Tex-Mex restaurant fails inspection after customers hospitalized with vomiting, diarrhea
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Tex-Mex restaurant fails inspection after customers hospitalized with vomiting, diarrhea

September 7, 2019

a food poisoning complaint puts a tex-mex restaurant at the top of the city’s inspection list while we encounter a grumpy butcher at a market that was storing meat directly on the floor that I Teebs Dylan Collier with an eventful behind the kitchen door report a man and woman taken to the emergency room with symptoms of vomiting in diarrhea led to a health complaint against Piedras Negras de noche near downtown a drop-in visit from a city inspector days later revealed the following problems Rami stored above cut-up vegetables an employee was seen touching the meat than a container of tomatoes employees were also caught not washing hands between tasks and touching ready-to-eat food with their bare hands that insects and evidence of roaches were also discovered final tally a failing 65 we tried to talk to the restaurants owner about the multiple violations that could lead to foodborne illness but were shoot away on the near west side this Culebra meat market racked up quite a list of violations including debris on its meat slicer and mold like debris on a cutting board and inside a meat case an employee busted for spraying one of those cases with meat still inside of it the inspector also found meat without packaging or protection on a dirty freezer floor final score a 60 for a butcher blame the meat mess on a freezer malfunction then decided he was tired of us being there but ox tails and ribs were being put on the floor without any kind of protection yes it’s a television camera during the follow-up inspection the market had corrected all of its issues for behind the kitchen door dylan collier case at 12 news

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