The Lasting Impact of Gestational Diabetes
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The Lasting Impact of Gestational Diabetes

October 30, 2019

[music playing] My main motivation when I found out I had gestational diabetes was to stay healthy for my family, for my son. My family has experienced type 2 diabetes. My mother had gestational diabetes and she
was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after she had my
sisters. She actually didn’t even know that she could
do anything to prevent her type 2 diabetes. I watched my mother and what she went through. She lost her
eyesight. She had kidney problems. And that was the only motivation I needed to take charge of my life. Having gestational diabetes does put me at a higher risk of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and it also puts my son at risk for type 2 diabetes. Some of the things that I do now: I exercise and I eat healthier meals, I
watch portion size, we don’t eat out too much. I am very fortunate my husband is my chef and we eat in a lot, we cook a lot. Because I had gestational diabetes my son is at risk for getting type 2
diabetes. So it is critical that I communicate with
the pediatrician so that we can all play an active role in
preventing diabetes. It’s not easy for a child to adapt to
healthy styles. So we introduced healthy foods and we tried
to invent new ways of sneaking in like squash and it works out okay, he tries
that he likes it and he eats it. Some of the things that we do as a family to stay active is we take walks in the
neighborhood go to the park play basketball anything that’ll keep us together and active; that’s what’s important for us. One of the things that keeps me motivated is
my husband if I get frustrated or I stop he’s right there for me to remind me of how important I am in his
life. And then I also I have to stay healthy for my son. He is my biggest motivator I have to be
around for him throughout his life as well. My advice to women who have had a history of gestational
diabetes is to get tested and to work closely with their medical team. To learn more about gestational diabetes and
preventing type 2 diabetes visit I’m Sandra Aguilar Scott and my family is
preventing type 2 diabetes.

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