The Skorys Truth or Dare!!

September 8, 2019

(Eden) I hate rainy days I am so bored! (Cole) Hey! Maybe we should play this Truth or dare game I downloaded. (Eden) Umm, I’m not sure… I don’t really like truth or dare. (Cole) Come on! It’ll be fun! You can go first! (Cole) Ooh! Truth! [Dissapointed] What’s your favorite color? (Eden) Oh! Let’s see…. Baby blue! Your turn! Dare! Call the local Pizza hut, and prepose to the pizza girl! [Laughs] (Cole) What?! Ok, I am not doing that. (Eden) You have too! That is what the rules say! (Cole) Fine! 555-Pizza (Angela)This is angela speaking. (Both gasp) Thank you for calling pizza hut. The happiest pizza In all the land How can I help you? (Cole) Ummm. Hi there. (Angela) Yes?… (Cole) I was just going to ask a question…. (Angela) Yes? (Cole) Umm… Will you marry me? (Angela) [Angirly] Boy are you out of your mind? This is pizza hut, not proposal hut! You can’t go calling people and asking them to marry you- (Cole) [scared] I’m sorry! I’ll never call back! [Eden laughs] (Eden) Now that was hilairious. (Cole) Your turn!!! You better get something good. Dare! Ok. What?! Whistle all your ABCs Who even wrote this?! [Eden starts whistling her ABC’s] (Cole) I get it I get it… You can whistle! (Eden) Ok! Your turn. Dare!!! Crack an egg on your head! (Cole) What! That is not fair! (Eden) I like this game. I like it real good!! [Cole sighs] (Cole) [Starts crying] Your turn! Truth! Who is your idol!?! Who is your idol Eden!? Tell us who is your idol! (Eden) See, that’s a hard one. Taylor Swift.. Cheryl Loyd! Arianna Grande. (Cole) Alright alright. Just go. (Eden) OK! Dare! This is a good one! [Eden clears her throat] Dress like a human baby wearing a diaper! While the other players smashes a banana against their face! (Cole)This is not fair! [Cole throws a fit] (Eden) You have to! It’s the rules! (Cole) I know!!!! (Eden) [Laughs uncontrollably] (Eden) Alright, here goes nothing. (Cole) Make it fast! [Cole starts crying] (Cole and Eden) Hey guys! (Cole) Thanks for watching this weeks episode of the skorys! We hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to thumbs up and comment and subscribe and comment this weeks video! [To eden] GO! (Eden) We may or may not be doing another truth or dare video in the future, but leave your truth or dare questions down below! (Cole) Comment! (Both) BYE! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! [Eden barks like a dog]

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