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Skins – How to avoid eating

August 25, 2019

debés estar con hambre! es la resaca listo, adelante vas a comerla? sí, por supuesto estoy mejor ahora completamente mejor cómo lo haces? que cosa? dale, cass nunca comes nada, tus papás se deben dar cuenta o algo… no lo se me gustás, sid OK…? entonces te voy a mostrar… tenés que hablar bastante soy buena hablando haces eso, mientras que cortas mucho todo y después vienen las preguntas dónde está tu ID estudiantil? disculpá? tu ID. Lo tenés? no. yo… lo perdí en algún lugar la semana pasada Ahora cambiás de tema esto está riquísimo, me encantan estas salchichas deberías probar una, adelante deliciosas, mhh espera un segundo… acabas de? no estás del todo seguro de lo que te estoy hablando, pero te mantiene distraído en este punto, ya estaría terminando yum, me encantan estos muy deliciososo tenés asegurado que quiero más te sigo agitando la comida en tu cara hasta que dejas de mirarme en dónde lo perdiste? perdón? tu ID… porque no te van a dejar usar la biblioteca, cierto? dios! tengo que irme! estoy tan llena! tengo que apurarme ahí lo tienes… el trabajo está hecho! impresionante! salud! pero no estarías… cómo… mintiéndoles a todos? estoy mucho mejor me dieron el alta en la clínica se siente un poco jodido perdón? solo dije que se siente medio jodido, eso es todo oh, vaya!

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  1. BITCH IM STARVING AND YOU JUST WAISTE THAT TASTY FOOD omfg im so hungry right now someone throw me a donut!

  2. This show is SO retarded. I had anorexia for 3 years and ate 500 calorries MAX and I was INSANE!!!!!!! I screamed at everyone and thought about dying and killing myself every second of the day. Having not gotten proper nutrition in so long drives you MAD. This girl throwing the apple around even SMILING isnt a correct deciption. Anorexia fucks with your brain

  3. These comments are painful. LISTEN this scene isn't about wasting food or her accent. If you want to see a video about world poverty and food waste SEARCH IT. This video is about an eating disorder and a very sick girl. This is a beautifully done scene that shows how she gets away with not eating because no one cares enough to notice or do anything about it. Its supposed to show the extent of her sickness. Other people with the disorder may draw parallels from their own habits and help them see how bad its gotten.

  4. Funny that I don't even have to do all of this to avoid eating cause my parents want me to skip meals and be thinner =))

  5. I would do this, but my mom doesn’t notice if I don’t eat anyways because she doesn’t make dinner and I make my own, so I just say I already ate and she believes me.

  6. I kinda went on a water diet for 3 days and i swear everyone noticed they just didnt care and didnt say anything..T_Tthen i started eating again 🙃then i realized at that bad at dieting^3^…

  7. The only thing I was trying to figure out was where the hell the girl was from and then I realised … Game of Thrones! And then I thought of Sam and Jon and House Stark and… Bran… And then finally Hodor… so depressing!


  8. Hi…I'm 13 and I have anorexia. I just keep thinking I'm fat no matter how much weight I've lost through exercising and a 1200kcal diet because everyone else is just much skinnier than me even though they eat a lot and don't exercise. I need help.

  9. Honestly, i wouldn't do what she's doing, but whenever i eat about 1/5 of my plate, my sibling are halfway done so it makes it look like im picking at my food. Truth is, im just a really slow eater and prefer smaller portions.

  10. I tried not eating for two days, i almost got through the second day but my type 1 diabetes was really slowing me. It's crazy that even if i dont eat for hours, my blood sugar starts crashing no matter what i do, and the only thing that can help stop the dizzying and weakness is energy a.k.a. food. It really sucks. If i get low enough blood sugar then im more likely to get severe brain damage in my sleep than to die. I wish i could drop all this fat quick because i dont want to wake up another day walking around school looking like this.

  11. I am so so so grateful for this helpful video. I had to attend a dinner with family members whose idea of food safety is that it doesn't matter.
    I had to watch one relative (who is being treated for clostridium difficile) slice meat and lick their fingers, placing the meat on a tray to serve others. I knew things would be bad like they've always been, but this year i needed a way to eat NOTHING and still seem "normal." Thanks to this video I had only water for Christmas dinner and nothing else. No one even noticed! I did the food cutting thing, cutting into in normal size pieces, the extra talking, the giving of food off my plate to someone else, all of it! Worked so well! I had zero appetite after all the different unsanitary behaviors of the cooks in the family.
    And please note, everyone present knew about the c. diff. infected person and watched everything happening and didn't care one bit, even though they all are beginning to be experiencing symptoms as well.
    I came home to wash all my clothes, clean off the spores, and to just forget about eating anything for a long time. All I can do is pray I dont get it, but with the help from this video at least I avoided one transmission form. Thank you, thank you!!

  12. The sad thing is my parents don’t give a fuck. You can say they do but they don’t. For example:
    My brother is 17 he doesn’t eat much and my parents constantly try to get him to eat food.
    I am 13 and my parents don’t care whether I’ve eaten today or not, in fact sometimes they tell me stuff like: “well if you wanna loose weight you can do this or do that”
    I hate life

  13. Why do you have so many problems? What’s wrong with you?! Why don’t you eat?! Is it made to catch some attention or are you just dumb? We all have problems, I have problems too, with my parents, boyfriend, friends, studies and also with myself cause I have dysphoria but Jeeez I surely don’t make things worse by not eating…why are you so stupid?

  14. I really want to do this but my mom notices everything and everyone at school also notices that I barely eat at lunch. I've been eating so much because I thought skipping lunch would benefit me to eat an extra meal but it just makes me binge more. It feels like I'm eating 3000 calories a day when I should only eat 600-1000

  15. Wow, very ignorant parents… everyone who has to clean up would notice by the amount of food going in the Trash that something is not ok

  16. Ramadan starts tomorrow, which means my family won't notice if I don't eat so long as I hide from them during the morning and evening. And if they make me eat something I'll use this as a technique and boom skinny fast

  17. I tried this last night at my family's big dinner before Ramadan and it works!
    I didn't eat SINGLE bite and no one's noticed
    I literally haven't eaten for 2 days no joke just black coffee and water.
    My parents always mock me for Turing to lose weight but now they'll see.
    Edit: I'm 5'0 (152cm) and 125 pounds (58kg)

  18. I Currently Feel Super Fat, So I'm Gonna Try This For… 5 Or 10 Months Maybe?
    But Yeah, Nothings Wrong! I Just Feel Fatter Then Anyone…

  19. My mom yells at me for not eating…..even if I’m full. Which is what I love about her, always such a kind and caring mom 😊❤️

  20. I do this, I feel light headed from it all the time, I don’t like the way I look. My sorta “friends” have noticed.

  21. These comments are sickening, I admit I myself as a overweight person have thought about starving myself but I pushed those dark thoughts aside. But these people acting like having a mental illness is cute or are like "lmao my parents would notice uhhh sis it really sucks out here 😂" are so annoying and disrespectful and enabling to those in the comments who have or are currently doing this. Stop it, get some help.

  22. I really want to stop eating my own mom tells me I’m fat …right now as I walked past her she said “let’s see if I’m school you loose weight” and tbh she is right i am very fat… I’ve been thinking of only drinking water nothing of eating just drinks water

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