Tel Aviv Fashion Week – Anorexia and Aerial Attacks
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Tel Aviv Fashion Week – Anorexia and Aerial Attacks

August 18, 2019

[DANCE MUSIC PLAYING] -Welcome to “Fashion Week
Internationale,” the show that reports on the most fabulous
fashion weeks in the world, and the culture and politics
behind them. This time, we’re in the party
capital of the Middle East– Tel Aviv. -[SPEAKING HEBREW] -I wanna go home. [MUSIC PLAYING] -We are in Israel for
Tel Aviv’s second fashion week in 30 years. But had it been scheduled
any later, it may not have happened. No sooner had the last model
left the runway, the conflict between Israel and Palestine
escalated to the worst it’s been in recent history, with
Tel Aviv’s Iron Dome being breached for the first time by
missiles sent from Gaza. -Tel Aviv came under rocket
attack for the first time in 21 years. Hamas fired over 300 rockets
at Israel in 24 hours. -Tel Aviv is the economic center
of Israel, and secular tourist haven. Known for it’s 24-hour party
lifestyle and thriving gay scene, it’s not hard to see why
it’s gained a reputation as the home of hedonism
in the holy land. The event kicked off with
a press junket where the president of Tel Aviv fashion
week fielded questions from local and foreign press. -Body mass index, or BMI, is the
globally accepted method for estimating human body fat
based on an individual’s weight and height, and a BMI
of below 18.5 is considered underweight. The law is contentious because
BMI is a general measurement and doesn’t take things like
genetics or race into account. The opening show was none other
than Italian fashion house Moschino. I was intrigued to hear what
such a big designer would think of the law. -Moschino being such a stalwart
in this fashion industry, you know, you work
with the best models, the biggest faces in the industry. Somewhere like this that maybe
next year they’re not going to be able to work with the
international standard of models because of
their BMI law. What do you think about that? BILL SHAPIRO: Fashion is
about making women feel cool and beautiful. You know, fashion sells a
dream, and everything’s supposed to look as beautiful as
possible, but that doesn’t necessarily mean
ill, obviously. -Cool and beautiful. I couldn’t agree more, but
couldn’t help but wonder how the global fashion industry
would be affected if legislation was passed
worldwide. The very makeup of high fashion
would be impacted. -You’re going to be the first
fashion week whose size of the model is dictated by law. How does that make you feel? -How can you hope to compete
with an international aesthetic standard of how models
should look if you’re not allowed to use that
look anymore? -I could understand
that [INAUDIBLE] didn’t want his fashion week to
be engulfed in an argument about anorexic models, but to
say it doesn’t matter just sounded obtuse, especially
given the facts. -Across town, there was another
fashion event being held by people who think
this matters very much. Simply U, a model agency that
strictly represents girls with a healthy BMI, was having a
dinner during the fashion week to commiserate its models for
being too overweight for current catwalk standards. Simply U was founded by Adi
Barkan, an Israeli fashion photographer, model agent, and
one-time publisher of racy magazine, Bikini. -[SPEAKING HEBREW] -Adi’s career took a u-turn
in the 90s when a model he advised to lose a few pounds
consequently almost starved herself to death. -Since then, Adi has put all
his energy into pushing through legislation stating that
models with a BMI under 18.5 will not be able to work,
and Photoshopped advertising images must carry
a disclaimer. -[SPEAKING HEBREW] -Adi believes that by targeting
the fashion industry through how they can
advertise, he’s got them by the balls. If they breach the code,
the lose money. -Adi Barkan is not the only
Israeli photographer to broach social issues with his work. We went to meet another guy who
creates such controversial imagery we had to seek him out
in a concealed, underground shoot location. -Lior Nordman had tongues
wagging when he did a shoot for fashion magazine
“BelleMode,” in which he parodied a news story about
segregation on public buses. Women face harassment unless
they sit at the back of certain buses serving
ultra-orthodox communities, who believe there should
be no public contact between the sexes. He went on to confront further
religious and political taboos in his ongoing series, “Why
Can’t We All Just Get Along?,” which features characters of
different religions and same genders getting on really
rather well together. -Even though it had been fun,
there were definitely some moments where I wondered if
this was the kind of thing that gets a fatwa put
on your head. There was something a bit
carpe diem about Lior’s attitude to sensationalizing
such a situation. But upon my arrival back in
fashion week, it seemed Lior wasn’t the only one putting his
own spin on the conflict. -Before we knew it, it was the
end of the two day long fashion week. Mr. Moschino had said fashion
week was about selling a dream, but in this case, it
felt like Tel Aviv fashion week was about selling
Tel Aviv. Despite its reputation as a
liberal, European-style city, its location means most people
approach it with caution. And if any creative industry
were to thrive, it needs to be regarded differently. And unfortunately, the day
after the fashion week finished, something happened
that showed just why that is. The Israeli defense force
launched something called Operation Pillar of Defense
to eliminate militants and weapons sites in the Gaza
Strip, which began by assassinating Hamas military
chief, Ahmed al-Jabari, in a targeted missile attack
in Gaza City. Suddenly, the bomb hats
didn’t feel so funny. The next morning, we were
hanging out on a test shoot with some of girls from
Adi Barkan’s agency. Our original plan had been to
spend some time with female soldiers of the Israeli Defense
Force, but after launching Operation Pillar of
Defense, they cancelled. The IDF is unique in that it’s
the only army in the world that requires national service
to be completed by girls. To the delight of weird war
nerds across the world, the IDF is full of girls
like this. No one is exempt, not even
bona fide supermodels. -Esti Ginzburg, 19-year-old
Israeli supermodel, recently decided, unlike some other
Israeli celebrities, to not avoid serving her obligatory two
years of military service. ESTI GINZBURG: If you live in
this country, and you grow up in this country, then you have
to serve and do the minimum. It’s the values that
I grew up on. And I always knew that I’m going
to go in, and even tough it’s hard, it’s what
I need to do. -As a result, the girls
of the IDF have become something of a fetish. Whole websites are dedicated to
the hot girls of the IDF. And I’d been super excited about
learning how to do this from a hot tank instructor. -But as the day wore on, it
became clear that there was a steady escalation of
violence in Gaza. The reality of being a part
of one of the most heavily engaged armies in the world
quickly eclipses any superficial fantasies about
girls with guns. We shared a taxi home with
Margo, one of the models from the agency. The driver seemed agitated. The latest news on the
radio explained why. -[SPEAKING HEBREW] -[SPEAKING HEBREW] -As we drove back into the
center of Tel Aviv, everything seemed eerily normal. There were no signs of anyone
freaking out in the streets. But we thought we’d better head
back to the apartment and get the facts. Things weren’t looking good. Hamas said, Israel had opened
the gates of hell, so we’re retaliating. For the first time since the
Gulf War in 1991, Tel Aviv residents were hearing the
whine of air raid sirens, warning them to take cover
from incoming missiles. -[SPEAKING HEBREW] -The Israeli Air Force pounded
dozens of targets in Gaza, including missile storage
facilities and launching sites. Among the weapons destroyed were
rockets that could hit as far as 25 miles into Israel. Defense minister, Ehud Barak,
has mobilized the first reserve infantry units. -55,000 Israeli troops were
being mobilized along the border, and among them,
Margo’s boyfriend. That really brought
the news home. The foreign office was advising
people to get out of the country, but it was late,
and we decided to sleep on it and see what the morning
looked like. [AIR RAID SIRENS] -Oh, you fucking– -I’d never heard an air
raid siren before. What you’re meant to do is take
shelter underground, not stand out on the balcony like
us, trying to spot the rocket like some kind of firework
display from hell. -I’m googling like, what to do,
siren, basement, Tel Aviv. -Soon, people had returned to
the streets from wherever they’d sheltered and got on
with whatever they’d been doing before. -Somebody’s delivering pizza. -It was as if nothing
had happened. Even on the beach a mere half
mile from where the rocket had smashed into the sea, friends
played Frisbee, and dads did Tai Chi with their kids. None of this [INAUDIBLE] with
the official foreign office advice to get out now. And as we made our way home
to pack, I wish we’d had more time here. However, all our appointments
had been cancelled, and there was nothing we could do. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. It's really not scary until you're dead and u find yourself in hell, a real place by the way and that's where scary really begins. Immoral society, think they can go on endlessly that way? well if they think so, they are really mistaken, because they won't be able to.

  2. Israel's disposition about these never-landing "rockets" is just pathetic. Let's have half the city levied then tell me how strong you are. Otherwise, don't fucking tell me about how brave you are.

    And this reporter just simply sucks donkey balls. No coherent narrative.

  3. you guys at vice must really be in the us or Canada for too long if you need subtitles for every person who has an accent LOL don't know how many videos I've seen where you put subtitles on people who really don't need it.

  4. Why did they start the fight? I don't understand that. I think it's wrong to start a fight then claim terrorism. Everyone wants to live free. Hope you all get it together before you all kill each other.

  5. So the main cause of death for youth in Israel is Anorexia, but the main cause of death in Palestine is Israeli youth solders and occupation (you need to go to the military when your 18 in Israel and serve for 2 years)the ugly truth huh, trying to make a culture in Israel through arts and fashion but they bring a designer from Italy to do the job, culture is connected to land and mutual public behavior through the history of that land, THE CAPITAL PARTY CITY IN THE MIDDLE EAST huh people are fucking dying a couple of kilometers across the border line between "Israel" and Palestine the border line is basically a huge wall built to protect their practiced Jewish people as you can see in the documentary above, THE FUCKEN IRONY of Israelis having fucken fashion weeks and Palestinians having clothes donated to them…. !!!! but hey thank you Vice for exposing the facts and being nutrol about the conflict, i live in jordan now as a refugee and i have never came close to seeing the sea or my home land at all where Israelis are fucking parting en tal aviv , tal abeeb is Yafaa and for ever will be yafffaaaa

  6. Good for them banning underweight models! I pray for Israel all the time for obvious reasons but that law is a good one and needs to be enforced here in America. So many models die from anorexia and other things just to stay unnaturally thin. Its not attractive and is disgusting. Good for them.

  7. As i'm getting farther into the documentary i'm seeing it doesn't matter what kind of law any country tries to enforce in this situation it doesn't matter and isn't enforced at all because of the fucking designer!! Jesus.

  8. Anorexia is meh but are Aerial Attacks supposed to be a bad thing? I love the smell of Fresh Napalm in the morning :^)

  9. All I can see cheap Eastern European hookers with their pimps in a stolen land claiming they are the moral people. Oh, Zionist get out from Palestine before you are kicked out.

  10. Notice the feminist liberal media is all over anorexia in every possible way when it only kills a relatively small number of people every year a couple hundred in the US, whereas obesity is a taboo when kills over a hundred thousand people a year. So promoting obesity is SIGNIFICANTLY worse than promoting anorexia.

  11. So she interviews people on anorexia but no one interviews her. She is clearly underweight/malnourished. She may not be anorexic but my god. She's like a walking Jack the Skeleton King

  12. I'm underweight, but I'm definitely not anorexic. I eat so much food every day its actually a little ridiculous XD especially with the fact that it doesn't make me gain weight.

  13. INCORRECT FACTS. "Sirens were heard in Tel Aviv for the first time since 1991."
    I'v been living in Tel Aviv for 5 years, and we had sirens going off 5 and 4 years ago, not only 2 years ago. I can only assume how many other facts have not been covered and checked before being published.

  14. Question for fashion designers. Is it above your capabilities to design for ALL body types? I'd like to see them challenge themselves more.

  15. some so called jews are 100% evil stop war  mongering and building settlements on other peoples land and killing innocence…………………..  just sayinn

  16. Support BDS & end the occupation.

  17. I'm interested to know, I thought the aim of marketing is to appeal to the larger demographic. Yet fashion seems to cater to size zero, not encompassing the larger majority and therefore making them feel excluded. Sorry if I sound naive, but why do they take that approach if the objective is sales?

  18. Why would you want underweight models anyways? The guy says the models aren't the point. Right. They are models. Made to show people how a piece looks and entice them to buy it. A model never sold me on anything. I eyeball it and wear it later if i'm lazy or try it on in store. If i know i'm not model size what on god's green earth would entice me to buy something that might not look good for my body type because a model is wearing it? "Buy this top and you could look like this dying woman." no I wont and I… don't want to.

  19. Um… I hope the people of Israel realize that NONE of that is fashionable or even..fad-able. Where in blue f*ck did they get their ideas of fashion!? Even in 2013 none of that was remotely cool. About the underweight model idea, yes, I agree they should make it law around the world that models be healthier and be correct in the accurate BMI for her body. It's safer and will help "cure" eating disorders. However, I want to remind everyone that clothing models are giant walking clothes hangers. Models were curvy throughout history until Twiggy in the 60's and she was as tiny as she was BECAUSE she was barely 5 feet tall. She couldn't HELP it, that was her own body type. Short, slim and petite. She was not unhealthy. It was not until people ASSUMED she was as tall as the other, more curvy models seen all over the magazines that people decided that skinny was in. That's what happens when we Ass-U-Me.

  20. Everyone here who keeps saying "Jews should be banned from the planet," I am not sure why you're saying this. I'm Jewish..and I talk to God everyday and frankly, he's never mentioned you guys. He also says you're "making the baby Jesus cry," and something about not being able to help stupidity which is clearly outlined in you grammar and spelling errors.. whatever that means…and he keeps talking about some lake of fire at which you'll be permanently vacationing? What's that all about?

  21. That guy is an arrogant ass, the one who says "it's an interesting question, but not relevant." stop dodging the question!

  22. Booohoo, such horrible, much agony, a bomb single Bomb in Tel Aviv, stupid palestinians….
    How dare they resist our Invasion and slow forthgoing Annexion of their land!
    Oh, this Video was supposed to be about Fashion? Didnt notice that.

  23. I think that Muslims don't like all the partying and success, but as for the video, the models and the values are disgusting.

  24. Models body… Dude seeing so much bones on every ligament on the body for modeling curves is not sexy especially knowing they're starving ):

  25. Well, the powerful giant protected by American defenses finally got a miniscule taste of their own medicine, about damn time! Sadly, clearly still not enough. Generations of palestinians mass murdered in an endless "war for peace". Bravo!!

  26. I havent like a fasion week yet but this one deserves a like, that god for Israel. I cant stand this one body type model shit, that isnt modeling. If modeling is all about cloths and woman then it shouldnt matter was shape they are.

  27. I have to say this is one of my FAVORITE VICE reporters/journalist I absolutely love her!! She is brilliant and open minded and beautiful inside and out!!

  28. I love the host of this. She seems like a genuinely good person and is a pleasure to watch. She should replace the insufferable "Slutever" host…that woman makes me cringe. I can rarely make it all the way through those videos, even if the subject matter is intriguing. She's just…awful.

  29. I LOVE the idea of the BMI law….. because telling everybody that to be the most beautiful you that you can be is to be extremely skinny is ridiculous to glorify women that mostly have Eating Disorders or a cocaine problem it's not very good it makes everybody else feel really bad because most people are not super skinny or super tall or have an eating disorder I think the concept of extremely skinny supermodels is the one fail in fashion. why the hell can't they just choose women at that are pretty instead of women that are stick figures is it because they're too lazy to make clothes for more than size 0? most women have curves most women have thighs and boobs and butts and it's what makes girls great striving to be a little boy is not something a woman should be doing.

  30. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to pain Israel in a negative light for banning women who starve themselves and take medicine that causes them to shit their brains out from modeling. When I wrestled in high school, we couldn't compete below a certain % body fat and it stopped most guys from harming themselves. Go do an expose on New York State, save yourselves the airfare.

  31. I grow up doing tractor…I make da latka…my speaking making all men's kringe…I glad someone who make money from my photos tell me I am the pretty girl…

  32. 4:35, "It's all about the designer…. Because the designer doesn't want to put clothes on girls which are bigger". WELL, how the fuck do these designers sell these clothes for the average size woman, which is not the size of a fucking toothpick? This concept still blows my mind……

  33. i just wish this conflict would stop from both sides . I blame nobody , i blame greed and politics . we need to be more human

  34. 5:00 dude so your telling me….that the designers are not creative enough despite their incredible skill to present their talent through bigger models considering fashion is all about the clothes "not about models and not me and blah blah blah…" if fashion is indeed art, how u jus gon present it in one type of canvas; STARVING, you are literally saying "hey world look at this amazing collection, btw it only looks good in size underweight" ok i hear the bullshit loud n clear……..b%$&* The DOOR!

  35. What a progressive law! I love it! It's compassionate, because food is essential for good health and a happy life, and for models to starve themselves skinny is cruel.

  36. I wish fashion shows showed clothes that fit normal women. everything is always a 0/00 and almost no one can wear them. I had anorexia nervosa and i was influenced a lot at first (ages 11-15) by fashion, magazines, etc. I don't want to see ugly anorexic bodies. I don't want to see those nasty veins or bones. It's ugly, not sexy or pretty. What is the point of pandering to a tiny minority of underweight or anorectic people? make clothes fit actual bodies.

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