The iHunch – why a hunched upper back causes neck pain and headache and how to fix it
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The iHunch – why a hunched upper back causes neck pain and headache and how to fix it

November 2, 2019

Hi I’m Steve August. I’m a New Zealand physiotherapist, I’ve been treating backs and necks for about 30 years. And most of us have this problem. Over 3/4 of western humanity will have an upper back or a neck problem. This doesn’t happen by chance, it’s perfectly logical. Our eyes are around the front and our hands are around the front and most of us are spending most of our days bending forward doing something with our hands, with our eyes tracking what we are doing. This is especially with the recent technology like the iPads and the tablets, laptops, what have you. So do that for long enough and the upper thoracic spine which is bending forward to let you do it will freeze and stiffen and jam in that position. Then you’re in trouble because to get your head up you’ve got to crank back on all the muscles of the spine, jam down most of the units in the neck and there’s your neck problem. It’s common and it’s logical and it’s fixable in a logical fashion. Most of them start from this flexed forward upper back position and what we’ve invented in New Zealand is this unit here called the Backpod, which is a high tech fulcrum really to let you stretch out at home, this flexed, stiffened, jammed up, tight patch of the upper thoracic spine. We also have a program involving massage, strengthening, stretching and posture which basically covers all the other aspects that you need to get the spine working, as it was intended. It really is logical and it is quite simple.

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