The Secret Kidney Cleanse Tea to Reduce Creatinine Level Naturally and Clean Kidney Fast
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The Secret Kidney Cleanse Tea to Reduce Creatinine Level Naturally and Clean Kidney Fast

September 2, 2019

Today’s video is going to be really amazing,
I will be showing you a great way to detox and clean your kidneys fast and naturally. This kidney cleanse tea is one of the most
surprising home remedies you can use to reduce creatinine level naturally. It is made just from three organic and GMO
free ingredients and you will be able to find these herbal remedies easily. No expensive or hard to find supplements will
be involved in today’s kidney detox recipe! Let’s see how to make it! Hello, this is Katherine, welcome to 00Kidney. Question: have you ever done a kidney detox? How often do you do them? Let me know in comment section, can’t wait
to hear from you! A little warning: the kidney detox home remedy
tea we’re making today is a potent recipe. I’m using some proven herbal remedies and
there will be some noticeable effects on your health. And, even if most of the people experience
no symptom at all, there’s a chance of mild discomfort and stiffness in the low back. There’s also a chance of strong smelling or
darkening of the urines. But don’t worry if this happens: these signs
are only showing is a major release of toxins from the kidneys, this would only indicate
that the cleansing is working. So don’t be alarmed. Also, most of the people don’t have any side
effects, and still get the benefits from this cleanse. Now, who can benefit most from this kidney
cleanse tea? This is made mainly for people suffering from
chronic kidney disease. All the ingredients are perfectly safe even
for patients in the last stage of CKD and this recipe is… well, very effective, as
you will see in a moment. So be sure to share this video with anyone
you know who suffers from CKD, because it can help them. This detox can also help if you just want
to take care of your kidneys and your whole body health after maybe… a particularly
rough period or… for people who just want to jump-start their body for an healthier
lifestyle. So it isn’t just for people with kidney disease. The kidney cleanse tea I’m making today is
made just from these 3 ingredients you can see right here. The benefits of these 3 herbal remedies are
going to be quite amazing, once we combine them: while potent alone, combining these
herbs can take their potential to a whole new level. Let’s start! I’m going to pick our first ingredient! This is a plant that you can actually grow
in your garden, if you live in a temperate climate. And, actually, I did grow it in my garden
as you can see. This is called rosemary, or Rosmarinus officinalis. Rosemary has been used for centuries to treat
a wide array of illnesses. And today’s science is actually backing up
several of these health claims of rosemary. It will be great in our kidney cleanse tea! Let’s collect some! The best days to pick it
are the sunny and dry days, like today. It can be harvested during spring or summer. We’re just going to cut a couple of small
branches today for our tea. The right way to harvest it is to cut off
just the top 3 inches of each sprig. This way the plant can recover, so don’t cut
it too close. If you get more rosemary than you plan to
use you can freeze it or dry it. Ok this is enough rosemary, let’s get back
to the kitchen. It’s really good for our kidneys because it
contains some polyphenols like carnosol and flavonoids like luteolin their properties
are really amazing. Rosemary is really rich in vitamins, calcium
and iron, really useful for our kidneys! It’s a perennial plant. If you grow it, you can make tea straight
from the leaves you can pick from your garden. We just need the leaves to make tea, so we’ll
remove them from the sprig. Like this… and we set them aside. Rosemary can help with high blood pressure,
heart health, immune health. It will also reduce oxidative stress and improve
digestion. Thanks to all these properties and to its
sharp, fragrant smell it will give an invigorating note to our tea. Don’t worry if you don’t have this in your
garden, you can easily find rosemary in most of the herbalist’s shops… or on amazon. Rosemary is not just a very popular home remedy,
it is also used as a spice to flavor several culinary specialties. The second herbal remedy I’m using is something
we all know and love for its properties. It lowers blood sugar, reduces the risk of
diabetes, prevent osteoporosis, reduces inflammation, helps with skin problems and can even help
with sleep and relaxation. It has been used for thousands of years in
folk medicine with amazing results and there are extensive researches showing its health
benefits. Have you guessed what herbal remedy is this? It’s chamomile tea. Incredible, isn’t it? Chamomile tea is something that everyone used
at least once to relax or to sleep better. But who could have guessed it had so many
benefits? This is why we’re going to use it as a part
of our kidney cleanse tea. Now, if you want to get all these benefits
from chamomile you should prepare it in a different, more potent, way than usual. You won’t get all the benefits if you don’t
infuse it the right way, so watch this video till the end so I can show you. And, also the quality of the chamomile flowers
we’re using will be playing a crucial role. As you can see, this is not your usual, store
bought and bagged chamomile. Actually, I’ll show you. This is the content of a bag of chamomile
tea from the supermarket. You see, everything is grinded. Doesn’t look really natural. And this the chamomile we’ll be using for
this tea. There’s a lot more petals, and this is what
makes it stronger. Again, the more potent the tea, the more the
health benefits. So, the more the petals, the better. So this one thing to look for when you’re
buying dried chamomile flowers for making tea. The other thing you want is to find a brand
that can send you certified chemical free, organic chamomile flowers. Take a look at the flowers when you open the
package and see if they look natural. The less processed, the better. You can even grow chamomile it in your garden,
if you have enough space. It can grow in almost any area of the world
with a temperate climate, just like rosemary. By the way, if you don’t know how to find
the herbs, in description I’ll put a link to some trusted sellers on Amazon. To our next herb! Here it is, this is the dried root of dandelion. You can often find this particular herb in
gardens and meadows. Also called Taraxacum officinale, this plant
may even grow in your garden like a… pesky weed. But the entire plant is actually edible, from
the roots to the blossoms and leaves. The root is what we’re going to use today. This is not a well-known home remedy for kidney
disease: dandelion is usually considered more a liver tonic than a kidney disease herbal
remedy. But, especially if in combination with chamomile,
its benefits are going to be really great for our kidneys:
Just like chamomile, dandelion root can fight diabetes and high blood sugar levels. How? Dandelion root contains Inulin. This soluble fiber supports the growth of
healthy gut bacteria that can increase insulin sensitivity. This will prevent both insulin spikes and
blood sugar spikes. Let’s remember that diabetes is the number
one cause of chronic kidney disease across the globe, so anything that fights high blood
sugar levels will fight chronic kidney disease. Now, if this wasn’t enough, dandelion is also
a mild diuretic and will help our body detoxifying and releasing what it has been holding onto. Dandelion can also help with skin disorders
like rashes, psoriasis and even itch. Recent studies even shown promising effects
as an anticancer agent for dandelion. And it also fights cholesterol. These are a lot of benefits from a single
ingredient. Now, an important thing to know about dandelion
is that it can readily absorb heavy metals and pesticides from the ground. So only harvest it if you know that the soil
where you found it is actually untainted. Or buy from a brand that can certify that
product is OGM and pesticides free. Like this one that I got. Now, this is dried root and you can tell they
dried correctly because the outer flesh has this darker brown color while the inner flesh
is more white. Now, doing a detox is a little bit more complex
than just sipping tea, so bear with me for a moment before we get to the recipe. I know that the people following me here at
00Kidney are really serious about their kidney health and that they really care about the
health of their kidneys. I’m always reading and answering your comments
so I know that you’re already pretty educated about the importance of the renal system for
the health of your body and on how to keep your kidneys healthy. So I won’t be repeating the same advice people
always give about kidney health, like avoiding to smoke or to eat junk foods. But what I must absolutely tell you is that
to do a kidney cleanse we will need to cleanse our whole body too. We are approaching the topic of the kidney
cleanse as an “all in one” type deal. This means that to give your kidneys the best
chance to heal, we are going to drink this tea during a detoxing period. The main goal of this detoxing period is to…
you guessed it… remove all the unwanted toxins from the body, to clean the kidneys
up and to give them the chance to recover they need. This is a great way to clean your kidneys
naturally and to lower creatinine levels. Ok, there are basically two ways to do a cleanse. It doesn’t matter if it’s a kidney cleanse,
a whole body cleanse, a master cleanse… you can do it the “hard way” or the “soft
way”. A lot of people do cleanses while fasting. You can do this for a weekend for example. So you won’t be eating anything during the
weekend, just the cleansing tea. But this may be a bit too extreme for a lot
of people suffering from kidney disease, there may be issues. For example some patients cannot lose too
much weight. Or a fasting may not be compatible with their
renal diet. So it is up to you to decide, you only know
what your situation is and what is best for you. You may prefer to do the cleansing the less
extreme way, without fasting. In this case you should still try and remove
all the toxins you can from your diet. So, at least one week before starting the
kidney cleanse stop eating anything containing chemicals, hydrogenated fats, GMOs, sugar,
processed foods and toxins in general. Also don’t drink and don’t smoke, if you can
. Drink more water, to help the kidneys flushing
the toxins. This only apply if you’re not on a fluid allowance. And focus on sleep. Sleeping well is really important because
it allows our body to recharge and reorganize. This gives our kidneys the chance to remove
the toxins accumulated throughout the day. Ok, now that we have clarified the “DETOXIFYING”
part of this cleanse, let’s get back to the “KIDNEY TEA” part! So, Let’s make this kidney detox tea. Start by boiling some water. I’m using 4 cups or 1 liter of purified water
to make the detox tea. While it heats up, let’s prepare the herbs. You can do this day by day or you can prepare
the right quantities only once and store them together. Or you can make tea for two or three days
and then store it in the fridge. I usually prefer to do it in the morning and
then drink the kidney detox tea during the day. Ok, now we need 1 tablespoon of chamomile,
2 tablespoons of dandelion root and 1 teaspoon of rosemary. This is for 4 cups of water
As soon as the water is boiling, add the herbs. The hotter the water the better, the tea will
be more potent. Stir a little bit and let it sit for 20 minutes,
stirring occasionally. It’s almost ready, but there’s one thing I
want to tell you about. A lot of people here on 00kidney ae using
this program to improve their GFR and lower their creatinine. Some of them even reversed their kidney disease. This program is easy to follow and effective,
the doctor that wrote the books of which the program is composed will even give you a free
consultation. I’m leaving a link here, if you want to give
it a try. Back to our recipe
Strain all the tea through a fine-mesh sieve. Here we go, the tea is ready! This is all for today, thank you for watching.

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  1. Is this good to drink even if you are on dialysis? When do you drink it? After dialysis or before you go to bed? Thank you Katherine.

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  3. Thank you Katherin for sharing the program to reverse kidneys disease! I had to find out about it all by myself. Btw, the program actually works, my creatinine went from 3.6 to 2.3 in just 4 months!

  4. I actually use the program she talks about in the end of the video. It helped me a lot with my kidney disease. I've used it for 6 months now and my GFR went from 25 to 33! I'm in stage 3 now!

  5. You are here because you have kidney disease and you want to fix it. There is no " CURE " . You can STOP the progression of the disease by changing your eating and drinking habits. A dead kidney cell is a dead kidney cell. Don't be fooled by quackery !

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