The Crushinator – Working Toward a Wearable Blood Pressure Watch
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The Crushinator – Working Toward a Wearable Blood Pressure Watch

December 5, 2019

NIST scientists affectionately refer to this
machine as The Crushinator. Its job is to apply pressure to things in
a controlled way. The squishy pad of silicone being tested here
is part of a new device that could help doctors monitor their patients’ blood pressure. The silicone acts like the soft tissue in
your wrist. And The Crushinator mimics the pressure of
blood pumping through an artery. Thin optical fibers measure subtle changes
in the pressure as it goes up and down in real time. Researchers are currently using this work
to build a physical model of a human arm, complete with a fake artery running through
the silicone. The model arm could then be used to design
a new kind of blood pressure monitor that people could wear on their wrists like a watch.

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