Tanglewood Wellness Center: Robert — Day 7 of 42 Day Fast for Hypertension and other issues
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Tanglewood Wellness Center: Robert — Day 7 of 42 Day Fast for Hypertension and other issues

September 8, 2019

hi this is Loren Lockman I’m coming to you this morning the Tanglewood Wellness Center in costa rica and i’m here today with my friend and guest Robert Robert how are you this morning fine thank you good Robert Taylor you visiting us from Australia husband near Brisbane Australia and what made you decide to fast I always knew fasting is very good for the body and safe and I wanted to fix up the health very quickly okay so you were dealing with some specific health challenges yes okay would you mind talking about what what kinds of things were troubling you and had time in Australia the six months where tended to ate too much and my blood pressure went up and along with my many other symptoms we have collected a 10 years so how old are you 60 to 62 ok so it’s 62 some your pressure had climbed a little bit there were some other issues you’re saying wait I guess was an issue for it ok and so you decided to fast and now you know the average client here comes too fast for 24 25 days is about average you’re helping to bring that ever jump aren’t you yeah they passed 32 days only two days um because i like nice baby ok terrific it’s and now before you got here you had already I mean you at that point just a few weeks ago your blood pressure had gotten pretty high right but the highest point where was it I nitin 7170 you remember what the diastolic pressure was 170 over something and we saw something pretty interesting this last week then we’ve been here now for this is your eighth day the seven thing yeah if they excuse me it’s a Saturday I stopped eating on a Saturday for a right they coming up to the seventh day right technically seventh day of fasting right and so what’s happened for you just in the last week blood pressure over several days went from 140 515 220 617 he’s got an excellent memory you’re absolutely right those are the numbers and so you have you had taken some time in Mexico take a little break there and just resting and maybe eating a little bit better we saw it you saw your blood pressure drop 15 or 20 points before you got here and in the last week it’s already dropped another nearly 30 points and so you have gone from being a significant risk of heart attack or stroke to having no disc essentially a lower risk in the average 62 year old and I guess awesome what else has shifted for you the people that you were having some issues with your legs weren’t you is a day man the legs ok have shifted it so you’ve got more ankle than you used to or less ankle then you use different and you also talked about how your legs felt they were kind of heavy and and uncomfortable and that shifted for you quite a bit yeah yes ok and anything else significant you can think of right now no ok that’s all right that’s right well if you’re willing to I know there’s a lot of people who are going to watch this video that would love to see your progress over the next eight more weeks so maybe we can check in with you once a week or selling this you know you’re doing fine terrific thank you very much sir you

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  1. Loren I understand that this is all done under supervision just to establish some parameters to my comment, I realize test need to be done so fasting can be done safely. Assuming my body meets those requirements with the right lab results and health examination, what about someone like me who is skinny or about 10 lbs underweight could fasting work for me? Remember this is assuming I pass the medical tests necessary for fasting to begin.

  2. Hi dragonore2009,

    Yes, given that I can't address a specific case w/o more info (though I rarely need lab tests,) ppl who at ideal or slightly underweight usually have no problem fasting safely for up to 6 wks w/proper supervision. Most have at least 6 wks reserve. Furthermore, underweight ppl usually benefit greatly as they often need to cleanse the body to be able to assimilate correctly. After fasting long enough & properly, most gain weight.

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