TCBG64 – Mario’s diarrhea problem
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TCBG64 – Mario’s diarrhea problem

September 21, 2019

Mario : Grrrrrrrr… I don’t feel so good… Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that last burrito… Maybe I should do my private thingy and this time I’m not gonna get blown over by my own poop. Grrrrrrrrrrrr… My stomach…Oh, I must do it before its too late! Hmmmmmmm… no one’s looking… I guess… Well, I must start doing it! Okay, I’m gonna check one more time to see if Toad is spying me again! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. PLOP! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…That feels good! Lalalalalalala Darn it! I forgot to wipe my butt! Hmmmmmmm… I thought i left my tissue papers here… Oh I remember I didn’t bring it! I gotta go find it! My butt is stinking! Luigi : Lost something Mario?…Eww whats this smell? I bet you forgot to wipe your butt again! Mario : Shut up Luigi! Hmmmmmmm… Are my tissue papers here? There they are! Hey come back! Don’t run away! I’m not gonna harm you! Come back! Right now! You’re driving me crazy! Come! Or else I’m not gonna give you any gifts in your birthday! Please! Stupid butterflies! Get outta my way! Gotcha! What!? Stupid tree you bloked me! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! I finally gotcha! Now i’m gonna wipe my butt on your face! Haha! I’m sure no one called the police, besides I just kidnapped a tissue paper! Lalalalalala Okay here i go! Yay i wiped my butt! My mom will be proud of me! Too bad my pants is still dirty! Here I go!

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