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Sinus Headaches – Boys Town Ear, Nose & Throat Institute

September 2, 2019

Most headaches are caused by other things:
migraine, chronic daily headache. A true, isolated sinus headache is rare. It’s very easy to say a headache that hurts
in this area is your sinuses, but often times if you’re having headaches and isolation
and no other sinus symptoms, then it may not be a sinus headache. The amount of time that they have had the
symptom is key in figuring out if it is going to be sinus related or not. The other thing is associated symptoms. Most of the time people with true chronic
sinus inflammation are going to have other symptoms such as decreased smell, facial pain,
or pressure other than the headache. Typically, the headache is localized on the
front of the face. People with chronic sinus disease do get a
lot of headaches and they also have a lot of fatigue. Even people with allergy may be predisposed
to have sinus related headaches. When we think of a true sinus headache, we
think of either inflammation in the nose or sinuses irritating the nerve endings or sometimes
pressure changes. So, people with allergy with inflamed openings
in their sinuses or narrow openings sometimes respond to pressure changes and those pressure
changes can produce headaches. If they do have true sinus related headache,
then we are mostly going to look at how to help people with chronic sinus disease. The goals of that are improving quality of
life and trying to eliminate some of the suffering and the daily fatigue that people experience.

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