This Herbal Tea Is Not Good For High Blood Pressure & Anxiety
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This Herbal Tea Is Not Good For High Blood Pressure & Anxiety

October 16, 2019

Hello, if you suffer from high blood pressure or anxiety or both, well, there’s one Herbal Tea that you really need to avoid That’s what’s coming up. Next. You stay tuned. I’ll see you in a tick Now for today’s 20/20 idea to better health Welcome back. I’m Dr Joe of Well, if this is your first time on this channel Can I extend a warm welcome to you? This is your home of 20/20 ideas to better health So if you haven’t subscribed yet, please do subscribe and also Please not forget to click on the ‘Notification Bell’ because that’s how you get notified or future videos that I make so You know when everything is going well for you. Life is good. but for some reason, you know You’re doing everything right? But for some reason you discover that your blood pressure is a little bit out of whack and you wondering What is going on. This story I’m about to tell you is about a specific herbal tea That I introduced into my lifestyle Earlier this year. It’s a funny story. What’s this tea I’m talking about. It’s Matcha tea, okay. Matcha tea. This is a tea in question and it’s got nothing to do with this brand by the way It’s all about matcha tea in general. Matcha tea has been receiving a lot of attention on the Internet lately I sort of felt I was missing out, you know fear of missing out because I love teas as you probably know I love lots and lots of teas and Matcha tea turned out to be one of those teas that I had not introduced into my life And I thought I should get it So I went and I got a good number of cans of this matcha tea I got this. I was using it for about three weeks non-stop every day. During those 3 weeks I discovered that my blood pressure was the top value was in the 150s and the lower value was in the 90s and I Was wondering what on earth was going on because my blood pressure is usually pretty good So I had to do a self audit of what I had introduced into my life at that point in time It turned out that when I did the self-audit, it turned out that this tea, this herabl tea, this matcha tea Was what I had introduced into my life and to all intents and purposes That was the reason why my blood pressure was out of whack and then I stopped using it And of course my blood pressure went back to normal. Why did that happen? well, I’m going to give you an explanation as to how and why that happened and You know because I had to do some digging to actually find out why this was the reason why my blood pressure was up So let me give you the background as to why Matcha tea is not good for your high blood pressure, and it’s also not good for anxiety this story starts from the plant from which the matcha tea is actually made from matcha tea is made from a plant called camellia sinensis and it is the same plant from which black tea, green tea and oolong tea actually made from. But there’s a difference between matcha tea and the rest i.e green tea, black tea and oolong tea. With matcha tea the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant are actually just dried up and then they are Pulverized into a very fine powder and that is what you have here as Matcha tea. With the others Green tea black tea and oolong tea, there’s some processing involved In fact with black tea, the tea leaves actually oxidized before you end up with the black tea But with matcha tea, it’s just the pure green leaves of the camellia sinensis That’s what you get. What that means is that you’re actually getting everything good about the camellia sinensis plant Leaves as well as everything bad about it and therein lies the problem So, what’s good about the camellias sinensis plant and matcha tea as well as the green tea, black tea and the oolong tea is That the camellia sinensis plant leaves actually has high levels of epigalloCatechin-3-Gallate, which is the antioxidant and that’s reason I bought the tea in the first place because it’s got high Antioxidant level. So, with the matcha tea because it’s coming from the pure leaves and you consuming the entire leaf I felt I’m gonna get a higher content of the antioxidants But just like you’ve got that; you also got two other compounds that are in direct competition with each other. By that I mean a Non-essential amino acid called L-theanine. The L-theanine has a calming influence on the body, which is good but alongside that you also have caffeine in the matcha tea Which is a stimulant. So, you have the Theanine which has a calming influence on the body As well as Caffeine, which has a stimulating effect on the body so you’ve got these two things competing against each other. Whether you become calm and focused or You become excitable, anxious, fretful or even having problems initiating sleep depends on the ratio of the Caffeine to the Theanine you have any tea in your hands because The matcha tea, green tea, the black tea and oolong tea, they all have varying levels of caffeine and theanine in them Like I said before the green tea, black tea and oolong tea; they’re processed tea So they have a lower caffeine to theanine ratio in them in fact the black tea has a ratio of 2 caffeine to 1 theanine The green tea has a ratio of 1.5 caffeine to 1 Theanine. In the matcha tea the ratio is 2.5 caffeine to 1 Theanine. And that is why the matcha tea is not a very good tea for you if you’ve got high blood pressure or you’ve got anxiety or both. Never mind what the retailers of the matcha tea will tell you because when you go to their website they’re going to emphasize the calming influence of the theanine and they tend to de-emphasize the fact that The matcha tea actually has a high caffeine content. I can tell you from personal experience that the caffeine content of the matcha tea It’s not ideal for somebody who’s got high blood pressure or anxiety because it’s gonna make both conditions worse. In case you have forgotten caffeine actually has a stimulating effect on the Sympathetic nervous system. It revs up the sympathetic nervous system and that’s why it’s not good for Anxiety and that’s why it’s also not good for someone who’s got high blood pressure because for both conditions You want the parasympathetic nervous system to dominate the sympathetic and in this case the sympathetic wins. And if you remember when I did a video on the herbal teas for high blood pressure I did include green tea as one of the teas you can use to control your high blood pressure However, I specifically said in that video that if you’re going to use green tea for high blood pressure You have to go for the decaffeinated variety and the reason is because the caffeine effect of the green tea overrides the theanine effect and because of that the decaffeinated variety what you must use. The same underlying principle applies to the matcha tea. The dominance of the caffeine is unquestionable. So, as far as this video is concerned If you’re going to use any tea that arises from the camellia sinensis plant; go for the green tea but use the decaffeinated Variety, but you must avoid the matcha tea because the matcha tea will exacerbate your high blood pressure It will make your anxiety worse and it’s worse when you’ve got both conditions Anyway, I hope you got some value from this video as usual Give it a ‘Thumbs up’ if you learned something and if you got any comments Leave your comments below. Share this video with anybody whom you think would benefit from it. That’s it. Until next time, well, this is Dr. Joe signing out

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  1. Great insite. I personally have found that Extra Calcium/Mag at a 1-1 ratio makes a huge difference in my BP – Natural Factors I should mention, as it's other ingredients and bonds are calculated very well. I must admit that I not always get enough of either calcium or magnesium. Great vid

  2. By the way Dr. Joe – I do not thumbs up anymore, if a vid is interesting enough I save to an appropriate Playlist – this saved

  3. Thanx sir, how can someone get decaffeinated green tea cos I do take ordinary green tea but couldn't let me sleep at all.

  4. This is bad news. I have high blood pressure and I just bought 2 tins of the same brand that you have in your hands.

  5. Liked. Thanks Dr Joe for the great explanation. Didn't know about the caffeine to Theanine ratio. Also, good to know all green teas are not the same and that the decaf one is the one for those with high BP.

  6. Purchased some almost a year ago and after the first couple uses I knew it was more hype than nutrition so I stopped using it. Thank you for confirming what I suspected.

  7. Wow…and I bought two bags of Matcha tea after doing research that never talked about it not being good for HBP…πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  8. Thank You ❗ I almost ordered that expensive green drink with the 11 powerful essentials !! Knowledge is Power

  9. Thank you Dr Joe for confirming why I don't take Green teas. I noticed that each time I take my heart palpitates badly with sleeplessness as well.

  10. Dr. Joe which hibiscus is used for tea. Some people are using different varieties I need to make sure. Can you post a picture of hibiscus for high bp.

  11. Thanks' for the heads up. Reminds me of when I used a gingko biloba supplement, my BP shot up so high my veins were throbbing up on my temples!

  12. Thanks Doc great information πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  13. Oolong and green tea often has raised my bp by as much as 30 points! I drink them only occasionally and only if my pressures lower that day. Its definitely the caffiene.

  14. Thanks a lot for your precious advices Doc
    I was just bout to use Matcha tea & I'm HBP,
    I didn't know that it causes troubles
    Thanks a lot againπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  15. Thank you Dr. Joe. With your free and happy advice on what to and what not to drink, my health has greatly improved. My blood pressure is steadily healthy. Long may you live to continue helping us. Well done. God bless.

  16. I see four good chemicals and one so called bad.(caffeine) The caffeine content per cup is still less than a cup of coffee. I am not convinced of the deduction. Could be something else in my opinion.

  17. Wow I am so glad you made this video. I have been using matcha tea for a very long time and love it very much. They said that the caffeine is released slowly in your body but I did not know it had such an effect on your blood pressure. I will use hibiscus tea instead. Thanks again.

  18. I am tired -O!! There are so many things that have been promoted as being healthy for you, and then you find out it’s the exact opposite. Thank you Dr. Joe for your insightful videos. I have been drinking Matcha tea for a while now, and although I have suffered from anxiety, I was focusing on all the health benefits the tea was supposed to bring. A reminder that we have to look at the pros and cons in everything. Thank you again.

  19. Thank you for the video about HBP and Anxiety with regard to match tea! I don't use it but we do have caffeinated green tea! We will switch to decaf green tea! Again, thank you!

  20. Thanks for the information, was actually planning buying the tea since last year but couldn't,,thank God for this video,even though I dont have BP, but the video helps,I can tell friends about it..

  21. Thanx Dr.Joe for shining a bright light on this tea .There are so many others we consume blindly and least thinking of giving any side effects.

  22. Wow!!! The information you have given in this video is priceless. I was just telling myself something never seems right after drinking matcha, green tea extract , kambucha tea or pur eh tea. You sir seems very knowledgeable about tea. I have just subscribed to your channel cos I love tea and good health.

  23. Hi doc am pregnant and my bp keeps going up, what do you advice i taking medication prescribed by my doc.i also take moringa tea

  24. Thank you Doc for your useful info. Your explanation is greatly appreciated because I love green tea.

  25. I have Matcha tea but very seldom take it so far, my BP had stayed within normal. I make sure I have BLACK TEA on hand for LBM…πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  26. Thanks so much for the advise, Dr Joe, yes I also have bagged roasted rice green tea but only when I feel like drinking it. Most of the time, it’s water to hydrate me because it’s too hot where I live, a little move makes me sweaty ( hyperhydrosis), I took something like a tea, it taste awful, will have to deal with it. SURGERY is not an option, too expensive here in the US, any suggestion, Doc, thanks again! …πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  27. Thank you so much i just throw it in the bin . My bp high every week and terrible headaches . I was drinking matcha every day. Had no idea . I was fine before i started drinking it 3 months ago .

  28. Thank you, Dr. Joe. I thought green tea was what to drink if you wanted tea benefits without caffeine problems? Is it naturally low enough to overcome the bad effects of caffeine?

  29. Ooooooooooh my God, that's what I ve been drinking, and my blood pressure is sky high. I didn't understand what was happening. I have high blood pressure.

  30. Good information to have. I use Macha tea for cancer because if the high antioxidants but never realized it could raise your blood pressure.

  31. My blood pressure was 150-160 over 90-100. I fasted and drank water for three days. I did a gallon a day and I drank green tea no sugar. After my three day fast my blood pressure dropped to 98 over 78. I was shocked. Even after breaking my fast my blood pressure still stayed in that range. They say fasting heals your body. It’s true. It worked for me. You can try at your own risk.

  32. Eversince I started living in Japan and changed my diet. I started losing sleep at night having palpitations, constipation and funny stomach pains I never had before. I noticed it was green tea. I had started taking it a lot bcoz of the sooo called benefits. I would drink a cup before bed and that was the reason why I never got sleep. I have stopped drinking the green tea and I now feel comfortable. No more palpitations and constipation. The green tea was really wrecking havoc on my body. Thank you doc for the information.

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