Set your blood sugar target ranges! – Dario Tip of the Day #10
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Set your blood sugar target ranges! – Dario Tip of the Day #10

November 1, 2019

Today’s Dario tip of the day is how to
set your blood-sugar target ranges, very important. Up in these three bars brings
us to the drop-down menu. we’re going to Settings and the very first one under
Settings, Set My Goals. And the app is going to tell you whether your blood
sugar is high or low or a 100% in range based on what you edit
these blood sugar target ranges to be. To edit, all you have to do is press the
pencil up in the corner. A warning is gonna pop up talking about how important it is to speak to your doctor about these ranges. Press ok for now and now
you’ll see that all of these numbers are in a dark orange. If you want to edit
all you have to do is tap, adjust the upper and the lower range, and press save. Now you may have already noticed if you’ve been taking measurements that you sometimes see green or maybe purple or red around the big circle and that
number of your blood sugar reading shows up in the middle. Those colors are based
on these ranges so go for the green because that means you’re 100%
in range. To save, you press the check mark. And that is the Dario tip of the day. See you next time!

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