Sick of Type 1 Diabetes – Diabetic Burnout
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Sick of Type 1 Diabetes – Diabetic Burnout

December 24, 2019

Hi I’m Levi and you’re watching Between
Two Lines. A YouTube channel devoted specifically to type 1 diabetes. Thank
you to everyone who watched the first video that was a
response I did not expect. I kind of thought I’d do a little a one-off video
and and pat myself on the back for basically telling everyone in my life
that I had diabetes but you guys responded in droves and so it made me
realize that I needed to commit to this because it’s serving more people than
than myself. With that said, I’ve been sitting here for two hours trying to
film what my next topic would be because I am NOT a smooth man when it comes to
being on camera. So I had this topic I wanted to talk about it and
it was gonna be great and it’s going terrible and so I’ve kind of deviated. It
kind of ended up with me just being mad at diabetes and I realized that’s
that’s what I need to talk about. It’s when you’re just tired of being
diabetic. A lot of the comments made reference to that. When you’re just sick
and tired of stupid diabetes and because there’s nothing I hate more than the
fact that I’m a diabetic. It drives me mad and I know I’m not the only one who
feels that way. When you get sick I started making a list. I
just I had to just stop typing things because it was going on forever.
Anything- from I’m tired checking your blood sugar, if you’re tired
dealing with the pharmacy, dealing with insurance. That’s all I’m gonna
say is that I’m tired of dealing with insurance. Changing your pump site or
when the pump site fails and you have these stubborn highs you realize stupid
pump sites failed. Of course you’re not home when it happens.
You know having the kitchen look like a poltergeist was there the night
before because you go down the next morning and every single cabinet is open because
I’ve destroyed the kitchen the night before with low blood sugar. Then,
feeling like death after a night of dealing with bad blood sugar and it’s
after lunch before you feeling halfway normal again. I’m tired of dealing with
the stubborn highs. When it seems like you could give yourself a hundred and
fifty units of insulin it wouldn’t bring your blood sugar down
and it’s maddening. Low blood sugars. I’ve never had a low blood sugar happen at a
convenient time. You put a package of Oreos right here, I’ll never go low ever.
You put me on an airplane, I’m gonna go low and it’s because you know stress
and anxiety and adrenaline impact your blood sugar. So of course it happens at
inconvenient times. Then it makes it just makes me so mad dealing with it all
the time but if you’re somebody who’s tired of counting carbs, you’re tired of
planning meals, trying to eat a certain way. If you’re tired of visiting the
endocrinologist. I don’t know what yours is like but a lot of times it’s long
wait times. They’re booked out forever. You know you’ve you’ve got a ton of
questions but there’s not a lot of time because a lot of diabetics out there.
There’s a million things to hate about diabetes and that daily grind to take
care of yourself and I get sick of it. I know other people have got to get sick
of it. Where you just you know I’ll be sitting at this desk-
this is an L shape and the right side is my personal but on the left side is full
of diabetes crud. I use an insulin pump and a continuous glucose
monitor. The drawers are just full of the supplies. So many days I just want to
swipe it all off the desk. There’s nothing you can do. That list of
things goes on I’m not the only person who deals with that. It’s it’s that daily
grind that sometimes it’ll just get you down. It wears on you and even
if you’re performing perfectly your blood Sugar’s are perfect- it’s a
full-time job to be a type one diabetic. A lot of people don’t realize that.
Try to imagine what that job would pay if that was your job was
to manage someone else’s diabetes. It’s 24 hours a day. You’re checking the blood
sugar. You’re counting their carbs. You’re there when they’re going low. You’re
there when they’re going high. You’re up in the middle of the night with them. And
that’s something you’ll carry every single day. The majority the people
around you have no idea that multiple times a minute, you’re thinking about
your blood sugar. Am I going high? Am i going low? Am I
going too high? Am I out of control? Or what if we go here? Do I have enough
sugar or glucose tablets or candies to last me if I go low? If I get on this
airplane, what I don’t have anything on me if my blood sugar goes low? Am I gonna be able to get a hold of what I need on
this flight? So I’m aware as much as anyone how frustrating it is to be a
diabetic sometimes. Now that I’ve said all that, I’ve kind of summed up a lot of
the comments and messages I’ve received and things I’ve heard people say in the past, I get it.
But you have to win. You can’t lose that battle. When I got my
blood sugar’s under control, which I use that term loosely, but when I got better
control my blood sugar’s- It impacted every part of my life. The way I slept,
the way I physically looked, the way my relationships were structured, the way my
career was affected by it, and that’s frustrating cuz that makes you realise
that diabetes when not controlled is affecting every part of your life. So you
can’t lose. I work in sales and I deal with sales guys a lot and you’ll hear
times where you know customers are rude or a client is rude to them or talks to them in
a way they don’t appreciate and you’ll hear sales guys tell stories- or I said
guys, salespeople, women too- will get frustrated and say, “You know what? I’m
not taking that. They’re not gonna talk to me like that.” Then I have to remind
them that you’ve lost. The only way you win is if they purchase whatever it is
you’re trying to sell them. If you haven’t built enough value in it, for
them to to look at it and purchase it- then you lose. Because guess what? That’s
how you get paid and that’s how diabetes is. If you get frustrated and get too
proud and you know “I don’t have to deal with this, I’m sick of it. It’s stupid. I don’t
deserve this. It’s unfair.” It wins- because it’ll jack up every part of your life
and and so today I want to talk briefly about what you do when you get to that
point. When you’re just ill. When you’re just tired of it because you got to vent
that somehow or else you’ll end up like me. You know for six months I do
great. Six months I do terrible. A year I do great. A year I do terrible. I got this
fluctuating every part of my life fluctuating. From my weight, my mood, everything up and
down up and down, I was swinging 30- 40 pounds. So what do you do? One thing I’ll
say is getting on the message boards and the Facebook groups
and things like that. I never really commented much but I was always there
lurking and it was and it’s a especially since doing the first video. It’s super
encouraging to get on there and see other people saying the stuff that I’m
thinking. You know they’re so mad at insurance, or they
had a terrible night and they ate everything in the kitchen. I’m like yeah,
I’m not the only one. I guess the answer is community.
You don’t necessarily have to interact with anybody. Just get on
those boards once a day. Get on there and look at them. Join the Facebook groups, the
support groups, and see what people are going through and it kind of makes you
realize you’re not the only one dealing with it. Then change up what you’re
doing. You’ve got to set different goals too. You
can’t improve what you don’t measure. If you’re not measuring anything, then how
can you do better? So whether that’s checking your blood sugar you know by
hand or you’ve got a continuous glucose monitor. That’s step one. You’ve got to
know what your blood sugar is. Start with the simplest things and then give
yourself a chance to be successful. And by that I’m talking about what you’re eating. And I am
I like I’m a foodie. I love to eat. So I’m not here to tell you I’m awesome at it
but you’ve got to give yourself a chance by trying to eat healthier. When you
don’t take care of your diabetes, you are empowering that diabetes to just take
over your life. It can sabotage your life at any moment because you’ve turned over
all the power. Your diabetes will bust in the room like Kramer on Seinfeld
because you don’t manage. You’re not paying attention and boom you have a
low blood sugar at a terrible time. And it will do it and you guys
know it just as well as I do, there’s no convenient time for a low blood sugar. You know you guys
didn’t supply me with a list of these complaints. These are my complaints and I
know they match up with a lot of yours. But if you’re a type 1 diabetic or you
have a son or daughter or wife that’s a diabetic-
you have to win. So if you feel any of those things, those frustrations. If
you deal with those and get discouraged and get mad and are frustrated at the fact
that you’re a diabetic and you don’t feel like you deserve it- subscribe to the
video. Share it with somebody else who’ll benefit cuz you’re not the only one that
feels that way. So subscribe to the channel. Every week I’m
gonna drop something and it’s gonna be a review on a piece of equipment, an
insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor. It’s gonna be some tips and I call
them tips more often than not it’s something that I’ve screwed up that I
can help you not screw up. If you have something you’d like me to cover or talk
about, leave it in the comments. I look forward to covering it and you can
expect a video next week and in the meantime like this, subscribe to it and keep
fighting. When things get under control, life is so much better. I’m Levi this is
Between Two Lines. Good luck keeping in between the lines.

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  1. I am also part of the Poltergeist Kitchen Club. Loved the Kramer reference. It's so accurate. Had a night 2 nights ago where my blood sugar seemingly went to 350 for no reason and spent all night trying to get it back down. It's crazy how diabetes can take over every aspect of your life when you arent controlling it. Thanks for another awesome video Levi! Keep up the great work!

  2. Diabetes is so hard most of the time. But it is always worth it to take care of yourself! Community is so important. Thank you for being a voice!
    I use a Freestyle Libre to check my glucose and insulin pens. I was on a pump for 8 years and got tired of having something attached to me. About I year ago a switched back to pens. It’s been working well for me in this season of life. Keep fighting on!

  3. Love the video!!! Please check out my diabetes awareness video when you can

  4. Thanks for the video. I'm going through now what I think is a burn out. The 24/7 gets mentally exhausting. Good stuff Levi, thank you

  5. Thanks for the video very helpful. In the UK we have DAFNE training if you are lucky which teaches Carb counting etc but the most important thing it did for me was teach about treating lows. You are only allowed to treat with either 200ml Orange juice or 4 Jelly Babies sweets and pretty much this works every time…no more chocolate bars/cakes etc to treat hypos so no more 2am kitchen raids that don’t work. Try it and it will solve so many problems. Also your video would be better without the music allowing people to focus on what you are saying

  6. My friend showed me this video you're really inspiring you touched on all the bases the constant lows the highs when u take loads of insulin n it not doin owt I'm waiting on a op on my ankle so exercise is a bit of a no go but your so right we.all get these feelings.and this was a fantastic video top man dude!

  7. Thanks man.  I very much relate to you.  You look to be healthy, in shape, active, ect, ect, and that's make people assume everything is going great!  Yet they have no idea what it takes.  Or how we actually feel inside.   Keep up the videos, I dig em!

  8. 28 years of frustration and burnouts. I’ve become the strongest person I know cause if what this disease has taught me. Also recently got into connecting with fellow warriors! Diabetes sets my vulnerability on fire and finding a community to share the struggles has been key for me! Thank you for your dedication and this show! Stay fighting 💙

  9. I am not a diabetic but I am managing several autoimmune diseases and other conditions that are not evident to others. Your struggles speak to me and encourage me to manage these conditions so they don’t manage me! Great video! Keep up the good work. You are an encouragement to so many.

  10. Hello everyone!

    Thanks for your video. You have mentioned a lot of items that are really important and which I often forget when I'm talking to groups of DT1 people, like me. I take part in an
    association of DT1 people in Seville, and we try to help new members of our "family" encouraging them to express themselves.
    Would you mind if I project this video in one of our activities?

    I agree with 99% things you say, but I think that we should be more "flexible". I don't think this is a battle against DT1, I think that DT1 is a part of us, and we can't live fighting ourselves 24/7.

    Diabetes is very dynamic, when we think we have it under control, we wake up with 300 mg/dL with no apparent reason. It's litteraly impossible to keep it between two lines for ever, we should accept it and, as you said, do our best to change what we need to change to try to be in the green area.
    Anyway, if you keep thinking that this is a battle, it's 100% legit, but as human we are, we are not perfect, let yourself lose a battle once in a while. (Not even Real Madrid CF can win all its matches!)

    Nice to meet you all,
    J. Lérida (physician)

  11. My son was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago. He is 17yo and has Asperger's. This has been REALLY hard for him. He has missed ALOT of school this year being sick and us not knowing why, we watched this together and are looking forward to seeing you next week. He said it helps to hear from another person with type 1 diabetes. God bless 🙏

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