#TomorrowsDiscoveries: Preventing Heart Failure – David Kass, M.D.

December 6, 2019

>>Heart failure affects
about six million individuals in the United States alone
and 26 million worldwide. The heart is a pump and when
it’s not working properly, the organs in your body
don’t get what they need so they can’t work properly either. Hi, I’m Dr. David Kass and in my 30 years at Johns Hopkins, I’ve
worked to better understand why the heart fails and
what we can do about it. Early on, my team developed
a pacemaker like treatment that coordinates the heartbeat. This treatment called
cardiac resynchronization is now used worldwide. We then discovered a molecule
that’s now being tested as a potential new drug. This strengthens the heartbeat
while allowing the heart to work less. Most recently we found that Viagra, benefits failing hearts and understanding how this works has led
to brand new insights and to new therapies. Through our research, we
are making great strides in understanding and
treating this disease. (gentle music)

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