The BEST Video About Gout Ever Made

September 12, 2019

♪ Bob and Brad ♪ ♪ The two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists ♪ ♪ On the internet. ♪ – Hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – And we are the most
famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion of course, Bob. – Today, Brad, you’re a
little busy there aren’t you? – I’m feeling strong. – Today we’re gonna present the best video about gout ever made. – Oh gout! Excellent.
– Yeah. And how can we make that claim, Brad, that this will be the best video? Well, not only are you gonna
get worthwhile information from me and you, – Right. – This is a participation video, we are asking all of our
community to comment below and answer one question. – What? – I’ll tell you the question
in just a little bit. We got to string them on a little bit. – Oh, it’s one of those teasers. – Yep, but community is
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– Yeah, yeah (laughs) Like that’s a positive. All right so, when we’re
talking about gout, one of the things with gout, probably the most important thing if you are one that suffers from it, is you’re gonna want
to avoid the triggers. Those trigger type foods,
or substances, or liquids. So what we’re gonna do,
if you have had gout, I want you to comment below, what triggers you need to avoid. – Oh, sure. – And this is gonna be very helpful because they list a lot of them in the readings I do, but some of them, I don’t
think are that important, in my opinion. – So we want to get it directly from– – We want to get it
directly from the people– – Exactly, get some good feedback. You know, gout is actually
a form of arthritis. – It can lead to pretty
severe arthritis, actually. – Sure. – If you leave the crystals in the joint. So what we’re talking about is typically, affects the
base of the greater toe. That’s the most common joint it affects. I’m gonna show where that is. It’s the metacarpal phalange, right here, you can see that. So it typically affects that one, it can also affect other joints too. And my sister, one of my sisters, I have eight of them. – Can you imagine. – This is my favorite sister (laughs) – Oh good (laughs) – But I’m not gonna say her name. But she’s got a bout of gout. I love saying that. – Oh really?
– A bout of gout. But she had it in the
bigger toe, greater toe. Now she has it in the ankle. So she’s like, “Okay, “apparently I can’t just ignore this, “I got to figure out
what’s triggering this.” – Sure. – So, we’re gonna try
to help her with that. What’s interesting is, it affects 90% men. So my sister’s been a
little bit unlucky here. ‘Cause it’s more common in men than women, 90% affects men aged 40 to 60 years old. And yeah, it’s increased uric acid, and get increased uric
acid crystals in the joint. And in fact, the way to diagnose it, absolutely diagnose it, is they actually aspirate the joint and they have to take
a look at the crystals and make sure that’s what… ’cause it could be an infection. – Kinda like a biopsy? – Yeah, I would call that so. Most people get better
within 28 to 48 hours and in most cases, it’s gone in a week. But it’s very very painful. You’ve seen many cases of this right? – Oh yeah, it’s not fun. – When we see it, people, they don’t even want to
have a blanket on it. I mean, or even a sheet on it. – Right, yep.
– It’s just so painful. So, some of the common causes are dehydration, increased
consumption of alcohol, (Brad laughs) Inflammatory foods. – I’ve never had gout, Bob.
(Bob laughs) – And large amounts of meat or seafood. So I’m gonna give you a
list of common triggers that I have read about, but I want our viewers to chime in now. Start putting in your comments. So, I have a friend, for him, it was beer. – Really? – Yep, he had to cut down. And from what I read,
that is pretty common. The other, wine and hard liquor can also, but beer is more common. – So is it something in the beer, or is it the alcohol? – Yeah, I don’t remember the substance again, that was in some of these foods but they had it and… But there’s a lot of
controversy about this, about whether or not… – Straight, straight
– So that’s why I want to hear straight from the people. – Right. – Second one, pretty common too. High fructose corn syrup. Now, if you ever read about this, if you follow diets at all, this is about one of the
worst foods you can eat (Brad laughs)
…you know, ingredient. – Sure. – If you see that on a package, you should go the other way. – And actually there’s quite a few– – Oh, there is a lot
of things that have it. In that case, its more about inflammation. And I think, that is more
the key here than anything. – Sure. – ‘Cause you have crystals
in your joints all the time, and you have uric acid in
your body all the time. But what makes that flare up? And to me, it’s probably
inflammatory foods. – So this fructose– – High fructose corn syrup or– – It’s feeding it, it’s
like putting gasoline on a fire.
– That’s a good way to put it Brad. Sucrose would be the same thing. So even orange juice, or fruit juice, you’re gonna need to
avoid if you have gout. In my mind, in my opinion (laughs) – We’re doing this
whole theory thing here. – If you’re diabetic, you really want to, which you always do want to do anyway, you want to watch your elevated insulin because that can really flare it up too. And this is the one I
wasn’t so sure about. They said, a lot of them mentioned meats or seafood, for anybody, do they find that
served as a trigger for them? I want to know. I really do, if I were to make
a suggestion to my sister, which is good for you anyway, but you want to eat a
lot of green vegetables, plant proteins, beans, things that are anti-inflammatory foods. – Right, the typical– – And that’s gonna
hopefully knock things down. We really don’t need
another episode of this ’cause you keep getting episodes, it can affect the joint like you said.
– Right. – And damage the joint
and give you arthritis. – Right. Well, I thought,
technically, it was in that arthritic category.
– That I didn’t read. – Well, I learnt that in school – Okay.
– … 25 years ago (laughs) – What, in the cavemen? Came out, “This is arthritis.” All right, remember, Brad and I can fix just about anything.
– Oh yes! Except for… But what about your sister? How is she gonna know? You got eight sisters
and one of them’s gonna– – Well she’s gonna know
– They’re gonna know they’re the one. – She’s gonna know because
she’s the one that has it. – They’re all gonna know. – They may not know whether
or not she has it or not. – But they’re all on the Facebook, it’s gonna come out. – All right, on to Facebook. We can fix just about anything. – Oh yeah, except for – A broken heart.
– There ya go. – But we’re working on it. Thanks for watching.

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