TRAIN OF THOUGHT| Ep. 1.3: Family Mental Health (part 1 of 2)
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TRAIN OF THOUGHT| Ep. 1.3: Family Mental Health (part 1 of 2)

October 17, 2019

genetic patterns are real physical
factor in our lives so we make changes to adjust to avoid negative physical
implications but how can we make a real change to break away from our own family
mental health history? A lot of us got diabetes in my family, it’s just one of
those things. It just seems to just come and just pop up: high blood pressure
diabetes, they’re just twins it just pop up my family. So I had to make
adjustments. I went to the doctor about eight months ago and he told me I was
pre-diabetic, so I made adjustments and and accidentally losing weight. I don’t
want to let go Krispy Kreme Doughnuts but I had to, at the time, you know, so I
actually lost a lot of weight. How would you even begin a break away from family
mental health issues? For me, I kind of relate with that, because I think
depression is something that kind of runs in my family.
I think, I mean I don’t have, you know the definitive answer or anything, but for
me, realization was a huge part of that and I’m not saying you’ll always
realize yourself either because that can be one of the hardest things. Because you
can just fall into an emotion, and then that that kind of becomes you and you
don’t even know why you have have taken on this this way of dealing with a
You know you, just took a huge weight off my shoulders because I’ve
always believed that my choices was what made me bald now you’re telling me was
actually hereditary?
It was hereditary.
Wow! being aware of the the issue that
happens in your family helps you to at least come to terms with it and then you
can start to formulate a way of at least addressing it for yourself. So if you’re in a sunken place or if you’re on train that is taking you in the wrong direction
or whatever. You just need to be able to step back from the situation for a
minute, is that what I’m hearing?
I mean as important as it is like you saying to
label things it’s also really important to keep hope. Like even if my train is
going in the wrong direction, at least I know it’s going in the wrong direction
and at the next stop, I can get off and get on the right train.
That’s good, I like that.
Yeah there’s a train going back the other way, right?
Fingers crossed! Something that gave me a lot of
power in my own life was when I learned that as a young boy, like I just got
given what my family what my family knew. and so like in my family story like I
come from an Italian heritage in a very passionate people and there’s a lot of
sometimes like anger and raised voices and loudness in the way we communicated,
quite confrontational. And as I grew up finding myself in these heated
situations I but I wasn’t connected to my story. And so I didn’t realize why I
had this anger and I struggled to accept it within myself. But when I learned that
this is what my parents were given and they haven’t addressed it. And then as a
young boy, you just absorb what you’re given. And so I don’t actually know
any better. I’ve only learned what they’ve given me and as I became aware
of that I’m like, “oh I do this because I don’t know another way.” I’m able to start
redirecting my train from where it’s heading, because I’m aware of what’s
actually happening.

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