Taking part in NHS diabetes research: Nigel’s story
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Taking part in NHS diabetes research: Nigel’s story

October 30, 2019

Just basically diagnosed with diabetes
is sort of quite a shock on your birthday, 40th birthday. Adult-onset they
called it. Yeah, not good. Well at first I sort of thought I was made of
stronger stuff and having had a family history of diabetes was very difficult
to come to terms with it, but I thought oh you know we’ll get it sorted.
It’s all about diet – diet and exercise: watching what you eat and
obviously lots of exercise. I’ve got a dog, Lucy, who has to go for a walk every
day, come rain or shine and she wants to get out there and she’s great for me as
well. I’m quite passionate about the medical
research for diabetes with the family history and it’s important that
I’ve put something back into the community and that’s what I wanted to do.
Thanks to medical research I’m not on insulin I’m just on this medication of
oral tablets so that’s only down to medical research in recent years.

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