Let's not forget about South Africa as well nothing but blood shed on you your white ass is acting like you have nothing to do with

  36. As an Irish citizen I'm shocked at so many Latinas who voted and support Trump… Its like Turkies voting for Xmas… Just insane

  37. Hey, democrats. If you didn't vote in 2016, shame on you. Do the rest of the world a favor, get off your privileged butts in 2020 and VOTE the Hamberder in Cheif outta there! Yes, I said it – privileged. Voting is compulsory in some countries. Voting is banned in some countries. Voting is thus a PRIVILEGE. To NOT VOTE then complain about the state of your nation is pure idiocy.

  38. This man had 15 arrests from burglary to violent assaults. He violated his terms to be an American 15 times!! This man killed himself!!

  39. (6:25) to (7:25) John Iadrola had his BEST moment ever on TYT. That was perfectly stated on the topic of who deserves citizenship. I couldn’t have put it better myself. John Iadrola gets it… what a beautiful piece.

  40. Full story:
    He was born in Greece IN A REFUGEE CAMP so that might have played a part in why he was not shipped to Greece.

    He has 20 years of criminal history including armed robberies.

    He was not naturalized with his sisters when his parents recieved citizenship LEGALLY so he either ran away from home or perhaps had a felony as a minor.

    I dont think he deserved this but he had a reasonable part in his ultimate fate. I dont want to say "he coulda …" because I dont know his life. However, studying mental ilnesses, I know that Schitzophrenia is treatable and is accounted for when judges ruled on his crimes.

    Finally, this guy is NOT "one of us" as this news guy says. He nor the vast majority of Americans and immigrants have a criminal history for armed robbery, diabetic, or was born in a refugee camp in Greece. These guys found a way to somehow make this guy's life story and death about them. The guy in the middle seems to have more integrity so props to him.
    Did ICE follow the law: yes
    Did the law cause this guys treatment to be inhumane: YES
    SO WE NEED TO MODIFY OR ADD TO THE LAW. People are quick to "blame" Trump when he had no control of who tragic stuff like this happens. When you are in a leadership role, it is not possible for you to be in direct control of all situations. You can only make generalized rules or ideas that, hopefully the people directly under you will follow with a grain of salt. In an ideal environment, these people would be free thinking individuals who would not have a problem to take it up with people above them when rules are ultimately harmful more than positive. Obviously this was not the case, considering the outcome of this situation. At the same time ICE is not to blame either because it is composed of people who are just doing their job. It is impossible for them to know what would have befallen Jimmy. They make arrests with faith that justice is served via the law. Blame the deprtation court. If I was the judge or whoever "in charge" that deemed this deprtation is necessary, I would have stopped the case and took it up with higher court or whoever is "above me" to rectify the law.

  41. 13 For judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy.Mercy triumphs over judgment.
    James 2:13 New King James Version (NKJV)

  42. sad thing is that us Americans don't care. we want to say we do. but what's done is done. I'm here watching food YouTube videos and then Im gonna eat and get fat while he is dead and he will never see America again. Saddest thing ever and we do nothing. talking about it does nothing. going to the streets and murdering every ICE agent does solve everything. But Americans are truly cowards.

  43. What is this story even about?? He was a career criminal who blew his chance of the American dream. He was also given medicine for his diabetes in Iraq. Citizenship is not a right!!!!!

  44. His country and their Iraqi leadership robe blame if he is not getting medicine… not trump. You fools are not even mentioning his crimes.
    Saved some taxpayers money

  45. Hold up…..they paid for a commercial flight to deport him? Lmao y’all actually believe this? There’s multiple things wrong with this but they will always try to appeal to emotion…brain washing the masses

  46. He was a criminal that kept breaking the law!!! So that's Trumps fault he did that? He didn't take the diabetes meds.

  47. Why is everyone calling him here "terrorist"?
    Iraq has nothing to do with ALQaeda or 9/11. Not even with "Islam" events that still up until now in Saudi Arabia (Dictator country) that pays well for the US.

    Edit: if he had real crime history, he would be in American jail at least. Sending him to death is not a solution

  48. He got deported because his parents didn't change his status to U.S. Citizen. Many immigrants don't even realise that any criminal offense is a deportable offense. There is no moral defence with ice, it's a loophole for deportation. Being a Christian and sent to a Muslim country which he was expelled from was a sentence of death. He should have been a citizen at 3. But this is law with zero tolerance. So the cold hand of justice with ice in their veins handed this foreigner his fate.
    It's always easy to take a myopic view of things an imagine some person of color being a criminal and justice served, but he wasn't an Iraqi criminal he was raised as an American one.
    Imagine if the 20/20 elections rode on the state of Michigan who became red by 10000 votes, but now it's Chaldean community of 90000 registered voters who overwhelmingly voted for trump now voted blue. The red state flips back to blue. And why because this petty thief just awoke his people from a dream. He looks like an Arab so must be muslim thinking sweet revenge for 9/11 going ice ice baby, not even for a second thinking it wasn't iraq but the Saudi's or forgetting about the myth of wmd or Taliban or was it al Qaeda and that evil leader Obama or was it Osama.

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