Short HELP Talk: Tips on High Blood Pressure
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Short HELP Talk: Tips on High Blood Pressure

October 30, 2019

Hello friends Let us understand What is high blood pressure hypertension In a very lay man’s matter High blood pressure means the blood is pumping more With some negative aspects connected to it Person may feeling giddy, person may have a headache and many such kind of weird symptoms Generally all this can also happen after your suddenly gone through some viral attack Viral fever, dengue or malaria or some bacterial infection or some kind of infection, throat infection What happens in that is because of infection the doctors have no choice but to administer Anotibiotics on to you Now when you are taking antibiotics what happens is sometimes there are sideffects in antibiotics Kidney is get affected, the liver becomes week, the liver lining gets spoiled Always remember whenever you are taking antibiotics take vitamins pills with it Take Beco zinc, Becosules Just dont take antibiotics, most of the doctors dont know why they just forget about Writing the vitamin pills after it I feel that is not right that is incorrect, whatever it is there story So remember atleast from here you can understand if you are going to take a antibiotics Beco zinc capsule or a Becosule capasule or some vitamin tablets with it these are going to save your liver lining Now coming back to the point the kidneys also get affected if you are on a long term antibiotics That is the worst thing that can happen to you You have probably gone for a pacsscan or you have gone for an angio, so there are dies injected to you This will see to it that your kidneys dont function properly and that can be the reason of your getting hypertension and blood pressure suddenly in your life for no reason Now how to get out of it 2,3, things you have to do and within 2,3 months you will get out of this, dont start with the medication for hypertension You may take it for a week or so if there is some emergency conditions, go to the doctor and take for a week or so Don’t carry it long other wise you will not be able to out of it It is very difficult, i have brought people out of it What you have to do is take 2 table spoons of “Dhaniya ka dana”, “Coriander seeds” Add it to 600ml of water boil it and bring that water to 300ml Filter it and drink it hot Do this 3 times a day once after your breakfast, once after your lunch and once after you dinner Extremely good, good for you liver and good for your kidney, Simple tip Thank you

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  1. What about hypertension from food sensitivities/intolerance? I never had hypertension and bad digestion, until I gave birth to my 4th baby. My health went downward during and after having my baby. And yes, my dr. gave me strong antibiotics during my labor to treat group b strep, than magnesium sulfate for hypertension.

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