THESE PRODUCTS INCREASE BLOOD PRESSURE! Strongly contraindicated if you have hypertension! Health
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THESE PRODUCTS INCREASE BLOOD PRESSURE! Strongly contraindicated if you have hypertension! Health

October 30, 2019

Tasty and wholesome at first glance products
can be categorically contraindicated in certain situations! Hypertension is one of the most common problems
in the cardiovascular system. A distinctive feature of this disease is sustained
high blood pressure. It has a negative impact on the work of individual
parts, and the whole body! Why? The thing is that this issue makes the vascular
system wear off, destroying the blood vessels, as well as the heart muscle. Pressure affects brain activity, harms memory
and eyesight. In addition, statistics indicate the fact
that this disease is a common cause of a heart attack or stroke! Is it possible to reduce the likelihood of
such negative effects on health? 2 Yes, and there are a lot of ways. The most common advice is lifestyle changes
(for example, giving up established habits, increasing physical activity). And it really works, only it looks quite complicated. You can’t just click your fingers and do it
at this very second, can you? Is there something more humane, but no less
effective? There is! Correct diet will help bring blood pressure
to normal. To be more precise, if you have hypertension,
stop eating certain products. You will learn about it from our video! Stay with us until the end to get an additional
simple but extremely important advice. 3 But, before moving to the point, we suggest
you write a comment: which recipes or methods for reducing pressure are known to you? Describe them so you can help other subscribers! Let’s get started! Solving a problem by correcting your diet
is an extremely important topic that consists of two parts. 4 First, we give you a list of useful products. Let’s roll:
1. Soups, especially vegetable or cereal-based. It is important to cook them with low-fat
broth at least once a week. 2. Buckwheat, oatmeal, wheat and rice porridge
as a side dish. Replace them with familiar pasta, your body
will say “thank you”! 3. Eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, peppers and
cabbages. 4. Low-fat fish, as well as seafood. 5. Meat and poultry (always low fat!). 6. Low-fat dairy products. 7. Fruits, berries and dried fruits. 8. Rye bread instead of regular white one. 9. Lightly brewed green tea, chicory drink, home-made
stewed fruit drinks and juices. 5 Increase the number of these in your menu! This will be the first step to reducing blood
pressure. Write in the comments if you find it easy. Now to the second part: the restriction or
complete rejection of certain types of food. 6 Monitor the amount of these products:
1. Salt, it retains fluid in the body and increases
blood flow. 2. Sugar – only gives you extra pounds. Its consumption should be reduced to a minimum. 3. Flour products (for example, pasta). As we said earlier, replace it with porridge! 4. Legumes. 5. Eggs. 6. Dairy foods with high content of fats. Remember that you CAN consume these occasionally. 7 It is strictly NOT recommended to eat: 1. Fatty meat or fish, as well as smoked meats
and sausages. 2. Fat or offal, fatty cheeses. 3. Purchased canned food, because it contains
a huge amount of preservatives. The body can not process them and it causes
blockage of blood vessels. 4. Dishes with hot spices or sauces. 5. Pastry, freshly made bread. 6. And, of course, alcoholic beverages (no matter
how strong). Dry wine is an exception though if you occasionally
consume no more than 100 ml. 8 And now, as we promised, we share the simple,
but very important advice. To stop using pharmaceuticals and keep your
blood pressure normal, use simple recipes. The basis of the diet should be vegetables,
fish or meat. And it is best to use one of the following
methods during cooking: – Grilled;
– Steam; – Bake;
– Stew; – Consume raw (when it comes to vegetables). A simple refusal of frying is almost half
the success! Also add foods high in potassium, magnesium,
and iodine to your daily menu. These dilate blood vessels and normalize metabolism,
thus reducing blood pressure. 9 Follow these simple tips and give up food
that is harmful if you have hypertension to live healthy and long!

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