Things That Everyone Should Know About Eating Disorders
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Things That Everyone Should Know About Eating Disorders

August 25, 2019

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  1. First let me just say I recently discovered you and am obsessed. Second, thank you for sharing this. I struggled with bulimia nervosa for years before switching to anorexia. I looked “normal” with bulimia. When I was anorexic I wasn’t any more or less sick, but because it became physically noticeable the treatment people gave me changed. Eating disorders do come in all shapes and sizes and we’ve got to stop the stigma! I also don’t share my scary “before” pictures. In fact I deleted them all because they were toxic for me and triggering for others. Basically this long comment is to say I was nodding my head “YES” through this whole video and I want to give you hugs and high-fives.

  2. This is so amazing. You touch so many hearts, and I watch this and am amazed by you, and how passionate you are about this. And I feel like this whole culture creates a continuous downward spiral for every single persons view of their own body, me included. Thank you so much for this. If I could say so, you are one of my greatest role models.

  3. That atypical anorexia is zo strange as a diagnosis. I first had the diagnosis anorexia but now atypical because I have been recovery but not fully.

  4. This message is so good. When I those recovery they told me I don't have a specific eating disorder. I was on a 'normal', slim weight. I always felt like I couldn't identify with any eating disorder because I didn't fit the bill. Like my struggles didn't mean anything. Now, some years later, I am still figuring things out. I am learning about being body positive on the internet. First I thought, if I only would be smaller all my problems will disappear. I am not fooled by that thought any more!

  5. Thank you. I think I’m just beginning my recovery by recognizing my disordered eating and thinking. I love who you are as a person and thank you for educating people. You are sunshine! ❤️

  6. Thank you so much for your work, I cry while I was watching the video because you said absolutely all the things that my 15 years old me needed to hear (I'm 22 now and still in recovery) So thank you for your words, society really needs those ❤️

  7. Wow at first I thought I wouldn't watch the hole video, but I ended listening to every single thing you said. Such a helpful and informative video. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This is wonderful, keep myth busting and spreading awareness! You are an inspiration to many 💖💖💖

  9. Maybe leave it to the doctors with years of studying and experience to diagnose someone, it a disease and its stupid to diagnose yourself for attention

  10. I remember reading in a magazine for KIDS how much I needed to exercise to burn off a certain amount of calories… and every month it was a different set of food we were being taught how to burn off. So happy for videos like this now.

  11. Girl yes!! Good on you for the disclaimer about not showing your before photo. When I was 12-16 I was anorexic and bulimic and I also had the scary stereotypical skin and bones body. But since then I started recovering (HUGELY thanks to your instagram and other content) but I still struggle sometimes and it's so hard looking in the mirror and not believing that I can still struggle with EDs as a curvier healthier-sized girl, because "that's not what eating disorders look like". You have saved me so many times, thank you 🌸

  12. Would you please do a video on how it was when you were hospitalized? I was in a psychiatric unit as well and I would really benefit from the support of someone else who has had been in one

  13. Your instagram has honestly helped me SO much. I just discovered you had a YouTube channel. Thank you so much for discussing this … I always feel awkward saying I have or had an ED … actually, saying ED is more comfortable than saying eating disorder. I feel awkward because I'm not always 100% fitting it to the T.

  14. Binge eating disorder when recovering from Bulimia at a healthy weight. Weight gain when you enter recovery at a healthy weight xx

  15. Disturbing trend I have noticed. Is that a lot of people who have eating disorders become, vacant and then they’re almost as obsessive about the vegan diet.

    To me doesn’t exactly look healthy. But at juts me.

  16. Yes yes yes and yes! Reallyyy thank you ! You said all! When i listened to you i am said « Yes! That’s exactly that! She understand all!! » that’s really rare… I LOVE YOU !

  17. Girl, you have no idea how accurate this video is… I recovered from ED like a year ago. Nobody helped me to fight this 'cause nobody really could. It was me who had to make the decision of quitting ED and then carry on. Damn, it was very tough at times, this whole fear of gaining weight and 'getting fat' but it was totally worth it. Although it was a long journey, I made it happen. Now I am living my life to the fullest but when I look back at those times I'm hella terrified. Like damn, I almost died and I lost myself – I was no longer the person I had used to be before my illness. The worst thing was being aware of it and not being able to do anything about it…
    Anyway, thank you so much for this. Great job!

  18. (The following comment contains mentions of eating disordered tendencies and may be triggering to some readers).

    What I always find particularly fascinating, and important, is the fact you brought up that eating disorders are not a choice. I often see people getting furiously mad when they see people "wishing they could have an eating disorder to lose weight" and absolutely slamming whoever said it. But I never get mad at this kind of statement, because the very people that are saying it often already have unhealthy and unsafe relationships with food. Healthy people would never wish for an eating disorder, especially when they see the stereotypical emaciated, tragic image of a skin and bones teenager in their head (which is obviously not true, but for healthy people often serves as a good deterrent). And I remember being a teenager and "choosing" an eating disorder. I thought that I was "too fat", and simply decided one day that I would stop eating to lose weight. Because of this, I didn't believe I qualified as an eating disorder for a long time. I'd made the CHOICE to not eat, it hadn't been gradual, it had been sudden and drastic and I knew exactly what I was doing to my body. No denial. I took pride in it, actually, and how well it was going. But the thing was, I told myself I would stop when I got where I wanted. And then that number kept dropping. And dropping. And so did I. I still struggle, because I feel often like my eating disorder isn't "valid", because I never got to the stereotype, and I made the "choice"– but the point you made reminds me again that by the time I got here, it already wasn't a choice any more like I always thought. I still feel that I cannot choose food, choose life, even with my awareness of the body positive community, a significant knowledge of eating disorders, and more, because I still don't feel like I'm sick enough for it to be a problem, for it to be something I have to stop. Yet I also recognize the ridiculousness of this statement: it was enough of a problem since the day my whole life started revolving around food and numbers. And as my awareness grows, so does my drive to actually stop this. Accepting that I didn't make a choice, I had a disordered brain that only convinced me that I was "in control" and "knew what I was doing" is an important first step for me.

    That got particularly long, but as always, adore you and your videos!

  19. I agree with mostly everything and thank you for sharing your journey and this message, but I think for some people like myself we turn to fitness in order to recover. I'm not saying people should all look the same,, and in some ways it is a new obsessive behavior, but because every journey is different some of us do really heal from the strength, emotionally and physically, one gains from working out. It's not the "right" recovery, but it is a kind of recovery nonetheless

  20. I used to suffer from Orthorexia. I cut all things that were not vegan. At the end I even doubted soy products. All I would eat was basically vegetables.. covered with a few sesame seeds. It can take over. Eating healthy is so great but it really can become an obsession until you perceive food in general as something toxic and harmful. And basically my entire day was thinking about what I eat, when I eat and counting how much it was in calories. And as you said: First they tell you that you're chubby. Then they compliment you and cheer on your "dedication". And then they see what's going on and tell you to "just eat more".

    Thank you for this video.

  21. Thank you for not including the picture. I've been bulimic for a long time, there was maybe a couple months of the last 11+ years I looked even remotely "very thin". I'm still struggling badly but I just look a bit chubby so no one thinks I'm ill at all, plus I'm "too old".

  22. Literally in tears especially about how every recovery body is different… I struggled with this well struggle still with this sooo much! I also gained so much weight a lot from binge eating starting my recovery but I do not have a thin body now and I struggle with thinking i recovered wrong or that my eating disorder wasn’t bad enough… it is so terrible but having YOU say this helps so much. Thank you so so much for this video I am going to show everyone I know so they can understand this too

  23. I'm so glad your on YouTube now. I have a video request! Can you do a video on body image and being disabled. Both visible and and non visible disabilities. (Request not a demand 😉

  24. I really like the way you present this issue in the video. It's informative, genuine and it's also positive. I truly believe that's how the voice of body-positive movement has to sound 🙂
    I wish more people could watch it, especially in my country (I live in Eastern Europe). You are right, so much more people could have been saved if we were just more educated on the EDs. Thank you so much for spreading this message, I truly believe more self-love and acceptance can save the world ❤

  25. Thank you for mentioning how people with eating disorders don't always know they have one, even when it seems really obvious. I used laxatives for a long time and didn't even know that was a way that bulimia presents itself. I'm in recovery now, not taken laxatives in a few years, and I've stopped feeling the urge to, but I do still binge and then feel the need to exercise. I avoid exercise because I know that I won't be able to do it for healthy reasons at the moment. One day, perhaps, but I don't want to fall into that trap. Just an aside; it was NEVER about my weight or the way that I look.

  26. Woah. Didn't even realize I had an economical stereotype about eating disorders until you brought it up. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

  27. Thank you for this. Not all eating disorders look alike. For a long time I didn’t believe I had one because I wasn’t sick. I wasn’t thin enough. But mentally I was there. I lived in self hate, I barely ate, I worked out everyday. I was passing out at school. But I was thick. That was just my body. Without clothes on my collar bone and ribs were sticking out but with clothes on I just looked like a thick girl. In my mind I was disgusting. But people just kept telling me how great I looked. To keep going. I finally got in therapy after a few friends spoke to me.

  28. Dear Megan, I seriously love your videos! You are always so positive (bodyposipanda indeed 🐼) and you educate all of us about the 'hot stuff' that's so important, but not many people dare to talk about. Your work is so meaningful and I want to thank you for all your bravery and honesty 👏

    I listened to the last "Get it off your breast" podcast, so I'm really trying to avoid sounding like "Soooo what's next…?" 😂 I'd just really like to ask you, if you can make a video on how to be a great ally to your friends and/or family members starting their body positivity journey and/or struggling with their body image. Again: lots of love and appreciation for your work and a big THANK YOU! 💞

  29. I'm in the verge of tears watching this video. This is the first time I'm hearing this sort of speech around eating disorders. And if I'm understanding this right it probably means I should be getting treatment.
    But also i have a question, my mom is a Doctor and has all my life been telling me with a medical chart in hand what I should weight according to my height for my body to be healthy. How do I get over the medical part of it? Like, how can I stop thinking weight is the way to health when I have, you know, doctor's orders under my own roof?
    I've been following you on social media for a year now and the more I look into body positivity the more impossible feels for me to think about myself in a positive way.
    I'm sorry if this message reads the wrong way, english is not my first language.
    Thank you for this video.

  30. PREACH omfg, i am a privileged, thin white person but i 1000000% agree with the first few bits you’ve mentioned in this video. i haven’t watched the whole video, which i’m about to do, but i’m already super on board with what you’re saying.

  31. I just recently discovered you and am currently reading your book. Thank you for sharing your story. I was also anorexic and am now sharing my story. I just posted a video about body positivity. I don't see many men sharing their experiences with this so I am hoping I can change that and shed some light on men with eating disorders as well.

  32. I got a lot of, "you need to eat," and explanations why, as if I hadn't done all that research on my own 🙄
    Also I'd like to add that your recovery body doesn't need to be your, "ideal body." Like you said it's your natural body and so whatever you like is someone else's natural body! It took me a long time to realize that the things I want are things I should admire in people and let people admire the natural things about me.

  33. That's the longest vid I've seen in a year I SWEAR but I stick to it to the end. You rock it girl! I'm in my recovery since last summer and that's exactly what I need now most!
    Btw, what's your opinion of people going vegan(especially high carb ones🙄) in or after their recoveries?

  34. I freaking love you and your work so very much. Keep it up, keep posting, keep spreading health and truth. 💖💜❤️💛

  35. I don't want to go into it publicly, but thank you for that few minutes of this video. I need reminding of that every 5 minutes, cause i'm in the 'i feel like a failure' stage. So thank you for being in a good enough place to say it out loud. I hope to get there one day/ Much Love x

  36. The last two minutes(!!) I've been struggling for 18 years with this shit and I honestly can't remember who I am. I've never gotten proper help, but I no longer have the stereotypical "anorexia body", however, mentally I haven't recovered. At all. As soon as I'm able to, I'd love to receive help but until then I'll be playing the last few minutes of this video on a loop.

  37. Every time I listen to you speak I am more and more impressed. Continue sharing your knowledge for the rest of us! This was a very informative video.

  38. Its a struggle !
    Some people even feels that nose jobs are an investment.
    Eating disorders are just a brain spook.
    Nobody is perfect so why should i try to be perfect.
    Its about the balance of being a slob &perfectionist.
    Never be at top and never be at the buttom.
    Look up Look down look left look right
    Look infront look in the back the enemy can come from every angle.
    When you are out on the highway always make sure i got somebody driving faster than yourself .
    Never take the lead.

  39. Thank you 🙏

    I’ve always been bigger, but suffered with bulimia for a really long time. While I was able to stop purging (mostly) it’s been hard to stop binging, and it feels weird to seek help 😐

  40. Omg @bodyposipanda i love u and i wish i could be as body positive as u are.
    I have gained a lot of weight due to medications for my mental health. Because of the weight gain my already huge boobs have gotten bigger and i am in so much pain all the time.
    I went to my doctors the other day and i was told that i was too fat to get any help with my pain. They said that i was obese even though im not really fat but i have fat on my body. According to my doctors i have to lose 25-30kg to get help and that is a third of my bodyweigt.
    I feel so bad now beccause i cant lose weight because of my medicin but i have to lose weight if im going to get any help for my pain in my boobs, ribcase, back, shoulders and neck.

  41. Australian TV show "dance academy," has some quite good portrayals of athletes who struggle with eating disorders. they look strong and healthy but are severely overexercising, under eating and purging.

  42. Ok, don’t get me wrong I agree with most of what your saying, so please don’t shit on me for having an opinion, and don’t think that’s what I’m doing to you. But “fatphobia” isn’t a thing, people don’t see a fat person on the street and start screaming and running the other way (just picture that in your head for a moment). Some people are not sexually attracted to larger bodies, and there’s nothing wrong with that it’s just personal preference. Some people may be scared for your health, but not necessarily of you. Being extremely over weight can be equally as unhealthy as being extremely underweight. I’m not saying “you have to look like this” insert image of a “perfect body” I’m saying just eat healthy, eat a good amount of food, and take care of yourself. And a lot of times people aren’t fat shaming, but trying to explain that your being unhealthy (unless they’re being an asshole about it, then feel free to eat them too). I hope this comment doesn’t offend anyone, it wasn’t in any way meant to be offensive to anyone.

  43. I loved your second point "just eat more" because for me it isn't that simple, I was hospitalised with a brain infection and I get put on numerous drugs to try and help trat it but one of those drugs got rid of my appetite and then when I got taken of that drug my mental illness had already latched into my mind and I don't feel like I have that illness, I just don't feel hungry anymore and no one understands it. Thank you so much for not even knowing me and being able to understand what I've going through for years with my brain infection and mental illnesses. You are an amazing person <3

  44. Love this video. So true I was very close to not going to the ed clinic because I thought they'd turn me away because I was "too fat" to struggle with anorexia and body dismorphia despite being referred by my therapist. I'm so glad for bloggers like you and grace etc. Without you guys I would have never started my recovery journey ❤️❤️ thank you so much.

  45. The best thing I’ve watched all year👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 thank you for helping me get out of bed today 💜💜💜💜💜💜 lots of love!

  46. Really great video! I don't have an ED or ever had one, but I struggle with accepting my body as it is or seing beauty in myself. And when you said, that every recovery-body is good enough and worthy and beautiful, my heart felt as if this counts for me too. Those words just touched something inside me. Thanks for this! And to everyone out there who has and ED: Sending love to all of you!!!

  47. Really love this vid! Such great information, and your vibe is awesome. Keep spreading the wisdom and love!

  48. Very informative and Inspiring video…My partner struggled constantly with Eating disorders and over the years I have watched him get better through a friends recommendation. …I hope it works for anyone struggling.goodluck.xx

  49. I struggled with anorexia in the past but am now struggling with bulimia. Not many people belived me because I "Don't look sick" due to me not being underweight. People need more education about eating disorders because it's nearly impossible to find the help needed to recover when no one believes your mental illness is real.

  50. I have struggled on and off since I was 10, once I started puberty I was obsessed with being small , and thought I was getting fat when I was actually just developing a female figure . I never looked typically like I had one , it was suppressing food at first then binging and purging. I was never happy with myself, I was always comparing and had unsupportive people around me I was able to hide it well. I was very unhealthy and then I got pregnant and instead of suppressing my appetite, and purging, I ended up binging and gaining a lot going from unhappy size 10/12 under 10 stone , to size 18 over 15 stone. I had my son and as a emotional crutch I ended up continuing binging and being very cruel to myself about my new appearance. I breastfed because I knew it'd force me to not have unhealthy behaviors and lose weight a healthier way. Only now after having both my kids age 5 & 3 am I becoming more confident , but the effects my eating habits are having on my health are now very negative. I suffer with IBS , flare ups , pain & have to be on a restricted elimination low fodmap diet , which is hell. I am also having blood tests to try and find out what the cause is.

  51. I don’t think what you’ve said can be put any more perfectly. Beautiful person, beautiful words 🙂 you’re so strong and you’re empowering people, you’re amazing. Thank you 💜

  52. Girl you just amazing. I love how you are so inclusive. I have OCD and am very messy…anyone can "have" anything. Mental disorders are so hard and I adore you for the work you do 💗😘. You are helping so many people love

  53. Honestly I am so thankful, not only for this video, but your whole channel. You make me believe that there is hope to love and accept yourself no matter your size. Honestly I am close to being underweight now and I’ve been underweight my whole life, but I’ve never felt skinny for a second. It doesn’t matter which size you are, loving yourself is in your mind, not your body. Thankyou for giving me hope and inspiring me to recover from my eating disorder. We need more people like you in this world <3

  54. I got so obsessed with dieting I used to wonder how many calories were in my spit. Ridiculous. Now I'm 11 stone, 5ft 5 and happy. Body positive x

  55. Hey 💕👋
    I have a question about exercising after recovery. I stopped exercising for my Recovery 3 years ago (And I am ashamed of it). I only go for a walk a few times per week and do short soft yoga very rarely. And you know what? Apart of the guilt my ED drives me to feel I feel very good with it. Exercise never was something that gave me joy. I never enjoyed it. No my problem is that I am afraid I have to start exercising again some time later on. When I am recovered and on my setpoint and so on. Because it's what healthy people do and all doctors recommend, huh? That gives me some pressure. Because I simply don't want to exercise again (apart from that walks and a little bit of steching and yoga sometimes – but not regularly! I honestly feel attached to it very rarely…)!
    So I wanted to ask you: Do I HAVE to exercise after recovery?

  56. I didn't think I was anorexic because I wasn't thin enough to be sick but I still wasn't eating enough in a day. No breakfast, a peice of toast for lunch and an apple for dinner. I've been mostly recovered for 2 years.

  57. Thank you so much for your videos. I have been ED free for a month and a half. You mean so much to me. I hope you make a lot more videos. I can't wait to read your book.

  58. Sometimes I worry that I have an eating disorder, but I don't starve myself of make myself sick. I just have a very unhealthy relationship with food and my body. But I can't be sick because I don't starve myself right?

  59. i have b.e.d and literally no one believes me. gaining 30 pounds in 1 month isn't normal. you can tell ive gained weight but no one helps me with recovery always going out to eat all the time. its so stressful

  60. Wow the part where you spoke about people sitting around a table where they could cause the most people to have an ED, and you said they decided on our current reality just blew me. Changed my mind set completely

  61. Never forget that anorexia nervosa is the most lethal psychological disorder in America. Its more dangerous than depression. Anyone who says eating disorders aren't a real issue doesn't understand the implications of diet culture

  62. I have a family member that I don't really get along with that definitely has an eating disorder. We went out to dinner with another relative visiting so it was a special occasion, and she literally brought pills for her dinner. I asked her what the were and she said they were "carb blockers", but she literally didn't eat anything. I worry about it because she sees what she does as what she should be doing and backing it up with doctors that will tell her what she wants to hear. She makes comments on what everyone eats, I had 3 rolls at that dinner, but me being a plus sized woman she did everything in her power to put the bread at the other end of the table where no one was sitting. If I eat something around her she WILL make a comment about it, even grab it from me and tell me what the ingredients are and making a disgusted face… frankly it's upsetting and pisses me off, but I do care for her and want her to stop living a life that is so focused on her obsessions and enjoy the senior years of her life. It's toxic for her, and toxic for those around her. I worry she will bring someone into that obsession with her. How would you even go about helping someone like that? Can you help someone like that?

  63. The app MyFitnessPal put me into my eating disordered behavior. I was eating 800-1200 calories a day and working out 6 days a week… for 4 years!! I was constantly looking for answers about how I was barely eating and exercising almost every day and STILL had fat on my belly. It wasn't until last year I broke down and just didn't want the mental struggle anymore. Hating myself for eating a piece of candy or pasta and never eating anything but salad. I thought it was normal for so long and then realized I just wasn't happy. I was thin (and quite underweight) and I thought that was the ideal body I wanted even though I was mentally struggling and so unhappy. Today, at a healthy weight, I'm so so happy. I don't need to fit a size 2 or look like a girl in a fitness magazine. Then this year I unfollowed all social media accounts that glorify weight loss. You and so many other body positive accounts have encouraged me so much to heal and recover from years of torturing my body and mind. So, THANK YOU! <3 Keep doing what you're doing girl!

  64. I also started dieting at age 9. My daughter is 10. Today I had her promise me she would never go on a diet. She pinky promised. I hope I can raise her to be a body positive power house.

  65. You would never be diagnosed with AN professionally nowadays with the addition of OFFSED/EDNOS and you are still eating disordered because you can’t maintain a normal BMI because you still have an unhealthy and disordered relationship with food.

  66. People who are overweight and obese are ”losers” as in giving up and getting last place. YES I WAS OBESE TOO but when I was I was always giving and I don’t anymore and I EAT THE RIGHT AMOUNT AND STILL EAT JUNK FOOD AND AM 105 LBS at 5’1” ft

  67. Thankuuuuu sooo muchhhhh

    I really needed this video

    I was not able to explain to anyone why i am behaving like this why the little thought about fat makes me mad and what is exactly happening to me.

    But this just explained atleast the basic.

    Thankyouuuuuu atleast now i know that i am not the only one and so i am not doing anything wrong to my family.

    Probably now i can forgive myself for my behaviour and understand that why my family was not able to understand me


    It would really help❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  68. I have battled with eating disorders since I was 16. I am 33 and trying my best to heal from years of starving myself / binge eating / calorie counting / over exercising etc. A few times I have been severely underweight, yet no one batted an eye. Everyone told me I was beautiful and asked me what I was doing to be so thin. I lied and said I was eating well and exercising. Sure, that is what I believed at the time, but it was not the whole truth. I have recently gained weight, and every day I think about ways I could starve myself or that I should be spending most of the day moving my body. Food consumes my mind, and I worry about what others will think of the weight I have gained. Anyway, I just want to say how glad I am to have stumbled across you on youtube, thank you for all the content you share, I have had days where I do not want to go outside because I feel so ashamed of myself, but after I watch you for a while I feel a sense of courage and I can move on with my life. Eating disorders rob us from living our lives, and I would rather LIVE than be trapped in this never ending cycle.

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