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Tension Headache

September 10, 2019

THOMAS WARD: Well, certainly
the most common one, the one that almost
everybody has at least sometime during
the year are what I call tension type headaches. And paradoxically, even
though almost everyone has them and knows what
they are– we know them when we have them,
we know them when they see them– they’re the ones
that are least well understood. They have nothing to do tension. They’ve had many names in the
past– psychogenic headache, muscle contraction headache. It’s the headache that
usually isn’t disabling, but it’s nagging. It’s usually on both
sides of the head, and people will say
it feels like a vise or there’s pressure. It’s usually not
associated with nausea. It’s usually not
associated with vomiting. People, instead of laying
down in a dark, quiet room, are usually active. In fact, it’s often
better if they get up and about their business. Some of these people even
relieve their headache by going out and
walking or running. For patients with
tension type headache, there can be two
general patterns. One is episodic, which usually
means they have less than half the month. And it can be very infrequent
or relatively frequent. And there’s chronic
tension type headache which can occur more
than half the month. And for many people, it may
be almost daily or daily, and sometimes even constant. And some of these
patients, instead of having mild
headache, actually would be more
moderate in severity. Many of these people,
in my experience, are older patients
over the age of 50. NARRATOR: The most
common treatments for episodic
tension-type headache include over-the-counter,
non-prescription pain relievers, like acetaminophen,
aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen sodium. In some cases, treatments
other than drugs are effective. Examples include acupuncture,
chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy, exercise,
and relaxation techniques. For chronic,
tension-type headache, alternative treatments
are often used to avoid the overuse of
standard pain relievers. These include tricyclic
anti-depressants such as Amitriptyline,
and sometimes biofeedback, which can be helpful for
tension-type headache in some people.

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  1. ive been having head aches daily when i wake up in the morning and i feel that my head is heavy,i do have migranes,this is daily and very frequent what do you think it is?what is the cause?
    i am 17 male
    doctors prescribed stress anti depressents which has no change on me

  2. I've been having tension headaches almost every day since late 2004, shortly after I started using SSRIs. I don't know for sure that SSRIs are causing the headaches, but my anxiety disorders are severe enough that it's better to use a lot of pills than have anxiety that's too severe for me to tolerate. I use a lot of OTC pills like the ones mentioned in this video, so who knows what's going to happen to my liver. I'd rather not know if I have a terminal condition.

  3. im 14. ive been having headaches every day for over 3 years. I have no idea how to get rid of them ,and sometimes I just cant take the pain

  4. @coolioyoyomo Describe what your pain is like? Is it in the back of your head? Do u feel pressure in brain (or back head) and depression and panic when you're having the pain? Does your head hurt when you hear music?

  5. @zszs100 no its behind my eyes. i suffered from one of them last night actually. its a sharp aching pain. it doesnt hurt when i hear music and im depressed because of the pain

  6. @coolioyoyomo One reason could be you use your eyes too much. ( too much gaming ect.) Did you get it checked out? You should if you are unsure what is causing the pain.

  7. @zszs100 i did. some doctors just spew out medicines for me to take that don't work. my back muscles really hurt, so im hoping that that's what causes my headaches with tension headaches so i can get rid of them.

  8. @coolioyoyomo Medicins don't really work sometimes! I am not a doctor but I have an explanation. What ur having is tension headache which is ur muscles tightening. Your muscles are used to being tightened so thats why the head ache keeps coming back. Maybe U play too much video games! The way to get rid of ur headache is to do some physical activity and do stretching. Streching will losen up muscles. I recommend U to see a chinese doctor cuz they're good at releaving mucle Pain using massage!

  9. I have had a headache tightness between the eye constant for over 3 yr's some times so bad I want to go to the ER but don't, I have had an MRI MRA cat scan and sinuse xray and nothing shows up, the only thing that has helped is streching a bandaide and putting it in the middle of forehead above the brows, can you help me I have seen over 10 Dr's. Thanks Robin

  10. Pretty nice dude. I have a head ache now. I refuse to use drugs to treat it. Just thought id say this doctor seems pretty nice 🙂

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