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  1. I hate how people constantly go to the store and look at things like health herbs or some medicinal fruits and think they have healing properties. No they don't, they are just food! The reason it has "Healing properties" is because everything else in your diet is just animal products and processed foods and you have accustomed to the bad health. So when you eat those "Health foods" you are actually returning to your former state which we define as "Healthy".

    So basically those foods make you feel better, because it makes you eat less of the food that is making you sick.

  2. Doctors know that if the public masses adopted a healthy plant-based diet that a lot of doctors will become obsolete and thus without a job. Also, a lot of knowledge they have spent so much time learning in med school will be somewhat redundant, especially all those different kinds of medication. So apart of a possible financial loss for the doctors there's also this thing called an ego. The public looks up to doctors, they trust them. It's hard to imagine that the same doctors are coming out and saying they were wrong prescribing all that medicine.

    In conclusion, doctors have a lot to lose if the true underlying causes of most diseases were treated in stead of just the symptoms. The status quo is their friend.

  3. You are the best ! You were my teammate in helping my family members to go vegan — I used your vids for health reasons and trips to animal sanctuaries to bring home the animal truth. I could not have done it without you. Some of my relatives are celebrating their 1 year as vegans — and they tell me they feel happier. (some got off of all meds) Happier!

  4. Sorry Doc, but your counterparts already know that that they can't make money off of healthy people.

  5. I like your emphasis on doctor's walking their talk. I think that is so important to inspiring real change in the people you meet.

  6. Thank you for another informative video that is extremely enjoyable to watch! I love what you're doing 🙂

  7. Awesome video dr. Greger! I always look forward to your videos! Thank you for taking the time to make these and do so much research…I was already on a WFPB diet before but these just reenforce the importance of good nutrition 😊 thanks again!!!

  8. great video! when i was just a kid, 8-15 years old, i was overweight and my doctors never talked about nutrition. they only talked about putting me on thyroid medication and they told me that i "will never look like one of those skinny Asian girls". I wish YOU and Dr. Barnard would have been my doctors!! it would have saved me a lot of grief and would have put me in better health.

  9. recent science has proven that plants recoil "in horror" before they are about to be eaten or cooked…I'll take a nice medium rare grass fed leg of lamb with asparagus. There is no correlation with longer life span and vegetarianism

  10. My mother is in a nursing home. This has given me the opportunity to note the large number of staff, nearly all female that smoke. Not sure where this is going.

  11. I am not given to hyberbole. I am also skeptical to the core. Despite watching what this diet did for my sister – which was pretty amazing – I somewhat jealously refused to go vegan. Finally going vegan radically transformed my body and mood.

    From being 20 lbs overweight, "elevated" but not "dangerous" cholestrol levels, low energy propped up my caffeine, somewhat perpetually cranky and quick to argue, chronically feeling like I havent slept long enough, plagued by stiffness, could barely run with my dog before wanting to keel over… to outrunning my dog up hills, to having a clear mind and having the energy I long remember as a child. Slowly the arthritis and stiffness went away. My complexion, although never fully acne, cleared up!

    Part of me wants to say I did it for the animals, and for the planet. But honestly, this was a selfish thing. Vegan diet just made me feel powerful and strong and happy. Im also happy my sister didnt rub it in too bad 😉

  12. I'm guessing that doctors know that advising their patients make lifestyle changes is often futile. A lot of people can't and won't make those changes even if they know better. But they will take pills.

  13. Plant-based diets are considered the nutritional equivalent of quitting smoking.

    Watch below or click the link to watch on

  14. So why man feels better after eating big hamburger with Coca-cola then after 10 apples? Why this is not explained?

  15. "Walking the walk'   —    you (Dr. Greger)  losing 25 lbs in the last 25 years.    You walking on the treadmill in the mornings.     Lead by example.     Keep it up.

  16. I have no problem with educational efforts like you do so well about diet or anything else, and that includes smoking.

    What I object to is the government telling me what I must and must not do, eat and not eat, smoke and not smoke and it goes on and on.

    How is it that moose kakes in the white mosque, who never had a job in ''her'' life, becomes the self-proclaimed chief of the Food Police just becomes she got to the white mosque because ''her'' ''husband'' was emaculated?  ''she'' still knows little to nothing other than how to take vacations and tell us what to do.

  17. Shirley you are not suggesting that if a doctor fails to become a vegan, we take his or her drivers license away from them.  Shirley you don't mean that.

  18. In other words the "best kept secret in medicine" is that medicine is mostly an elaborate hoax and not needed outside of emergency situations, and that yes, the body heals itself given the proper conditions.

  19. Yet another bought-and-paid-for shill for the junk-food Carbohydrate industry. The consumption of meat has ZERO effect on heart disease risk. What the Sheeple don't realize is that the majority of the fats in animal protein is MONOUNSATURATED. Bacon grease is actually healthier for you than olive oil! What causes plaque build up in the arteries is VLDL cholesterol which is cause by excessive CARBOHYDRATE consumption.

  20. I smoke and I'll live well past 90.  How is that possible?   I only drink water, I bake my own bread without bromide/bromein, I eat healthy mostly organic foods, and I walk almost daily and always will.   Smoke em if you got em!  🙂

  21. I really do agree that life-style changes are very effective at reducing, preventing or even treating some or even most diseases, and more focus should be put on diet and exercise there are some problems I don't believe are addressed in this video, and any video that claims to have found the "secret" makes me naturally skeptical of its content. That aside there is a prevalence of a "quick fix" mentality in medicine where patients request an easy solution in the form of a pill, and although a doctors advice might make a difference it is often not good enough. So many people get advice from their doctors to lose weight as an example, but without any active programs assigned to them it may be next to impossible. A personal trainer ordained by the doctor might be the way to go, but that is both expensive and time consuming compared to a pill three times a day. Furthermore nutritional science should be regarded with a grain of salt, since it is incredibly hard to take all factors into account. It is very expensive, and often impractical to follow a large, homogeneous group consistently without some of them changing lifestyle over the course of say 20 or 30 years. Even if you get positive results, the results may not apply to all walks of life. Often because of publication bias, negative results might never get published that would otherwise give us important insights.

  22. I went into hospital with a severe case of diverticulitis. Not a single doctor made any good diet advice. Everything in moderation they ALL said. I'm well now, because after a couple of months suffering under doctors, I took control of my diet myself. I've found a lot of great information on YouTube . Do your own research , take care of your own body, the more I move away from animal products, the better things have got. Thankyou to all those posting there tips online. X

  23. Smart people invest heavily in chronic medicine drugs and interventions, and low carb high protein diet products and marketing, as well as fad fitness product marketing while smiling in great health all the way to the bank.

  24. I wonder if you would like to comment on so called orthorexia nervosa which I heard about on an Australian podcast recently.

  25. but how can they advise not to eat meat when there is no solid science

    then, what you are saying is that they should promote your agenda regardless of scientific consensus or veritable facts..

    this goes against a duty of care for sure.

    for the record, i know morons will take issue with my comment, but to make things more clear, or perhaps very confusing for some. I fully support a plant based diet *

    Good Day.

  26. How do you have fun in life? The answer is easy; buy a ticket, wait in line, take your turn, the result will be brief and unfulfilling.
    How do you pursue happiness and life? The answer is easy; eat plants, don't kill animals, go outside and exercise, don't expect others to entertain you, entertain yourself, help others.

  27. Hmm. Maybe doctors got tired of their patients ignoring their advice. My doctor frequently recommends more exercise & healthier eating. Cutting out fast foods, ice cream & sweets. I start following her recommendations, but eventually go back to unhealthy habits. Even though my doctor qute visibly went from quite plump when I started going to her to slim & fit. Obviously taking her own advice. I am again on the healthy eating kick and have lost more than 9 lbs in a little over 1 month. Hopefully, I'll have a little more stick-to-it-ivness than previously.

  28. Geez Dr. G. I went for my labs after 6 months of about 85% compliance, and off statins. I bombed. Highest numbers ever. I'm committed to staying off meat, dairy and oils but it's hard without having personally proven any benefit after ditching so much and adding so many " good" things like daily flax, cruciferous, berries, some nuts and lots of oatmeal, many more beans than ever, ect, ect. Fasting BS was NO better at all ( slightly above high end of ' normal'. Still I trudge on, but now back on statin. . Salud!

  29. Dr. Mark A Hyman is brilliant Dr. Neal Bernard brilliant they wrote those paper great functional practitioners and leading the way in science along with a lots others like Tom O Bryan and they aren’t vegans…
    I was vegan for over 2 years and i got very sick I was allergic to dairy before I started but I gave it up and took the plunge slowly but was very sick I eventually got treated and got some markers done again and used epigenetic‘s and Hair mineral analysis testing done and saliva urine and stool,I suddenly became allergic to gluten,and had very high heavy metal toxicity,gallstones,hyperthyroidism loads of gut issues and very low testosterone levels no sex drive for most part, I got sicker an sicker on the vegan diet weaker was bloated all the time but still hungry wasn’t absorbing my nutrients on vegan diet, i ate/eat mostly organic,and taking my good Quality supplements, I gave it two years and tried turning it around with different things like mega siding certain bits bio-hacking the body detoxing,cleanses which gave me some minimal help only and then I said fk that’it’s not working for me,I love animals and this planet it was my main reason behind going Vegan along with some research on health obviously but I want to feel good in my own skin not like shite all the time. Cranky and quick to anger,I had good guidance from long time veg then Vegan ppl who were doing good with 7-15yrs behind them or so I thought, but they never looked healthy now looking back and we’re mostly vegetarian then they were full vegan and have since went back to being just vegetarian we are all fitness people also so knew about supplements etc.anyway after just over 2 years I quit!! Fk that shit now I just use local RAW DAIRY which is super nutritious makes me feel great,and I’m not allergic to dairy anymore which is weird and have grass fed meats and pasture raised chickens I can see frm my bedroom window and I know they have a happy life free to roam and do as the please so I don’t feel bad for the most part still hate and won’t eat factory farmed animals, I feel better then ever before I still only eat some sort of organic meat 2 maybe 3 times a week and fish and vegetables the rest and use raw dairy as my medicine and as that’s what it is, raw dairy is unreal 😋 moral of the story is being a vegan is not for most, listen to your body folks and get book called the encyclopaedia of medicine and forbidden treatments it’s a game changer with all reference studies in every illness and modality,let food be thy/die medicine and medicine be thy/ food
    All my markers went frm bad to within range to “normal” to optimal which is what you want not just within range or normal, but at the end of the day this is just another vegan fail/tail.. I understand the cause and good look but I won’t be trying it again for every success story there’s one like mine and vice versa for meat eaters you’re body’s are primed for certain things listen to it..✌️

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