“Strangers” Saved Me From Anorexia
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“Strangers” Saved Me From Anorexia

August 18, 2019

LAURYN: I think if they hadn’t stepped in I would not be alive today. 00:17
COMM: When workout obsessive Lauryn Lax starved herself to a mere 79lbs, her life was saved
by a group of strangers who staged an intervention at her gym. 00:28
COMM: After making a full recovery from anorexia she is now using her personal experiences
to help others, providing physical fitness and nutrition sessions to her clients. 00:38
LAURYN: That has been a huge part of my mission to spread that message and to really also
spread a message to people that no matter what your struggle is that it doesn’t define
you and that you were meant to thrive. 00:51
COMM: Lauryn started to struggle with eating disorders when she was still a child. 00:54
LAURYN: My experience with anorexia really began when I was about nine-years-old. At
least the thoughts and the patterns of thinking, y’know am I beautiful, am I worthy? Questioning
that. I remember feeling very insecure at the time weighing a mere 80lbs that a normal
ten-year-old weighs and feeling like I weighed the most out of all the little girls standing
in the circle. 01:20
COMM: She started to diet, learning how to read nutrition labels, at first she cut out
fats, but went on to eat less and less. Eventually consuming nothing. 01:30
LAURYN: Before I knew it something else took hold of my mind and I wasn’t in control but
something else started to control me and that’s really where the eating disorder set in. 01:39
COMM: For years Lauryn struggled with anorexia but she reached rock bottom in August 2011. 01:45
LAURYN: I remember waking up at 4am that morning and stepping on the scale as I always did
in my apartment and seeing the number 79, a number I had not seen since I had been ten
years old. 01:59
COMM: Lauryn still went about her daily routine, driving all the way to her gym. But she didn’t
expect what was waiting for her in the car park. 02:08
LAURYN: I heard a voice come up behind me and say “good morning Lauryn”. I saw not one
but seven other individuals come up behind me and circle around me and one of them stepped
forward and said “Lauryn, we’ve all been thinking about you’ve really been on our hearts, and
we came together last night and we’re scared for you”. 02:31
COMM: After ten minutes of arguing, Lauryn decided to go with the strangers to the doctor
to get checked out. She was transferred into the hospital where her heart rate dropped
into the thirties, and doctors thought they would need to put her on a pacemaker. 02:45
LAURYN: They were the answer to the prayer that I didn’t know that I prayed for. 02:50
COMM: Today Lauryn uses her experience with anorexia to help others struggle with body
image issues and eating disorders. 02:59
LAURYN: The name of my business is Thrive, Wellness and Recovery. I offer both talk therapy
and do therapy is what I say. So not just sitting on a couch talking about your issues
or your struggles. 03:09
GIRL: I do find her inspiring because she helps me eat right, especially when I’m on
vacations and stuff like that. I would definitely recommend Lauryn to others because she’s such
a great help. 03:27
COMM: And Lauryn still keeps ion touch with the people who saved her, who she refers to
as her angels. 03:32
LAURYN: Judith! JUDITH: Hi! So good to see you!
LAURYN: You too. JUDITH: How are things with you, everything
seems so exciting. LAURYN: Things are good, I’m loving Austin,
it’s really hot here. I am eternally grateful for my angels. If they hadn’t stepped in,
I would not be alive today.

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  1. One time I went to the gym and saw an anorexic man working out so intensely. I didn't know what to do. I said nothing, it just doesn't seem like my place to tell someone what to do.

  2. this is so sad. Currently I'm trying to gain as much weight as possible . Like I am eating every second so I can gain weight because I'm naturally skinny. I don't like it. I wanna be thick. mostly for my boyfriend. I don't wanna be a pole 😭😭😭😫😣😭😭😭

  3. I'll show this to the ppl who say "someone weight is non if your business." If I see someone eating themselves to death, I won't stand back and watch. This why you should comment.

  4. kindness spreads and each smile brightness some ones day really nice to see ppl like here in this white and black world

  5. Strangers intervene for free to help her and she turns that into a profitable business for herself and still looks too skinny.

  6. She doesn't appear to be recovered at all. Now she's into "clean eating" and crossfit… it appears as if she's swapped AN with orthorexia.

  7. Okay….unless this woman is dealing with some other condition – she is not fully recovered in this interview. Perhaps she has gained weight, and is not in acute danger that's great. I am glad that she is so positive, but I can say that if she were to give a talk and I was part of the audience – dealing with re-feeding, being told that though I have increased weight, I am still not at a my healthy goal, being made to keep activity to a minimum – cognitive dissonance would be doing my head in. So yes, I am going to say that I do not believe she is completely well here. I am so tired of all the people I've seen through the years being touted as healthy, well, recovered, in recovery – and it's clear that it's not the truth. I have never, ever said this before – but I have seen/heard this too many times and it deludes people. I am really out of my comfort zone, because I am always the one to think of the other side of a matter, to remind myself that I am not privy to all the facts of someone else's situation or body. But this kind of thing can be detrimental, and all the people around her, and who helped with this interview – they hold a degree of culpability. Just so tired of this kind of thing. Anyway, I hope she is well or becoming well at this point….years later. #TakeCareDoGoodBeWell

  8. I am almost 36. Been struggeling from the same age as her. Now I am going inpatient for a long treatment. I am really scared. It is not my first inpatient experience, but the first where several departments in the hospital is involved.
    I am not sauing my weight, just under 100. And pulse 38-54(differs from day to day, usually 40-46). The machines beep on me under 50. They say it is because it is so low, but how bad is it? To have a pulse usually under 50(unless I am moving and talking at the same time). I am being serious. I know my health is bad, or else I wouldn`t ask for help. But if any doctor or nurse reads this. How bad is a pulse sometimes in the 30s(I a asking because it was used as an example in this video). Once my heart was enlarged, but it got better. Haven`t checkked lately, but I am getting all checked up next week(eeg, bloodwork aso)

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