Top Eating Disorder Misconceptions
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Top Eating Disorder Misconceptions

August 26, 2019

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  1. I've had an eating disorder for 5 years and people try to scare me away from it by telling me facts and I'll literally name some too
    like yes I know all that, trust me
    I'm educated on my disorder, I'm not walking around thinking making myself sick is perfectly fine for my throat and body.

    and as for media making eating disorders look glamorous
    it really isnt, being in pain and shaking and just fucking suffering isnt something that's amazing and glamorous
    it's horrible

  2. you don't look anorexic, it's kinda like telling a murderer you don't look like you could kill me any minute .

  3. About the part that addressed the whole "it's for attention", you're so right. But the thing that infuriates me about that statement is genuine attention seeking is still a very real issue that should be treated with the same respect and open mindedness you would grant to a friend with self harm or eating disorders. If you really think someone is attention seeking, don't get angry and ignore the behaviour. Go out of your way to ask why. Attention seeking shouldn't be used as an excuse for ignorance. And it shouldn't be an assumption for everyone with eating disorders or self harm or anything.

  4. people always think that fat people don't/can't have bulimia or aneroxia. i hope they understand that not only skinny people have eating disorders.

  5. I’m naturally thin always have been never had an eating disorder but people assume all the time. It’s so frustrating I don’t get how they don’t realize asking if or accusing someone of an eating disorder if they have one is one of the worst things you could do. Thank you for this video I love the duh part lol

  6. I remember hearing “you’re just bulimic because you’re too weak to be anorexic” and I almost cried. It put me into it worse and I forced myself to become anorexic because I thought I was weak and I hated myself more.
    This video has reminded me of all the things I wanted to tell you haha

  7. thank you Libbey for this video!!!!!! I have genuinely never felt so understood in my life. Of course I assume it wasn’t just me but seeing the point I shared with you at 13:56 made me feel less alone than I’ve felt in a long long time. Thank you for creating a safe space to discuss and understand EDs.

  8. God I hate that my psychiatrist told me I wasn't under weight enough to have anorexia. My body said differently because my hair was falling out and my period stopped for over a year. But ya know. It's about numbers, not how your actions effect your body. Right? 😑

  9. I don't have an eating disorder and because I'm born thin i constantly get comments like "you look anorexic" and I'm like "shut up"

  10. I love when she said that it can affect anyone at any age or gender. Like you don't know how much I want to scream that as a guy with an eating disorder. It so hard to get help and support when everyone says "Its a girls illness. That's not what you have." I think it's so important to educate people on things like this.

  11. NOT EVERYONE WITH AN EATING DISORDER CAN EAT. I love this video. I have OSFED. One misconception that not a lot of people face but I have is having an eating disorder and the inability to physically eat. I have gastorparesis, MCAS, and other stuff and I couldn't eat, drink, or take medicine if I wanted to because I would throw up. I am on iv nutrition right now and have been on tube feeds that bypass my stomach in the past. I can still cut off my tpn nutrition, force myself to over exercise, and other behaviors like that. My weight flucuates like crazy if I am struggling with ED behaviors or not.

  12. I love this video so so much. Thank you for representing everyone or trying your hardest to represent everyone. I absolutely love how much effort you put into your videos. Thank you 🙏

  13. I've never heard anyone say any other reason that people could have an eating disorder other than wanting to lose weight. How ridiculous is that? A part of my brain genuinely thought I was an absolute weirdo for getting an eating disorder because I felt out of control of my life so decided to control my eating until now

  14. I 100% get what you mean when you say that only a person with an ED understands it. I've always said that about self harm. Something I've struggled with (but haven't done for years now 🙂)

  15. Okay, so I don't have an eating disorder…I just don't like eating. When I was having a family dinner, my family start3d making fun of me and bombarding me with questions as to why I barely ate. And later that night they made fun of me again saying "You eat?!" Or "you don't eat." Without having an ED it was so hard and annoying t hear that. NEVER EVER EVER make fun of anyone's eating habits!!!

  16. PREACH thanks for making this video Libbey!

    -Also i said that ^ 8:57 you don/t choose to ruin your own life…

  17. Also the diabetic ED is Diabulimia where you withhold your insulin to stop your body from being able to get energy from your food. (And btw they tested your urine to make sure you are not water loading.) it sucks 🙁

  18. I’m recovering from bulimia and i was talking to my guy friend about how it is for me and a girl said that “thats not how bulima works” dude bulimia, ED, Anorexia they come in all sort of different forms.

  19. Saying it's good an overweight person got an ED to lose some weight is like saying "that boy was way too reckless. He needs to be more careful! Good thing he developed schizophrenia and now his delusions stop him from leaving the house! He's so much safer inside, tormented by his disorder!" (I'm aware that not every schizophrenic becomes agoraphobic this is just a scenario)

  20. Have you heard the song Empty by Boyinaband Ft. Jaiden Animations??? The behind the scenes are important to see as-well but I think it’s a good song and has a great message.

  21. This is a great video, but one thing I have to say is that from a medical standpoint, you can look anorexic. People forget that being anorexic is being severely under weight whereas having anorexia nervosa is having an eating disorder. This is where the misconception of weight = eating disorder comes from

  22. "you look so healthy again!" This was said to me two weeks after my hospital stay NOT HELPFUL. SUPER TRIGGERING.

    ALSO, side note. Eating disorders are a mental health issue and can often come with hallucinations of personified eating disorder habits. My ED voice does more damage than my conscious thought process.

  23. Hey you’re the strongest person I’ve ever met and I am so proud of how far you’ve come in your recovery and your so inspirational and you’ve encouraged me to be strong and to be brave and this is an amazing video and it is so true and you’ve made it extremely clear to me that I need to tell my parents what I’m feeling and that I need to talk to a doctor about this because I’m too thin and i never like to eat and I never want food and I never enjoy eating and I have a problem and I need help with it. I’ve tried to throw up once and couldn’t and I’m always trying to never eat enough and people are always like “ you’re so thin you’re literally a tooth pick and you should eat more “ and it makes me sad and angry and insecure. People always think I’m picky about food but the truth is I just hate food and I hate eating and I don’t like to eat and I don’t enjoy it. Anyway thanks

  24. Hey I said the first thing! That was my biggest struggle. I've never been skinny but I starved myself.
    I'm glad I finally got good help

  25. I cannot tell you how many times people think I’m picky or think I’m doing it for attention I swear 😤

  26. My dad thinks I have an eating disorder, just coz I hardly eat dinner and stuff like that
    I have loss of apatite but I don’t think it’s a Disorder

  27. Thank you! Just… like… really: Thank you 🙌🏼💕 I don‘t have anything to add! That really needed to be said and can never be told enough ☝🏻

  28. 22:56 how did I just sit throw that whole section and all I thought of was how much I hate my self for eating that pizza

  29. Thank you for this information. I am still struggling with my eating disorder along with my autoimmune disease that causes me to have chronic fatigue. I passed out at work and was hospitalized. At the hospital I was having pseudoseizures, which they called conversion disorder. Man the human body is a crazy thing!! And I am 27 years old. And on top of everything I also had shingles last year. As a mother of 3. Be strong, live life day by day, worry less, smile more.

  30. To the bone on Netflix does it well. It's really good and based on a true story. It doesn't romantise eating disorders. It shows the truth. I recommend it

  31. I have anorexia, and this is what I want people to understand. Thank you for making this, I showed my mum and she understood it a lot better.

  32. The first thing you were talking about is so true. I don't have any eating disorder but I'm underweight. I also have gastritis since I was a child and I used to be at hospitals a lot. So many people called me anorexic or bullimic just because of my weight or because I was throwing up. Even my family who knew my diagnosis. Because of that once I didn't get a job. Another time one girl told me that I look like her mother with cancer right before she died. I'm sure I would feel the same if it was other way around and I had ED, and no one would believe me. It's just hurtful if someone calls you something you are not.

  33. Today is my first day home after almost 3 weeks living at a hospital for eating disorders. This made it a lot easier to see another person that struggled the same way, made me feel better. 💖

  34. Thank you for making this video because so many people are struggling with ignorant people who think they know how Eating disorders work

  35. Not even five minutes in and I’m like “Ye, ye”. All of these things, hearing people say these things I’m just “ow.”

  36. As I get farther into the video I am slowly realizing we are having the EXACT same vibe. I’m QUACKING.

  37. Sorry but I was just wondering what you were saying in the video? Do you do sign language throught all your videos or just songs?

  38. Thanks for that bit about atypical anorexia. I really agree and I feel like I'm taken less seriously because of it and that I don't need help because it's not the "full thing."

    Edit: Also just wanna say I found your channel because of this video but I stayed for the sign language videos and you've inspired me to finally take the plunge and learn it like I've always kinda wanted to. I know (and study) Ancient Greek and Latin very well already (well I know Latin very well at least) and am super quick at picking up languages after learning those, so hopefully I can make decent progress.

  39. can you channel this into a spoken word? you’re speaking with such force that i feel like a spoken word poem about this would be incredible

  40. Also if an anorexic wants control, or to lose weight, they know not eating for days will kill them and they don't want to die, because then they won't have control, And they won't lose weight.

  41. I know this was a serious topic and I completely took it that way, but goddamit you're funny. Just, you're personality as you're describing everything, I thought was surprisingly entertaining.

    Really interesting vid, though. Thanks. 🙂

  42. Rewatching and just wanna cry cuz my ed is triggering me a lot in the last couple of weeks…💔😢life sucks so so much with it!

  43. You seem so done with people's bs and honestly same. Also thank you SOO much for mentioning that plus size people can have eating disorders. I had a friend who was plus size when her eating disorder started, and when she lost weight she ended up being a "healthy" weight. People always complimented her and were like "oh you were fat before" and its SOO frustrating, I wish I could have shown them this video. So thank you for mentioning that.

  44. When I was 14 I weighed 130 lbs. 13 years later I weigh 155. Male. 6'1" I usually wait till I'm almost dizzy then I eat JUST enough to stop my sick feeling

  45. Months ago, when i was struggling with anorexia i told my mom, and her words were "You dont have that. You're a healthy weight and anorexic is when your bones stick out." I've had that for a few year and same with bulimia. Now i dont even bother to tell my mom only my close friend

  46. So a while back i started passing out and I actually passed out for a minute and stopped breathing. But this caused me to loose my appetite so I was eating about 1 meal a day with out getting hungry. I also was drinking about 1 cup of water a day. This lead to be getting severely dehydrated and we got blood work done and the doctors actually said my muscles were wasting away. It was scary to hear but after watching this video I just remembered that my heart is a muscle and it's just so terrifying to think about my heart wasting away so I'm so happy that the doctor actually told us this because a few days before I got lab work done and my main doctor didn't even tell us that I was severely dehydrated or that my muscles were deteriorating

  47. Speaking of what you were saying about how if someone is skinny it doesn't mean they have an eating disorder, I am very skinny so people always say to me, "You must not eat any food." Which is so rude considering I don't have an eating disorder and to people that do have an eating disorder it's just rude.

  48. I don't think I have an eating disorder, but since I get to talk to many people with eating disorders because of my own health issues, I want to understand them better. Thanks for explaining 🙂

  49. Thank you for making this video and informing people. It’s really sad that people aren’t even informed about basic eating disorders. Also, completely off topic, I love your hair 😂

  50. I don't want to be the weirdo who comments on a video way after it was posted but I have something to say.
    My therapist for my anorexia has actually struggled with an eating disorder so she understands it pretty well.

  51. Thanks for this video. Unless you've had an eating disorder, it makes no sense. I mean, why don't you just stop?

  52. I use to be 95 pounds… I was put into the hospital, got out now I’m huge (for my body I’m not healthy anymore) I’m 185. I absolutely hate my self I barley eat. I tell my family.. they laugh and say oh Ellen (brothers wife) she’s thinner she has anorexia. I just want support.. I wanted my family to help..

  53. Hey I just have a quick question is it possible to have varying eating disorders like one day your eating to much and another day forcing yourself to not eat?

  54. Weird misconception I heard from someone

    If you have bulima you have to have anorexia. WHICH MAKES NO SENSE

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