The single most useful stretch for your neck – for neck pain, headache and the iHunch

August 31, 2019

Keeping it really simple, there is one stretch you need for the muscles around the neck, and it’s this one for the upper trapezius. “So Catha could you tilt your head sideways”. Drop this shoulder and you can keep it dropped by just holding the underside of your chair, bringing your other hand over the top so we are pulling it sideways, and tuck your chin in a little bit. So it’s stretching this muscle here, running from the point of the shoulder to pretty much up to the base of the head here, and you hold the stretch for about 30 seconds or so. Just a stretch. It’s just keeping it loosened off, and then exactly the same on the other side. “Can you swap sides now Catha, Great”. So chin tucked in a little bit, shoulder dropped, and it helps to keep the shoulder dropped if you hold onto the underside of the stool and just letting the stretch come down this muscle here. That is the single most useful muscle stretch for the neck.

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