So…you want to be anorexic?
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So…you want to be anorexic?

August 25, 2019

So…..You wanna be anorexic? With anorexia, you will never find yourself skinny and you will never be happy. Losing a few more pounds, turns into losing a few MORE pounds, until your organs start shutting down….your hair starts falling out. Maybe, your skin turns yellow, and you grow a kind of fuzz all over you to keep warm Your bodies way of keeping you warm Maybe you wont even stop after you’ve had a heart attack Because none of that means anything to your starved mind that can no longer reason, and no longer remember things long enough to function. Every little shred of a number, when it comes to food, when it comes to your body will become so important, that your entire day will be centered around it, and your entire mood…will be ruined by it. You will seclude yourself to keep from feeling pestered by people who may notice, and care enough to say something. You tire of their questions and grow irritated and angry You can’t eat with them, and it drives you crazy to watch them in because you are in part disgusted by what they put in their mouths… and in part longing to jump into their plates and have it all to yourself. Do you know how many calories in a cherry tomato? You’re going to… Go to the grocery store, meet this chatty woman and mention how you’re looking for the low calorie vegetables. Low…calorie…vegetables? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh. You’re wondering if I’m serious… Uh huh… Yes….and that’s possibly more embarrassing than I foresaw… The more time goes on, the harder it is to lose weight, because the body is DESPERATELY trying to hold on to what little it has left. It’s a coping mechanism Whatever you eat, will be accompanied by absolute fear. You’ll probably sit inside your heard for hours…thinking about how little you ate, and vowing, to eat just a little bit less….next time. Sit in the dark, cradling your bones because you think you don’t deserve the light, and you think that you’re too fat for anyone to look at. Sit in the dark and cradle those bones, and wish to God, or whatever power to come and take your breath away because death…has to be better than this… Every day, you will be a little less of the person that you were before and every day you will try and remember the you that you were before all of this began So you wanna be skinny? Anorexia isn’t about being skinny And, you can’t take on this kind of skinny without taking on more than you can handle Is this what you want? Take a good look at this disease, because it feels…a lot worse…than it sounds…

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  1. This is really powerful. I wish I could show this to my friends yet they would just push me away if I try to show them how their "dieting habits" aren't healthy and have taken control of them.

  2. "Because it feels a lot worse than it sounds" – Yikes I so agree. I wish I could subtly show my friends this! 😛 Might stop them from wanting to go on the 'Emma Diet' – that's all they think anorexia is 🙁 
    Anyway, great video 🙂 

  3. I love you. You are perfection . I think youre beautiful and intelligent. Ive watched all of your videos, and i love them. Glad youre still posting ! 

  4. I've never had Anorexia before but I realise that it's a terrible illness and I would never want to suffer from it. People often say they want to be Anorexic as they want to be skinny. As you said, an Anorexia sufferer will never feel skinny. They will constantly try to reach their goal weight, but it will lower each time they do. It's basically like trying to chase your own shadow.

  5. Glad to see you're making videos again. You give excellent advice in this video.
    BTW, Are you going to republish Lady Injury? Because I went to buy to buy it, but it wasn't listed anymore. 

  6. Everytime I watch your videos it makes me smile, and not even a fake smile.. im so happy to see a new video c:

  7. Its videos like this that keep my from restricting again! After time goes by I always find ways to convince myself that its okay but when I see things like this I am full of fear of the things that can happen to me.

  8. i done a video a couple of days ago called "ED's are they worth it?" basically my version of "so you want anorexia?" mine had more woffaling, your was more straight to the point.

  9. These are the videos that help me to keep on with my recovery. I don't suffer from anorexia but another form of eating disorder called ENDOS (eating disorder not specified) and videos like this help me to keep on with recovery

  10. Very cool video I know for a fact that some people freaked out and did not want to watch until the end, but that's ok its one step at a time. As a non sufferer I realise that this illness is very serious and not to be messed around as it is as deadly as it can be. 

  11. GAH! I'm TIRED of ppl going "I want anorexia!" because they want to be skinny. It's not a trend that you can just "get". 

    I don't even have an eating disorder and ppl who say that annoy me. :/  (Though at one point or another, I did have anorexic tendencies.) 

    Wonderful vid, Melissa! Btw, I love your hair! It's beautiful! 

  12. Looking good! 

    Fuck anorexia.  If you're gonna feel like shit for feeling fat, you might as well be eating well.  If I had to choose between feeling fat and starving and feeling fat and eating cherry garcia ice cream I know what I'd choose.  That's the horrible thing, anorexic people still feel fat even when they're thin.  They never win. 

  13. I don't know if u still remember me. I think u r absolutely right about anoxia! Did u have it before? Don't be offended. I don't mean to upset u, I'm just amazed how well u described those feelings

  14. Currently having a bit of a argument with my head over this very same topic. Always wants to try and lose a lot of weight. It's so far winning sadly  

  15. @idranktheseawater Thank you for this riveting portrayal of the dangers inherent in the pursuit of "skinniness". This is an important video. Hopefully it will attract many viewers! 

  16. I watched this… then me n my Mum re-watched it together just as right now (me n you are very similar in our illnesses n patterns, I've watched your channel over last 4 years) I am in that state- where I will cut a cherry tomato in half if it means the scales show 20grams exactly to ingest and avoid vegetables in random small amounts UNLESS I can weigh each one raw n calculate exactly whats going in me- it's insanity and everything you said is BANG ON RE: ANOREXIA. Much respect to you Girl- you ARE AMAZING and make more sense to me than most!! And yeah…my liver is shutting down ATM and yet here I am- wrapped deep into the darkness of Anorexia……AGAIN. Thanking you for this vid- I'll use it to help me through XX 

  17. Hi. I hsve bulimia. Its been 112 years :(. I hope none of this has effected my face or beauty. Im so sad right now. Realizing how long ive been doing this is an abomination. I feel dulled out and my hair is thin. I used to be young and bright with thick hair before bulimia. Do you think ill ever get my hair and skin bsck?

  18. Loving the new video equipment Melissa 😉 Nice job on the video, it's a shame that this disease appeals to so many people, they have no idea what they're getting themselves into until it's too late. Very, very unfortunate. 😐

  19. Thank you for having the bravery to spread light on some of the harder to talk about and the hard to answer topics in life. I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder about 4 years ago, and it always makes me feel better to know that people like you are around to help people understand that we cants control what's going on.

    Also, you are kinda cute ^.^
    (Not trying to be weird but once I got brave enough to type it I couldn't erase it :P)

  20. Hi Melissa, I found your channel tonight and I wanted to say I have nothing but respect for you. Thank you for making these videos and informing people on these disorders. I have 2 disorders similar to yours.

    1. I have epilepsy with severe convulsions. Like tourettes, the brain sends signals to your body's muscles that you have no control over. They lasts for a few minutes and it hinders my independence greatly. I can't really do things like drive, swim, or workout without supervision.

    2. I don't like my body. I am very skinny and I wish I had a fit body or just a normal one. A body that society says is more desirable for a man. It's to the point where I'm really wanting to buy steroids but I know that will only cause my body harm and cause more frequent seizures.

    I'm sorry to throw all of this out when we don't even know each other but it kind of helps to get it out, mostly to someone who understands firsthand what it's like to live with disorders. I'm not sure if you'll see this but thank you for all that you're doing. Keep being strong.

  21. Wow this is such an amazing video. It really helps people understand anorexia. People can be so naive about mental health disorders. Like its a choice.

  22. I hate that this video hasent got millions of views, beacus I LOVE it so much. It is so good. Not only brilliantly made, but also so very important and true.

  23. Your eye's are so striking and fierce in this. Also, great job. It's so true what you said.
    I'm still fighting my disorder and this is all so true. Great job love<3

  24. My friend told me she wanted anorexia bc she wanted to loss weight bc of some pills that made her gain weight easier. I think she stopped bc she posted a picture of a bag of skittles on Instagram.

    But actually the reason why I actually didn't wanted her to become anorexic, was/is bc I am anorexic myself. And it sucks. I've been anorexic for 3-4 weeks (this is week 4) and no, I do not look anorexic, and no, I have not had anorexic for years. But I do have it.

  25. I'm a male with anorexia nervosa and I can agree with this video. You don't want to be anorexic. It sucks tremendously. I'm still recovering, and I'll probably be recovering for all my life until I reach a healthy weight and a healthy state-of-mind. And It's difficult for me to find any help because most doctors don't believe men can have eating disorders, or only gay guys can get it. It's not true at all, I'm Asexual and I have it bad. If anyone else is suffering with Anorexia, this video is a good reminder to not let Anorexia win. It's an awful disorder.

  26. Lolz I looked how to be anorexic and this popped I wanted to make sense with the comments… Dang anorexia is HORRIBLE

  27. Yea I tried be Anerexic buuuut.. I have an issue… with food.. ;v; Welp.. I just want to eat healthy and all im getting is unhealthy food.. dont know what to do. .. :'D

  28. I'd rather be skinny and dead than be alive and fat. I don't care if my organs die. I don't care if my hair falls out. I want to be skinny. I want to be skinny. I don't care if I die. No one cares about me anyway.

  29. man I want that hat, what is that?

    very funny about the calories and vegetables, i guess vegetables must have some type of calorie count? I mean, of course they do, I buy lots of frozen veggies.

    But it is true about the hair, cause I overdo it with nutrition, so my hair is thick and strong, our hair eats nutrients, like a plant absorbs water and Sunlight

  30. Does anybody remember the YouTubers Laura Lejeune and Jess Garrett (also known as positive jess)? Both of them talked about mental health and their channels no longer have any content. Especially Jess Garrett just stopped uploading one day (like 5 years ago) and I'm wondering how she's been. Laura Lejeune was still doing videos 2 years ago and there are still videos that she was on, but her entire channel has been wiped clean

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